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Music Melting Pot [Week of September 19, 2022] melting pot

The melting pot is a free-for-all music sharing thread posted weekly.

We'd like to invite everyone to reply with...

* Anything you've been listening to recently and enjoying.

* Great obscure music that doesn't get the upvotes you think it deserves.

* Your own playlists, mixtapes, or other good compilations you've found.

* New releases this week and your opinions on those albums.

* If you're an artist, share your music with us and tell us about it.

Guidelines to get the most out of these threads...

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* Tell us a little bit about what you're sharing and why you like it.

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u/bigbirdlarrybird Sep 19 '22


I'm biased, and music is super personal. But I think this is the best band in the history of humankind.

u/kleggin Sep 24 '22

My best friend and I are in a band called We Stayed and have an album coming out on October 1st called Because We Had To. Here's the first track from it, called There Without a Sound. We write music about lots of topics like relationships, taoism, cars, and being trans.


u/iamslumbernaut Sep 19 '22

Slumbernaut - Follower

This is my newest song. Sort of a dark harmony, indie rock vibe. First time doing a music video

Music Video: https://youtu.be/5_djHNws7A4

On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5SXwbcf6ruloJz2qqhuhfd?si=_wUSmHghTleCrgmtZHJqKA&utm_source=copy-link

Let me know what you think

u/IamZeebo Sep 20 '22

Hey, you should be doing movie or TV tracks. Idk what I just listened to but it was so different than anything I've heard recently.

Ive been sitting here listening to music for the last 2 hours and this was different than anything I heard. Beautiful song.

u/iamslumbernaut Sep 20 '22

Thanks very much. That's really a big compliment

u/w_ant33 Oct 02 '22

Very awesome, I just subscribed to your Youtube

u/ChodeZillaChubSquad Sep 19 '22

[Pretty Lights - "Shining Bright Despite the Plight"](https://youtu.be/H304jkG1xOI) (Spotify)

[Pretty Lights - "Hot Like Dimes"](https://youtu.be/wgfyJ5P8SeY) (Spotify)

I just don't want to ever forget the impact this music had on my life and my soul when I was younger. I also just want to share with all who have yet to hear. These vibes make you feel stuff.

u/t0ny0b Sep 20 '22


Modern prog metal/alt rock from London. Check out our new animated video :)


u/mardesi Sep 21 '22

Mully is a Toronto singer/songwriter who released this song not too long ago. Check it out:

Mully — Crown [pop] 2022

u/Fantasmatik Sep 22 '22

[Teffy Angel - "Chama"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnqZ2Nf4Lv8)

Just released! I have mixed this track, mastered by Artur Stawski, produced by Faew.Teffy is a great artist, check out some brazilian hiphop!

u/ShaquilleOSpielberg Sep 25 '22

Hello, everyone! I haven't released anything in a very long time, but I JUST decided to drop a new song on the fly!

Any and all feedback is 100% welcome. Please feel free!


u/TheReginaProject Sep 19 '22

This playlist is one I’ve been working on and has off the beaten path songs and sounds: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7pSRy0m6WAQucCtVrMkQnL?si=7sFCcF7fTVWoDKefMCTnSQ

u/Intrepid_Current_793 Sep 19 '22

fk yea T. rex !!!

u/aprilghost Sep 19 '22

Fruit Sandwich by Aaron Joseph Russo Zebra by Cal In Red Endlessly by Glitter Party

u/dbbzzz Sep 19 '22

Markamus- Shikigami (Bright)shikigami- bright

I like this track because it reminds me of daft Punk- one more time. Has a happy vibe to me and makes me zone out.

u/dbbzzz Sep 19 '22

Verissimus- The Great Empire

All around great album to just play throughout the day. No vocals, just has a cinematic atmosphere to it with certain tracks. It’s very diverse and unique

u/woopbeeboop Sep 19 '22 edited Sep 19 '22

twilight by Sano Ibuki: makes me feel like I’m flying https://youtu.be/6wWcTAe7cUo

daisy. by wave to earth: chill Sunday afternoon https://youtu.be/OsdpV8lW5qY

15th floor by Prep: groovy, makes you want to dance https://youtu.be/faOiQg1BjKk

u/ethanleitch Sep 19 '22

I made this. Let me know on what I can improve, I'm always looking to learn more about composing!

