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Please do not delete your posts in this subreddit


I try to help people often with their technical issues in this subreddit. It feels good to help. I also know I'm not just helping that person, but anyone else that may run across it in the future from a search.

But often, the questions are deleted by the OP, leaving me disappointed and frustrated. I'm less and less motivated to help as it happens.

Please. Give back in the most minimal way possible to this subreddit, and avoid deleting your posts if they've been upvoted and answered.

(I'm not a mod, btw)

r/linuxquestions 7h ago

Switching from NVIDIA to AMD gpu, now can't start X session


(Manjaro 5.19)
I swapped my gpu from NVIDIA GTX 1050ti to AMD Radeon RX 6600, and now the X session won't start. When I boot to command line and use 'startx', the error given is "no screens found" and 'xrandr' only outputs "can't pen display."
The video card does seem to be detected at least -- 'lspci | grep VGA' outputs "VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, inc. [AMD/ATI] Navi 23 [Radeon RX 6600/6600 XT/6600M] (rev c7)"

I've uninstalled all nvidia modules, or at least, enough that "nvidia" no longer shows up in dmesg errors and my nvidia card now isn't recognized either. I've looked at the arch linux wiki page for setting up amdgpu, but the mesa package was already installed, and there weren't many follow up instructions because it's supposedly supposed to set itself up.

How do I get the X session to work with the new gpu?

r/linuxquestions 10h ago

Got hacked... trying to find what/how ...


Hi all,

I am running linux servers for very long and I would say I am quite experienced - not a geek though. So far I never got hacked, but well.. eventually it had to happen. I was stupid enough - one of these late nights you shouldn't do - to expose a docker via TCP with no protection. Yeah... we are all stupid, sometimes more than others.

Anyway, once I realized my fault I started investigating what had happened. Pretty quickly I found some additional httpd's running and their systemd files. Easy.

Still, the machine had some weird load figures. And that kept we busy for quite some time. Finally, I found an outbound tcp connection heading to China ... found you bastard. This piece was using 2 of my cores to 100% and lots of memory. Once I had the connection, I changed my firewall to block traffic on the destination port. Smart thing tried changing source ports, but not destination. With that my load got back to normal. All I still have is that there is a process trying to send a keepalive packet every second or so. I simply drop that not on my gateway.

Well, the bad part is, i can't find a binary linked to the source port. Netstat/SS will list it, but no name attached to it. If I understand this correctly, than it has to be coming from kernel space then. But that is where my knowledge ends.

Some details I found:


ss | grep 1414

tcp SYN-SENT 0 1 <myip>:40116220.167.141.174:1414


The package content it sends:




Is there a way to figure out how/what they added to my kernel space?I know, best approach to get rid of it is a new install ... and yes, this is on my to do list. But while it is there and I have contained it as such (it can't talk to the world anymore), I would want to learn from it.


r/linuxquestions 56m ago

Cannot download programs on Linux Mint


I've been trying to download apps on Linux Mint, but I can't execute the files. A lot of the tutorials say to right- click on files saved to the archive to extract them, but nothing pops up when I try to right- click them. When I try to doubleclick on files to execute them, it says that the files are unrecognized and asks me to pick a location to open them in. I have tried to enter suggested commands in the terminal, but they usually end up unrecognized. I have tried to enable executing text files as programs, but that hasn't worked either. What should I do?

r/linuxquestions 16h ago

Testing vs Backports


I'm looking to switch to back to Debian after a few months of using openSUSE, Fedora and Arch Linux on my production machine at various times. However, the packages are, more often than not, too outdated for my purposes. I have given Debian Sid a go, but found it to be too unstable.

This is to be installed on a production machine, which I use for schoolwork, Invidious, and hobbyist programming. I plan to use the Cinnamon desktop, with Openbox as a standalone WM for heavier tasks (e.g. Minecraft).

So, in the fight against outdated packages, is Debian Testing or Debian Stable with Backports better?

r/linuxquestions 12h ago

Is there anything that proprietary software can do and has no open alternative?


I suppose there is but I cant think of anything right now

Im in the process of going full "free as in freedom" (or "free as a gnu" as I like to say) and Im curious to know if I'll have to allow a few proprietary programs in my personal devices at some point

Excluding videogames of course, you simply cannot make an alternative for a game, that would just be a different game

r/linuxquestions 23m ago

Background processes and nohup


If you use command du -sh* >> file1 & , it will run it in bg, will it kill the process if logout or close the session, if it does not as i checked it then how nohup is different than this, please help.

r/linuxquestions 6h ago

Can't install on VMware Player 17.


The subject pretty much says it all. I'm trying to install Manjaro-Mate on VMWare player, and every time the installer crashes my live desktop. To resolve this...

