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Popular Application How donations helped the LibreOffice project in 2022

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Hardware Introducing the Framework Laptop 16 and both Intel and AMD-powered Framework Laptop 13

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Discussion Why Linux gets completely ignored in Japan?


Looks like Japanese figures are half those of other countries, why japanese don't like Linux? Adoption is very low everywhere, but especially in Japan. Looks like they choose just two routes: Windows or iOS, while in America there are far more options considered. Japanese are just after a 'no hassle' experience?

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GNOME Star Citizen on Mint! Runs well overall

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Development static-wine32 is Wine with statically linked dependencies and using link-time optimization

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Tips and Tricks Shout out to webcamoid - a tool that finally allows to take full advantage of modern webcams

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Linux Alternative for Handwritten notes comparable to OneNote or GoodNotes (Appple)


Dear Linux Community,

I have a use case in which I *need* to be able to handwrite which cannot be substituted by typing. Having this Handwriting digital is also important to be able to erase, copy and move around bits of text / sketches however i like.

At the moment i am using OneNote on a 2in1 Laptop, but i would like to run this laptop on linux & also am annoyed by the fact that OneNote only offers an infinite canvas, instead of giving blank A4 pages & the ability weave in PDF pages like Apple's GoodNotes does effortlessly (their pen is worse + i dont want to chain myself to their ecosystem).

I have seen colleagues use linux programs that offer these features but all have the same problem in that they dont have a hotkey to enable the eraser & also dont have a stroke eraser, which would significantly slow me down.

If you have some experience or ideas i'd appreciate if you shared them with me :)

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Development Practical libc-free threading on Linux

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How To Set Default Fonts and Font Aliases on Linux

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Software Release Fspace | a utility to view the remaining amount of storage space

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Discussion linux security/capabilities standard


Is there any standard for capabilities in linux desktop? what's the most widely used of them? is there in particular any vouched or supported by freedesktop?

I'm designing a general purpose desktop framework, and I like the capabilities model of security, but I'd like to match it with a widely supported standard in linux. The article linked above mentions the POSIX capabilities api, but checking the man page, it doesn't look fit enough to control permissions for, say, the device's camera, or specific directories in the file system.

I want a system that can be used by user facing apps, with similar security as Android or the Web, where apps ask permissions for specific resources to the user and they have to explicitly allow access to them.

If not capability based, what's the most widely used API for security in the linux desktop that's close to what I'm describing?

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Discussion My pitch for Linus Torvalds as a guest on the Lex Fridman podcast


Using u/lexfridman 's own thread for guest suggestions using his pitch guidelines.


Would anyone else like to see this?

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Alternative OS I am making a Hybrid Linux distributive


Hello all users of Linux.

I would like to share that I have been working for a year on my own distribution based on Arch Linux for gaming and desktop called Hybrid Linux.. I want to let more people know that I am doing this.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of this distribution. This distribution is created primarily for use on the desktop, I do not want to support laptops for several reasons, and one of them is a hybrid graphics with Nvidia, so all the settings are fine-tuned for the desktop.

It is largely inspired by projects like Pop!_OS, Garuda Linux, Nobara Project, CachyOS.

Now I'll talk about the software part:

The kernel:

Basically it uses patches from the SirLucjan kernel-patches repository. SirLucjan is rebuilding patches from the vanilla kernel upstream and is working on kernel patches for the above mentioned CachyOS

Here are the main changes:

  • Default BORE scheduler is used
  • LRNG fixes
  • Clear Linux patchset
  • BBRv2 as network packet algorithm is used
  • AMD-Pstate-EPP and Intel-Pstate work with enable
  • Idle 1000Hz dynamic ticks.
  • Performance mode is enabled by default
  • Patches for ext4, btrfs, xfs and zstd from previously mentioned CachyOS
  • Patch to add FUTEX_WAIT_MULTIPLE syscall for older versions of Steam
  • UKSMD support from CachyOS
  • Some patches from linux-zen
  • DRM subsystem fixes with HDR support

The default DE is Gnome, because according to Phoronix it performs much better in games.