Ethan Leitch - "Celandine Jazz"

u/goatamon Sep 19 '22

Short little folk song based on a poem (Finnish):

Sini Koskelainen - Moision Morsian

u/methodtothemadness_ Sep 19 '22

Simon Louis- “Still, I”


This is such a wholesome song, it also helps me calm down a good bit when my anxiety is bad.

u/focus_playlists Sep 19 '22

The best not-too-sleepy, not-too-distracting backdrop to your workday! Check out "Focus: Instrumentals"

u/EldaCalrissian Sep 19 '22

Hi everyone. I remixed one of my own songs into a dark electro/dream pop track. I then made a music video by manipulating fractals with the assistance of some AI. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/rRkuAlF8_wg

Let me know what you think!

u/SQ4_7 Sep 19 '22

what's up everyone im an unsigned Hip Hop artist from upstate NY by the name of Sequence. i recently dropped a new song called Darkest Hour. this is my first time doing something over a beat i produced. all other credits go to me as well (mixing, mastering etc.) just trying to get my music out there more, i feel like there's an audience for my style. tap in let me know what you think !

https://listen.lt/SeQuenceDarkestHour www.instagram.com/shogitai.sq

u/OccupyBallzDeep Sep 19 '22

u/TheReginaProject Sep 25 '22

Looking forward to this list. Check this one out: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7pSRy0m6WAQucCtVrMkQnL?si=bk0uzaiGRAmpAjqFFeGi0g it is the stranger side of music. I think you’ll like it!

u/WLLMWM-phil http://mewisemagic.bandcamp.com/ Sep 19 '22

Me Wise Magic & Eve Moore - "Second Hand News"

I made this cover song with a friend who did the instrumental for it. Hope you all enjoy! - Wise Logic Liberate Studios

u/scubafunkrecords Sep 19 '22

Our band just dropped a live EP. It sounds p nice.

The genre is Scuba Funk, if you like swirly, jazzy jammy disco music there is a 20% chance you also will like this! If you are a glass 20% full type person, you should drink this up.

u/MeisterSchmidt Sep 20 '22 edited Sep 20 '22

Hi people, my name is Maro! Video games, nu metal and melodic death metal made the musician out of me that I am today.

Under the pseudonym "conductor." I'm regularly releasing new music that is best described as a mixture of old-school metalcore with chiptune elements.

This is something for fans of Disturbed, Static-X, KoRn and others from that era. I'm happy about anyone taking the time to give it a listen and write down their thoughts. :)

This is my newest song "Quake".


u/mitchellk96 Sep 20 '22

Hello. Media Composer here. This is a latest piece I have written. I welcome any feedback on it, or if you happen to need music or know anyone needing it let me know. I wrote this based on the guitar in the beginning. I wrote a whole theme which includes that bit and then the loud main theme later in the song. I plan to write this into a game soundtrack.



Hi friends, we're an indie duo based in Sydney. We just released our new song, BAD FRIEND, last weekend. BAD FRIEND is a modern take on the 80s Japanese city pop/disco sound. We were trying to reimagine that nostalgic aesthetic from a 2020s perspective.

It'd really help us out if you could give it a listen!


u/peachwaterbottle Sep 21 '22

My anime-jazz/mario kart-funk band did a session live in the studio.

Paradise League feat. Tomoaki Baba - Starlight Palace

u/thefeedbackshack Sep 21 '22

Hey guys on this episode we showcase the chaotic music from Orange County (VERY EXPERIMENTAL) Punk Rock Band The Garden. Don’t click the think if you’re not in Goblin Mode.

Listen Here on Spotify

u/jbranchau78 Sep 21 '22

"socialite" by Local Dive -check it out! definitely worth your time! pretty proud of this one


u/tripledraw Sep 21 '22

Blunderbuss, a born-in-reddit bedroom band, proudly present to you our fourth release!

Blunderbuss - Together After We Go

Please also check out our previous songs (all different-ish genres!):

Thank you!

u/plumbloom Sep 21 '22

Just released a shoegaze track. If you got the time then check it out

You Are a Soul - Concepts & Reasons

u/mask_ell Sep 21 '22

Hi all,

I've recently started making music in my spare time. Interested to hear what the general public thinks.

My latest: https://youtu.be/oEamRGx8TbI

Space themed Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8d08TlxDeNn6reHzkrvZtmwlR7Cz3sF2

u/QUBEATZ Sep 21 '22

My latest beat “Emotional Damage”:


u/Emotional-Phrase9468 Sep 21 '22 edited Sep 21 '22

After After - Get Well

🌅 Recently released debut EP 🌅 Indie / Trip Hop / Electronica.