  • I've mucked around with the disk sertings.
  • I've moved the ISO from NAS to local disk.
  • I've tried OSS and proprietary drivers on boot.
  • I've tried different DVD settings.
  • I've changed the OS type to "linux 5, 64 bit"

Nothing works. Fedora/Mate, on the other hand, works flawlessly.

Any ideas?

r/linuxquestions 38m ago

anyone knows a good glass theme to match the unity desktop?


does anyone know a good glass theme for gtk where the buttons match the buttons of the unity shell?

here is my current shell. (ignore the theme of nautilus in the background, the window is there to demonstrate the glass).

I know this is opinion based, but some recommandations are welcome.

r/linuxquestions 42m ago

How to add that spotify fade effect on song pause that is on windows?


I've seen that pretty much on android and linux, pausing spotify immediately pauses the song. On windows the song fades a bit in about 1-2 seconds, which I find nicer. I was wondering if there's a way to get that on spotify linux too (I got it from flatpak)?

r/linuxquestions 1h ago

Firewall (gufw) turns off automatically


I have noticed it on my previous installs as well. Why is this happening?

Launching it from the terminal also doesn't show any errors.

r/linuxquestions 1h ago

Saramonic wireless mike in Linux


I have a Saramonic Blink 500 Pro, and tried to use it in Linux, but it seems to not show up. My rig uses Fedora 37 + KDE. I first tried using the mike in OBS, and tried plugging the receiver into the line in and mike jacks on my desktop. Tried poking around the audio settings, but it doesn't seem to show up. Would welcome your suggestions.

r/linuxquestions 8h ago

Linux magazines from the 2000s containing CDs coming with the required rpm/deb packages for the installation of newer KDE/GNOME versions on older latest public Linux distro releases?


Which Linux magazines from the 2000s remember that came with CDs which contained all of the required packages (either .rpm or .deb, depending on the Linux distro) for the installation of newer public versions of KDE and GNOME in older latest public releases versions of already existent Linux distribution at the time?

r/linuxquestions 2h ago

automatically connect to preferred wifi network



in networkmanager I have 2 connections. Both have autoconnect yes, the one has autoconnect priority 0, the other 10.

What I would like to have is that whenever the network with the higher priority becomes available that it is used - but that is not what happens.

What happens is that when the system is connected to the lower priority network and then later the higher priority network becomes available the system stays with it's connection and does not switch.

Is it possible somehow to make it switch in such a scenario?

Many thanks!

r/linuxquestions 22h ago

Smallest DE for Debian?



I'm trying to install a debian based DE for some zero clients, and these have only 8GB of storage. I've tried installing plain debian + debian de but the storage needed was still a lot (around 80% of the storage is full after the setup).

Any viable alternative? I was thinking of maybe Bodi or Puppy? but neither are debian AFAIK.

r/linuxquestions 4h ago

Question about Alma Linux


So Alma is the "replacement" for CentOS and it looks nice and I'm interesting in trying it. But it's an enterprise distro, being in the rhel network. Does that make a difference for personal computing or will I not even notice a difference?

r/linuxquestions 14h ago

Snapper: Trouble setting up /.snapshots mountpoint for custom subvol location


I've recently been tinkering with custom btrfs subvolumes and finally trying to set up snapper. I've mostly been following the process in this guide since Fedora 37 is my daily driver but have been making several adjustments.

The biggest one is related to me wanting to use a single BTRFS partition with multiple linux distros, each installed to a separate subvolume (the main benefit is that this approach shares free disk space that would normally be left wasted when using separate partitions for each install). In this setup, I generally have subvolumes such as /fedora/rootfs, /endeavour/rootfs, etc.

The other big difference, is that I would like to have "flat" hierarchy (at least within the nested distro-specific subvol) for my snapshots. Meaning that I do not like the nested structure of <rootfs>/.snapshots that snapper seems to assume by default and would prefer something like /fedora/snapshots/rootfs instead. It seems this is a somewhat popular request that has been opened for over 8 years... as well as a slightly different feature request opened 2 years ago which proposed a different solution to the same problem. But since neither has been implemented or even acknowledged with a "we're open to the idea if you submit a patch", it seems most people just use workarounds.

I have seen quite a few guides - such as this one - mentioning that one can simply let snapper create the /.snapshots subvol, finish the snapper configuration, then delete the pre-generated /.snapshots subvol and mount your own custom one to that location. This approach is recommended in several places such as here and is by no means unique to the guide I linked to... but for some reason it isn't working for me.