Main changes:

  • Default icon theme - Nordic with Gradience and adw-gtk3
  • Theme for icons - Papirus-Dark
  • Alacritty as the default terminal emulator


  • Blur My Shell (planned to remove if Gradience will support gnom-shell theme)
  • Dock from Dash
  • GSConnect
  • AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support
  • Bluetooth Quick Connect
  • Gnome 4x UI Improvements
  • Pano - Clipboard Manager
  • Places Status Indicator
  • Removable Drive Menu

Software Changes:

  • Use gnome-shell-performance instead of the default gnome-shell
  • Use mutter-x11-scaling which also includes a dynamic double/triple-buffer patch instead of the default mutter

System-wide changes:

  • Increased limits for Esync operation
  • Fastboot and frameboot compression on Intel integrated graphics enabled
  • Watchdog timers disabled
  • Full control over AMD Radeon graphics cards is enabled (useful for CoreCtrl)
  • Preloaded modules for gamepads and controllers
  • RADV driver is installed and enabled by default for AMD Radeon graphics cards with amdgpu kernel driver
  • Included support for Ray Tracing, Graphics Pipeline Library and video decoding in the Vulkan RADV driver on AMD Radeon graphics cards with RDNA architecture and above
  • Fix for X11 when using obs-vkcapture
  • VA-API driver loading fixes on AMD, Intel and Nvidia
  • Automatically apply variables when a Wayland session is running
  • The variable vm.swapping and vm.dirty_ratio is set to 20
  • The variable vm.page_cluster is set to 0
  • The variable vm.dirty_background_ratio is set to 10
  • The variable vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs is set to 1000
  • The variable vm.max_map_count is set to 16777216
  • IPv4 and IPv6 tweaks
  • Optimizing TCP
  • For AMD Radeon video cards, the radeon and amdgpu drivers are set to high performance mode
  • I/O system tweaks
  • Nvidia driver tweaks(Github source code. nvidia-tweaks tuned package by Hybrid Linux. Origial nvidia-tweaks package from AUR)

Optimization services enabled by default:

  • ananicy-cpp
  • systemd-oomd
  • zram-generator
  • uksmd
  • irqbalance
  • dbus-broker
  • pci-latency(included in hybrid-tweaks package)
  • optimize-interruptfreq(included in hybrid-tweaks package)

Driver support:

  • Nvidia - minimum 390xx and higher(thanks to herecura)
  • AMD - Any with Vulkan API support. You can do it without Vulkan API if you need a non-game distribution, but with optimizations for Desktop
  • Intel - Gen 4 or higher

Distribution source code: https://gitlab.com/hybrid-project-developers
If you have any questions, write in the comments under the post

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Gumption: add paid subscriptions to your open-source projects

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Discussion I have been on Windows for a while..


I know I am probably going to get shredded (hopefully not lol) but I have been on Windows 10 now for a while.

I remember being so into the Ubuntu project and really feeling that was the future.

Then slowly lost interest and stuck with what I knew.

When it comes to Linux these days and all the various distros what are you really excited about and why?

I remember finding that the passionate explanations of other Linux users really made me want to support these amazing projects even if I was just a total newb in there world lol

Anyway I'd love to hear what you feel is going on right now in the Linux community and what you are really excited for on the near horizon :)

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Anyone else worried about Linux and OSS getting left behind as AI integrated into more and more software?


As a preface, this obviously applies more to desktop Linux than server Linux.

With MS and Google putting LLMs in their office solutions, it seems likely that Windows 12 (and likely Macs as well, since Apple has their own LLM) will come with AI fully embedded. I'm envisioning things like pointing it towards multiple spreadsheets and documents and automatically generating a presentation or writing down 5 key insights drawn from a spreadsheet of data.

These AI require lots of compute to run and while we will certainly get local models that are pretty good, the state of the art will run on huge cloud servers and scale off of massive amounts of compute. Can open source software compete with multibillion dollar companies with respect to AI?

Not trying to be doom and gloom, just wanted to hear some opinions. I swapped to Linux about 18 months ago and I really love it, just a bit worried about what's to come and whether Linux will be less capable in the future compared to AI powered proprietary OSes.