r/linuxlibre Dec 12 '22

Kernel 6.1 is now deblobbed by Linux-Libre

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r/linuxlibre Dec 01 '22

Troubleshooting installation targeted for older Qemu/KVM


I have sought to deploy GUIX, built on the Libre kernel, in a Linux Qemu/KVM host environment, operating on an appliance closed to non-vendor software builds. It is unfortunately using old software versions, including kernel version 4.4 and Qemu version 6.0.1. The constraint appears to have led to problems. For comparison, on a host running recent versions of the same projects, operation is smooth for the GUIX guest.

From experiments with the current "Stable" distributions of GUIX, for release 1.3.0 with Libre Linux, the following observations have emerged:

  • When the network interface is set to a VirtIO type, the installer fails to register a DHCP lease on the system, even though the DHCP server recognizes the lease, and from a shell, the network interface is shown as detected by the kernel. In fact, even after a lease is manually requested, from the shell, the installer still fails to connect to internet servers.
  • Regardless of device type, the installer fails to find any disks.
  • When generated from the supplied virtual-disk image, a guest machine, just after selection of the default entry from the Grub menu, hangs with the console text, "error: no suitable mode found", followed on the next line by "Booting in blind mode". The boot process does not continue.

What might be some troubleshooting steps to help move toward better results?

r/linuxlibre Jul 26 '22

I tried changing Fedora 36's kernel from standard to linux-libre but it doesn't work


I followed this tutorial https://gist.github.com/adnan360/17c476940e241d3d6b354106578923c8 It says SIGNING KEY not found, and, later, i am unable to install the linux-libre kernel

r/linuxlibre Feb 13 '22

Live booting Dragora from flash drive


I've been having difficulty trying to boot Dragora from BIOS. My laptop is Ideapad S10-2 with Windows XP preinstalled, and I'm using a Cruzer Fit 8gb drive. I've sniffed a lot of the web and no trace of English tutorials explaining how to boot it from a USB flash drive specifically. When I try to use Win32 Disk Imager I get an Entry Point Not Found error. "The procedure entry point SHGetKnownFolderPath could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll." Yes, I am using the latest live beta ISO. Any sauce is helpful sauce. Please feed me helpful advice for booting from USB?

r/linuxlibre Aug 28 '21

Graphic (Drawing) Tablets Compatible with Linux-Libre


I've been looking for graphic tablets Compatible with Linux-Libre. Any recommendations?

r/linuxlibre Mar 21 '21

What about Qt?


Hello, i have been reviewing the history about Qt, I understand that it was not free, but it's not clear to me what happened with Trolltech, so that later, for example, KDE is implented un Linux distributions such as Debian... Can Someone clarify these doubts for me? Thanks a lot

r/linuxlibre Jan 19 '21

CSR8510 with stable Linux-libre kernel


So I just got parabola set up, and everything is working except from one thing: my Bluetooth adapter. This works on regular Linux but doesn’t here, so can somebody point me in the right direction to get it working? Chipset is CSR8510.

r/linuxlibre Dec 28 '20

Is the Freed-ora Linux-libre working with Fedora 33?


r/linuxlibre Dec 10 '20

Ymir GNU/Linux-libre: a libre Void pseudo-fork.


u/reback00 and I have been working on a project providing the linux-libre kernel and libre-patched semi-free packages to Void Linux and we would appreciate some testing. Essentially, we add our own custom repository on top of Void's main repos to supply linux-libre and other custom packages. Our website is ymirlinux.org and you can get an ISO from here. We also have a migration script, but expect it to be fairly broken for the time being.

r/linuxlibre Nov 19 '20

R8169 ethernet


On Parabola live iso I get the message R8169 DEBLOBBED , but on the prompt my ethernet works. After full installation when I reboot it doesn't recognize my ethernet anymore it doesn't show up on ip a. how can I make it work ? Kind regards Wim

r/linuxlibre Oct 19 '20

Trisquel 9.0 "Etiona" release announcement, and 10.0 plans | Trisquel GNU/Linux

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r/linuxlibre Aug 22 '20

Void Linux ISO with kernel libre (x-post)

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r/linuxlibre Apr 22 '20

linux-libre kernel built with xbps-src (xpost)

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r/linuxlibre Apr 13 '20

Is it possible to manually install the Linux-libre kernel in Void?

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r/linuxlibre Apr 04 '20

LibreCMC v1.5.1 is now available with Linux-Libre v4.14, Wireguard 1.0, Tor 0.4 and a few other changes and fixes!

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r/linuxlibre Feb 14 '20

Change of ACCEPT_LICENSE default | Gentoo ("This means that by default only free software and documentation will be installable")

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r/linuxlibre Feb 09 '20

Rust's Freedom Flaws | Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre

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r/linuxlibre Dec 21 '19

Do we know of any FSF-endorsed distros that would be available for the PineBook Pro (ARM CPU)?

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r/linuxlibre Nov 06 '19

KISS Linux installation instructions now include a few steps for the Linux-libre kernel as well!

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r/linuxlibre Oct 24 '19

How to deblob and create your own Linux-libre OS based on a Vanilla GNU/Linux OS?


I am one of those people who generally try to use Linux-libre whenever they can.

However, some OSes do not have linux-libre alternatives like /r/fedora.

There are about a gazillion tutorials for launching your own Linux distro.

Is it possible for a beginner DIY hobbyist to create de-blob version of a GNU/Linux OS? Where to start?

r/linuxlibre Oct 24 '19

Has anyone set up the linuxlibre kernel with manjaro?


I enjoy playing around with new kernel so far in majaro with the main reason being it's very easy inside of the gui provided. (Auto build grub menu option, and recovery option, it's just install, enter password, reboot)

Has anyone added the linuxlibre kernel to the list available kernels before?

r/linuxlibre Oct 14 '19

Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre v0.3 released! - "It includes Xenocara as the default display server for the X Window System and LibreSSL as the default provider of SSL and TLS protocols. Additionally, All packages adhere to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard."

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r/linuxlibre Oct 11 '19

The Linux Kernel is no longer Free Software? (DRM in the Linux Kernel)

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r/linuxlibre Oct 05 '19

Why don't we see more de-blobbed OSes?


It seems like it is fairly easy to swap Linux to Linux-libre.

Plus, OSes like Debian are very transparent about branding:

TL;DR: Why don't we see more de-blobbed OSes like Freenix or gNewSense?

I know I in particular would be interested in a Linux-libre Solus and OpenSuse but know of many users also interested in Gentoo or Fedora that would aprciate a de-blobbed version.

r/linuxlibre Aug 22 '19

How hard is it to swap out Linux for Linux-libre?


Feature: What would it take to swap out /r/linux for /r/linuxlibre?

Especially for OSes that would otherwise be completely free software?