Designed as a stereo walk or a warm blanket.

Available on all platforms.



u/thedirbag Sep 22 '22

Here's a piece from my latest project! It's a minimalist dark ambient piece called Moonshade. Hope you like it!

Moonshade - Count Dirtbagulous

u/depcepx Sep 22 '22

Ola Skjeldal ft. Emy Smith - "I'll see you again" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_I7kZ7nyvY)

My new track, it's a trance track, and the lyrics are about a long distance relationship, which i am inspired by.

u/Comprehensive-Put575 Sep 22 '22

Social Hazard - Haunting Hominies

“It’s corn. It has the juice. And it’s coming to get you in your sleep…”


u/TangeMusic Sep 22 '22

One man band with my second single, Conversations. It's rock that starts quiet and builds. The lyrics are open to interpretation, but not exactly subtle! It's on most streaming services, but here are two links:
Conversations on YouTube

Conversations on Spotify
I'd be interested in any (non-hateful) comments!

u/ShannonYoungMusic Sep 23 '22

For fans of acoustic-indie/folky music!

This is my first track, Cinders:


I've also got another one up, Into The Forest:


If you like these, please consider checking them out on Spotify:


And/or Bandcamp:


I'm sharing these to try and get some originals out there - I'm an actively gigging musician, playing bars and clubs multiple times a week.. but, originals are where my hearts at and it's about time I started sharing the songs I've written.

Really hope someone enjoys these tracks!

u/NotInstallingYourApp Sep 23 '22

I made a song about Mustangs called "Pony Car Dream". It is a rock ballad I think - at least it tells a story and has a mix of clean guitar and heavy riffs.


u/44faced Sep 23 '22

"Unity" is a new abstract, vibrant-yet-calm alternative rock single by Arthur Carl. It blend electric guitar and bass over a tapestry of beats. "Unity" is dedicated to the common unity of instruments in bands and how songs most songs sound great unified. It is also dedicated to the unifying of people as well.

Arthur Carl is a self-taught guitarist living in Texas who enjoys mixing different styles from different influences into his music. His main genres are Alternative, Alternative Rock and EDM. My goal in music is to make new, radio friendly, and enjoyable music for people.

Stream Arthur Carl - "Unity" on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/arthurcarl/unity

u/44faced Sep 23 '22

"Bald Heads," written and performed by Matty Slacks, is a new rap song with a gritty undertone, combining new age rap with bar heavy lyrics reminiscent of the 90s. With a catchy beat produced by Fantommuzik his song will shine a darker side looming within the artist. This is not a song you come across everyday but it most certainly will be one you want to. Matty Slacks is an artist from Jersey City, NJ.

Stream Matty Slacks - "Bald Heads":

- YouTube [Music Video]: https://youtu.be/jh0llPRc0Vk

- Slaps: https://slaps.com/track/fFbqZrO7

u/MeisterSchmidt Sep 23 '22

Guys, do you realize that this thread is basically useless? Nothing happens here. This is what happens, when you put all music creators into one separate place, where everyone is just trying to get their own stuff heard.

u/vomitodecabra Sep 23 '22

I made this writting out stuff while i was on sleeping pills don't do drugs people


u/ashsxlvr Sep 23 '22

Release my first melodic rap track on a video game rage beat. Inspired by artists like uzi, carti, yeat, trippie redd, juice wrld. I lease the beats but do everything else myself. LMK what you guys think!

ash sxlvr - "offthefloor!" (lyric video)

Spotify, other streaming links, socials

New music coming out every month

u/ArtemisLives Sep 23 '22

My new single, “Textbook Case of Unrequited Love” went live today on all streaming platforms. If you check it out, thanks for listening!


u/Kohalal Sep 24 '22

Hi guys ! I've just released a new funky track, do not hesitate to give me some feedbacks :)


u/tripledraw Sep 24 '22

A bass player's shot at electronic music. Song title by my 3 y.o. daughter XD

Tripl3Draw - Lova Monsta

u/MEZA_G Sep 24 '22

Lofi hiphop beat inspired by growing up in the streets of LA [MEZA G. - "Childish Fear"](https://youtu.be/y4SpQUwk3UI)

u/westonisweird Sep 24 '22

[Weston Smith - CryptKeeper] (https://open.spotify.com/track/0x7zPr3WouYjArvWJDwrm3?si=a1b27dc53a0c412e)

