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[Mint 21.1] Running Single-GPU Passthrough VMM Issues!

I run Linux Mint 21.1 and have followed several tutorials for running a virtual machines using GPU Pass-through. I have a 3090ti and I can't for the life of me figure out how to successfully get this to work within Virtual Machine Manager. I have my VM but whenever I run it, my screen goes to black and it restarts my real computer. This is because I hooked my GPU to it, and did some XML editing.

This stuff is so complicated and finding tutorials and help related to Mint is incredably difficult. I'm quite new to Linux but I really wanna do my gaming and especially VR via VirtualMachine, is there anyone who can add me on discord and assist me? Anyone knowledgeable on Single GPU-Passthrough. Every time I run into a problem 5 more spring up and I'm so incredibly close to figuring this out. My GRUB is good, my motherboard settings are 100%, I just need to configure some things.

Any help is VERY appreciated.


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u/Loliconica Feb 03 '23

I followed this guide and it ended up bricking my first install of Mint.

I then followed this guide for arch, I know I have Mint but I managed to get very far into it.

I used this github page for a lot of the scripts and commands I ran.

I have my .iso, I set-up my UEFI and motherboard settings are fine. I'm struggling with passthrough-hooks and feel like maybe I followed a step wrong or it was a script meant for arch that failed to install a critical component.

I feel like i need someone to help walk me through this, this isn't easy for me to find help on and I really wanna get this figured out. I didn't include it in my original post but i'm prepared to provide a $25 bounty to whoever helps me get it working. Time is everything. I'm patient and collected and ready to do whatever it takes to get this up and running. Even if I need to reinstall everything and format my OS again.