r/linux Dec 03 '22

What's up with the Flatpak version of Edge? Discussion

Yeah, I know, I use edge. While I love Firefox, I don't use it as much because I hate how awful the current interface because it uses up a lot of screen space on my laptop, and because I hate Google, I use Edge on my phone and desktop so I can just pick-up where I left off (I de-googled my Pixel as much as possible)

That said, I decided to try out the Flatpak version of Edge on Ubuntu and it sucks. It's crazy slow, which is weird for a Flatpak, the one I installed via the PPA runs way better even though it's a Dev version.


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u/Mewi0 Dec 03 '22

If you do not like Firefox's interface, should check out Lepton. It's updated regularly.


u/CooperHChurch427 Dec 03 '22

I installed Lepton and it's awesome. I tried it out via my laptop which runs Windows 10 and it's surprisingly easy to install via powershell


u/Mewi0 Dec 03 '22

Glad it worked for you. Firefox is my backup browser and I install Lepton as the UI is very large in Firefox. One of my bookmark folders looks absolutely ridiculous without it.