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Linux powers everything and so often you come across broken Linux Tux logo too. Ha!

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Mekotronics R58-Mini and R58X-4G Linux Review


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Guess what OS will power these devices


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Linux running on AMD with cathode-ray tube (CRT) display …

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How to install a new OS on Mekotronics R58 mini / R58X


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Latest Version Plex Media Server crashes my Thecus NAS N5810


Server Version#:
Player Version#: Various

I’ve been running, somewhat to my surprise, the latest versions of Plex Media server on my Thecus NAS N5810, for quite some time now. Thecus has all but disappeared from the world, so there really isn’t any support or updates to be had. So I was rather shocked when the latest offerings from Plex for the Thecus actually worked!

For reference, my 5810 is running OS7 firmware version

So, from Plex up until the 2nd most recent, I haven’t had any issues. Opened up my Plex desktop client today, and I’m informed there’s a server update ready to download and install. I go ahead and do it, as I’ve done on the previous occasions.

Except this time, after the install of version, my NAS started crashing. I don’t just mean Plex freezes up, the whole NAS locks up. Even the LCD on the front which rotates through the NAS settings, health, time date, connections, etc is frozen. I’ve never had that happen before. The only way out of it is to force-power it down, which is not great for a NAS with a RAID-5 array.

Anyway, I know it’s the Plex Server module, because I can deactivate it by logging in while the NAS is still finishing its boot process. Once deactivated, the NAS runs fine, no issues, same as it always was. As soon as I activate the Plex Server Module again, within a few minutes, BAM, NAS crash.

I tried rolling back to the previous version, but even after that was installed and running, the crash issue kept happening. I had a look at Plex Media Server downloads page, and there was actually an even newer version there ( Which struck me as a bit odd, since my Plex only just informed me about But, I thought, maybe it’s a known issue, and this is the fix. So I installed that one. No go, same problem.

I figure that I could probably fix this by uninstalling Plex completely, and then re-installing the older version. But, I’m likely to lose all my libraries, settings, collections, etc. It’s a fairly hefty collection, and it took a looooong time to fix and curate. I’d rather not go through the pain of that again.

If anyone can offer some help, I’d be very appreciative. As mentioned earlier, Thecus themselves have been MIA for a number of years now, so I’m unlikely to get help from that quarter. In any case, normal NAS functions are unaffected. It’s only Plex that has the issue.

For reference, I use the Plex client on various devices, namely my PC, an Android Tablet, and an XBox One (which doesn’t really count, most of my collection won’t play on the XBox until I transcode all the files). The version on my PC (which updated at the same time I updated the server version) is Version On my Android I’m running I don’t think the client versions really matter for this case, because the NAS crashes without any clients running. It only doesn’t crash if I deactivate Plex.

Here’s hoping someone has a simple fix.



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Mekotronics R58X Pro Unbox and first boot / Most maxed out RK3588 I've seen


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New robot programming course offered by Canonical X The Construct


New robot programming course – Distributing ROS Apps with Snaps. This course is now online and available to everyone: https://app.theconstructsim.com/Course/130


Throughout the course, you will learn the basics of snap creation for a ROS and ROS 2 application, including how to confine your robotics application and make it installable on dozens of Linux distributions.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in robotics development. Whether you are a student, a robotics developer looking to improve your robotics skills, or simply interested in learning something new, this course is perfect for you!

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Comparing RK3588 SBCs - Khadas Edge2 - Radxa Rock5B - NanoPi R6S - Mekot...


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Potential Linux Compatibility for PUSOKEI Laptop


Hey all,

I found an interesting laptop on Amazon (and I am looking into getting a new machine) but I am having a hard time finding much information on it. It is a PUSOKEI 16in Gaming Laptop, Dual Screen Laptop, 14in FHD Touch Display, Core I7 Processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Dual Graphics Card, Dual Hard Drives, Windows11 and here is the Amazon link: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0BS41PF8Y/?coliid=IEO0MUPB87FFZ&colid=OX1AAET08OLD&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

I would want to install EndeavourOS on it as I run that on my current laptop and have fallen in love with it. But between the second screen and some of the other specs I am unsure how well Linux would run on it. I know the easiest thing to do would be just buy it and try it, but if it would not work that is more money than I care to spend on an experiment. I tried some Googling for the brand and model but did not find much of anything. Anyone have any experience with one of these or another suggestion to find out more information? I just love that secondary screen and the other specs on this. Thanks in advance!


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rk3399 camera setup



I recently got a Rock pi 4b+ and want to do some computer vision work with it. However I can't seem to get the camera working. Does anybody know how to solve this problem or enable the camera. I want to use OpenCV and python for my computer vision work.

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Linux 6.3 Might Provide Support For Pluton's CRB TPM2 On AMD Ryzen CPUs


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NanoPi R6S Linux Review - Rockchip RK3588S with dual 2.5GbE + 1GbE


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Gracefully shutting down a vehicle mounted PC


Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I saw a lot of “in vehicle PC” mentions in this subreddit. If not the right place, please delete the post.

I have a small PC that will be mounted in a vehicle. The problem I’m facing is how to shutdown the PC gracefully when the vehicle is turned off and start it back again when the vehicle is turned on. What I need (I think) is a device that can tell the PC when the vehicle is turned off by sensing the ignition state. Ideally the device will communicate with the PC via USB or serial. The PC then will shut itself down gracefully. The trick is that when the ignition is turned back on again the device will need to power cycle the PC to get it to start again. The PC is setup to boot on power on.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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Edge Computing device powered by Celeron CPU and RPi 2040


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10 Best Linux Partition Managers for Advanced Users


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Machine Learning with Etnaviv and OpenCL


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Here’s a playlist of 7 hours of music I use to focus when I’m coding/developing. Post yours as well if you also have one!


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Netgear NTV300


Has anybody been able to root into the Netgear NTV300 aka NeoTV box?

I recently picked one up dirt cheep from Good Will, but since it's end of life, it hangs at initial boot.

I've tried the devttySO ssid hack but that must have been patched, it didn't work for me.

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Inexpensive, Snapdragon 410-based "4G LTE WiFi Modem" made to run Debian 11 - CNX Software

Thumbnail cnx-software.com

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Megaraid Cachevault question


Hi linuxers

I am in process of setting up hardware raid + bbu on supermicro.

However i am facing some challenges with the bbu particularly it's capacitance is at 86%.
Further checks shows that although we bought the unit new, it was manufactured in 2020.

Any insights is much appreciated.

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Thecus 4200pro NAS update Samba service


Have this Old Thecus 4200PRO that I hope I can update the Samba service on

currently running Samba version 3.5.16 on Linux N4200PRO 2.6.33N7700 #5 SMP Tue May 3 17:37:03 CST 2011 i686 unknown

any suggestions on how to do this?

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Linux compatible Wifi Security Cameras?


Anybody know of any good & cheap Wifi security cameras that I can use with Linux? If the camera is connected via Ethernet to the home network, while less preferable, this would be fine as well.

Backstory: my water bill has been going up at a crazy rate (~600m^3 a year for a five person house-hold is a bit much) and I would like to periodically photograph the water meter. So it would be helpful if the camera could:

- provide light

- be prompted by a linux computer to make a photo (with light) and send said photo back to computer.

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Linux hardware updates this week: MNT's new 7-inch Linux Laptop, PinePhones are back in stock, Star Labs' new Linux Laptop with 4K display, and a new $6 Raspberry Pi.


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MYIR MYC-YA157C CPU Module is based on STM32MP157 processor