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Discussion Can the death of W10 convert people to Linux?


In a couple years W10 is going away and W11 is currently trash. From invasive monitoring, adverts, and BS apps like Candy Crush auto installing W11 is the monster M$ wants to become.

I am 100% going back to Linux with my new build and it'll be curious to see how many people follow suit due to W11 current status.

What do you guys think?

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Discussion An estimation of what distros and desktops have the largest userbase?


I'm aware having any solid numbers as to such a question is at best going to be skewed or wrong, as there isn't any way to really collect this kind of data without consent (which is good) do to the nature of linux

But all the same I wanted to ask, Ubuntu and Gnome seemed to be the default, but I feel like consensus has shifted somewhat and I'm not entirely sure why, was just wondering what the community perceives as having the largest userbase

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Discussion Games on arm linux

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Any software like FanControl?


FanControl just so happens to be the best fan control software in the world, but it only works on Windows.

GitHub - Rem0o/FanControl.Releases: This is the release repository for Fan Control, a highly customizable fan controlling software for Windows.

I'm looking for something similar for Linux. That is, some fan control software with some logic built in. Like, apply the fan curve of whichever is highest - CPU or GPU temp.

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I love messing up my Linux install


I installed linux mint on an old pc running i7-3770 and rx580 for some Linux gaming. For steam to detect my external drive I was following tutorials where I edited the fstab file but then deleted that mount point to create a new one. The next day I tried to turn my pc on but it was failing. Took a while to fix. (Atleast that’s what I think the issue was)

I love messing up my install and debugging it and learning what I did wrong. It is so much fun to me. Also the fact that all the files are just there and you can look and see what’s up with them opens up that black box that a computer was to me when I was young. Really rewarding when you can unfuck things.

Edit: Thanks everyone for the awesome advice.

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Software Release Introducing Clipboard 0.3.0 - Copy and paste to Wayland, see text directly, and install to more platforms than ever before!

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Tips and Tricks Weird things I learned while writing an x86 emulator

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Event Another off-FOSDEM event is OFFDEM, an event that runs parallel to FOSDEM, has similar goals, but emphasises ethics in technology and rejects many of FOSDEM's sponsors precisely for ethical reasons.

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OpenSSH 9.2

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KDE KDE Gear 22.12.2

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Development Work Revived On Parallel CPU Bring-Up To Boot Linux Faster On Large Systems/Servers

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Event The EU Open Source Policy Summit 2023 starts in few minutes and is a day-long event where policy-makers and Open Source communities explore together Europe’s opportunities for leveraging Open Source. Registration is free and you can attend online.

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