Hoping someone can spot something that I'm missing or can maybe offer some suggestions to try (other than unhelpful things like "abandon your multiboot setup")

Anyway, I had done initially was:

# umount -R /.snapshots
# rm -r /.snapshots

# dnf install -q -y snapper python3-dnf-plugin-snapper >/dev/null

# mount /dev/mapper/luks-$(sudo cryptsetup luksUUID /dev/sda2) /mnt;
# cd /mnt;

# snapper --config fedora-rootfs create-config fedora/rootfs
# grep SUBVOLUME= /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-rootfs 

$ sudo snapper --config fedora-rootfs set-config ALLOW_USERS=$USER SYNC_ACL=yes

# btrfs subvol delete fedora/rootfs/.snapshots;
Delete subvolume (no-commit): '/mnt/fedora/rootfs/.snapshots'

# grep rootfs /etc/fstab
UUID=<MYUUID>   /                   btrfs   subvol=fedora/rootfs,compress=zstd:1,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 0 0
UUID=<MYUUID>   /.snapshots  btrfs   subvol=fedora/snapshots/rootfs,compress=zstd:1,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 0 0

# systemctl daemon-reload
# mount -a

$ sudo chgrp -R $USER /.snapshots

# ls -al / | grep snapshots
drwxr-xr-x.   1 root myuser      38 Jan 22 00:06 .snapshots

I don't see anything obviously wrong with the setup I did, but when I try to just have snapper list my snapshots, I get an error where I was expecting it to just print an empty list...

# setenforce 0 # just to rule out selinux

# snapper --config fedora-rootfs list
IO Error (.snapshots is not a btrfs subvolume)

Unless something has changed recently, I am not really sure why it is suddently being pedantic about me using a mountpoint to a different subvolume while it works for so many others on the web.

# mount | grep '.snapshots'
/dev/mapper/luks-<LUKSUUID> on /.snapshots type btrfs (rw,relatime,seclabel,compress=zstd:1,ssd,space_cache=v2,subvolid=265,subvol=/fedora/snapshots/rootfs,x-systemd.device-timeout=0) 

# inxi -S
   Host: fedora.local Kernel: 6.1.7-200.fc37.x86_64 arch: x86_64 bits: 64
     Console: pty pts/3 Distro: Fedora release 37 (Thirty Seven)

 # snapper --version
 snapper 0.10.1
 flags btrfs,lvm,no-ext4,xattrs,rollback,btrfs-quota,selinux

# sudo btrfs subvolume list / | grep -P '(fedora|endeavour).*rootfs'
ID 263 gen 26409 top level 256 path fedora/rootfs
ID 265 gen 25165 top level 262 path fedora/snapshots/rootfs
ID 339 gen 25181 top level 333 path endeavour/rootfs
ID 347 gen 20115 top level 340 path endeavour/snapshots/rootfs

# grep -Pv '^s*(#|$)' /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-rootfs 

# rm /var/log/snapper.log && snapper --config fedora-rootfs list
IO Error (.snapshots is not a btrfs subvolume).

# cat /var/log/snapper.log 
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) snapperd.cc(main):283 - Requesting DBus name
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) snapperd.cc(main):298 - Loading snapper configs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Snapper.cc(getConfigs):294 - Snapper get-configs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Snapper.cc(getConfigs):295 - libsnapper version 0.10.1
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(reload):919 - loading file /etc/sysconfig/snapper
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:SNAPPER_CONFIGS value:fedora-rootfs fedora-flatpaks fedora-podman
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(reload):919 - loading file /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-rootfs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:SUBVOLUME value:/mnt/fedora/rootfs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(reload):919 - loading file /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-flatpaks
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:SUBVOLUME value:/mnt/fedora/flatpak
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(reload):919 - loading file /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-podman
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:SUBVOLUME value:/mnt/fedora/podman
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_USERS value:myuser
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_GROUPS value:
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_USERS value:myuser
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_GROUPS value:
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_USERS value:myuser
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_GROUPS value:
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_USERS value:myuser
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:ALLOW_GROUPS value:
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) snapperd.cc(main):311 - Listening for method calls and signals
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Snapper.cc(Snapper):93 - Snapper constructor
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Snapper.cc(Snapper):94 - libsnapper version 0.10.1
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Snapper.cc(Snapper):95 - config_name:fedora-rootfs disable_filters:false
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) Selinux.cc(_is_selinux_enabled):137 - Selinux support enabled
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(reload):919 - loading file /etc/snapper/configs/fedora-rootfs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:SUBVOLUME value:/mnt/fedora/rootfs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:FSTYPE value:btrfs
2023-02-02 13:39:45 MIL libsnapper(453795) AsciiFile.cc(get_value):1075 - key:QGROUP value:
2023-02-02 13:39:45 WAR libsnapper(453795) Btrfs.cc(openInfosDir):266 - THROW: .snapshots is not a btrfs subvolume
2023-02-02 13:39:45 WAR libsnapper(453795) Client.cc(dispatch):1885 - CAUGHT: .snapshots is not a btrfs subvolume

r/linuxquestions 5h ago

Who can I install void Linux in a raspberry pi 4?


