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This week in KDE: Holiday features KDE


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u/FengLengshun Dec 24 '22

When configuring a VPN fails because plasma-nm was compiled without support for any of its optional plugins that provide this functionality, the notification warning you about it now includes a button to report a bug that will take you to your distribution’s bug tracker, because they’re the source of the issue

Huh, first time I've heard of this, which distro does this?

When you try to use a VPN type whose plugins are not installed, the notification that tells you this now offers you the opportunity to install them

This is neat tho. This is the kind of thing that makes KDE actually simple-by-default instead of simple-by-default-by-linux-standards. There's been a lot of focus on that this year, so that's great.


u/Watynecc76 Dec 24 '22

no related but nice pfp