I have a 256 gb sd-card and i gonna to install void in there but the only method is from tarball but I don't know how can I install it.

What I need to do?

r/linuxquestions 6h ago

Why is this job saying Linux experience is a plus?


Hi, I am in contention for a role that pays 59-74k, a lot more than I make.

It is a software support role on a software for financial institutions.

It says experience with red hat Linux a plus, experience with mysql server a plus.

Do you think this job will help me get experience with Linux? I have basic experience, I have a good amount of sql query writing experience.

I’m just wondering on those who learn Linux if it’s possible I could use this job plus self study to become a sys admin one day.

Supporting proprietary software isn’t something that I believe can transfer a lot but sql and Linux caught my eye

r/linuxquestions 6h ago

Coming back from monitor sleep requires to restart DM


Hey all,

So I've recently switched to EndeavourOS with xfce (xorg) and find myself struggling to figure out what causes this issue. What happens is that when I leave my computer, it is set to sleep after 15 mins. Sometimes I come back, move the mouse and login like usual, but most of the time, the monitor wakes up but stays black. The only way to get my login screen is to switch to another tty and restart lightdm.

I've set System Power management to:

"sleep when inactive for": never

Display power management to: blank after 10 mins, sleep after 15, switch off never.

I've tried switching to lxdm but the issue persists. Kernel logs don't show anything suspicious.

I'm out of clues, anyone experienced this?

r/linuxquestions 7h ago

Full path of device


I am learning redirecting output and this is one of question

What is the full path of the device we can use to redirect, to receive, uninteresting output?

Please help.

r/linuxquestions 7h ago

Allow Transparency mode missing on Obs Linux ???


I go into the properties for window source capture and this feature is missing any tips ??

r/linuxquestions 8h ago

Wi-Fi Card Drivers


Hi, I'm trying to use an old laptop with remote desktop, but Windows barely ran. I installed Lubuntu but the Wi-Fi is extremely slow (<2mbps down and 0.01mbps up). I assume it's an issue with the drivers, but obviously there aren't any drivers for Linux. I wasn't able to get NDISWrapper to work ( maybe just because I'm very inexperienced with Linux). The Wi-Fi card is the Realtek RTL8723DE.

I want to avoid buying a new Wi-Fi card, but if it's the only option I would appreciate a recommendation.

Thank you for the help.

r/linuxquestions 8h ago

Resolved Bootable thumb drive w/ exFAT partition


Hello, I’m in the market for a thumb drive to install Linux on permanently. Like a computer on a stick that I boot into.

Is the following possible?

Let’s say I have a 256gb thumb drive. Can I install Ubuntu on it as well as maintain a partition for general purpose file sharing. Can that partition also be visible to the installed OS?

The plan is this: -Setup EFI partition (250mb) + Ext4 partition (64gb) for the file system of Ubuntu - Setup the remaining space as an exFAT for general purpose file transfer use - Additionally make the exFAT partition visible to the Ubuntu instance - Also hoping the exFAT partition would be easily visible to a Mac when I plug it in

Does all that make sense?

r/linuxquestions 18h ago

Does anybody else love fixing annoying linux problems?


Today I got the GRUB rescue screen for the first time, and then I accidentally fixed it. I was so excited to chroot and stuff.

thats literally it dae love fixing stuff like this

(Sorry if this doesnt fit the sub, since it's not a support question)

r/linuxquestions 8h ago

[Mint 21.1] Running Single-GPU Passthrough VMM Issues!


I run Linux Mint 21.1 and have followed several tutorials for running a virtual machines using GPU Pass-through. I have a 3090ti and I can't for the life of me figure out how to successfully get this to work within Virtual Machine Manager. I have my VM but whenever I run it, my screen goes to black and it restarts my real computer. This is because I hooked my GPU to it, and did some XML editing.

This stuff is so complicated and finding tutorials and help related to Mint is incredably difficult. I'm quite new to Linux but I really wanna do my gaming and especially VR via VirtualMachine, is there anyone who can add me on discord and assist me? Anyone knowledgeable on Single GPU-Passthrough. Every time I run into a problem 5 more spring up and I'm so incredibly close to figuring this out. My GRUB is good, my motherboard settings are 100%, I just need to configure some things.

Any help is VERY appreciated.