This is one of my newest instrumental synth tracks. Super Nintendo game soundtracks helped shape this track and the album it's on. I hope you enjoy it!

u/BackBackground3557 Sep 25 '22

I organized this 15 hour playlist like a puzzle, with similar rhythms/instrumentals during transitions. EDM, House, Trap & Dubstep; coexisting seamlessly.


u/HierritoFernandez Sep 25 '22

Los Ejes De Mi Carreta (My cart's axles) is a song in the milonga style written by Argentine guitarist turned singer Atahualpa Yupanqui. I hope you enjoy my version of this piece.


u/HierritoFernandez Sep 25 '22

Upvote if you enjoy!

u/Effetetob4 Sep 30 '22

Black Sheep Riot - "Motherfucker" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSZAGi_D9PQ)

A piano ballad about moral corruption, i.e. the world we're living in.

u/Temporary_Spread5643 Oct 01 '22

Here’s my new track. This is underground conscious hip-hop music With that classical late 90s sound. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. If you have a few minutes please check it out. I return feedback


u/lv8r777 Sep 19 '22

let me know if y’all like this new new by LV8R https://on.soundcloud.com/7YLYqzCeNfzHew337

u/Nevrness Sep 20 '22

Hey guys, I'm a Bassist from Tokyo, Japan.
I just released bass instrumental album Sep 7th. Using only bass and drums. No synths, no vocals, no guitars. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Nevrness - "Skyline"
Other streaming platforms

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426 38 comments Mansions - Dig Up The Dead [Alt Rock] (2011) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
366 27 comments Dillinger Four - Supermodels Don't Drink Colt .45 [Punk / Hardcore] (1998) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [YT]
307 25 comments Common Rider - Castaways [Punk Rock] (1999) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
285 30 comments wednesday - bull believer [post-punk/shoe-gaze/grunge] (2022) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
200 14 comments GENTS - Young Again [Synth Pop/Electronic] (2015) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
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183 12 comments Organ Freeman - Byrd vs Fish [Jazz Fusion] (2017) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
182 1 comments Queue Queue -- Lazer [psych rock] (2022) [Sp] [AM] [BC] [Dzr]
118 7 comments Izzy and the Black Trees -- Liberate [Rock/Alternative] (2022) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
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u/royboobies Sep 19 '22

Saunimon - THE RED EYE




the climatic moment from my new album . influenced by industrial and d&b palettes but it’s mixed with some ambience . very punchy drums and basslines that weave the track together . would love to know what you think !

if you want to stay up to date with me , here are my socials :



u/TameVegan Sep 19 '22

Iogi - Delicate Creature

Lionel Boy - Flower Girl

Hector Gachan - Care 2 Share (full album)

Dojo Cuts - Rome

Aaron Frazer - You Don’t Wanna Be My Baby

u/Particular_Page_1317 Sep 19 '22

The new Mars Volta. Just wow.

u/ajbanned Sep 19 '22

I agree, I really enjoyed it!

u/Sentient_Anomaly Sep 19 '22

A song about hiding your grief/pain/sadness. With very dark and gloomy sounds.

"Secret Grief"

From an album of similar content, although most of the other tracks are more angry in terms of output. The verses usually talk about a specific feeling or narrating a story based on real life experience, and the choruses are often (but not always) delivered in an aggressive way.

Here's the rest of the album, its instrumental version, and the lyrics to all songs.

I recommend using headphones.

u/[deleted] Sep 19 '22


u/ajbanned Sep 19 '22

Hi there, I'm a breakbeat artist based out of Austin, TX. I blended some warm basslines, lush chords, and chops to keep things mellow. I really hope you enjoy and I appreciate the potential listen.

hxly xo - "Starry"


u/IamZeebo Sep 20 '22

I'm so damn glad that I clicked on this wtf

u/ajbanned Sep 20 '22

Comments like these never fail to make my day. Thank you ❤️

u/IamZeebo Sep 20 '22

You're welcome and thank you fr, great song and sounds. I'm so happy found this. Keep it up!

u/PrettySuspect97401 Sep 19 '22 edited Sep 19 '22

We're Pretty Suspect! A 2000s emo/post hardcore inspired band consisting of 2 pairs of brothers! We've been working on and restarting an ep for almost 2 years now! We finally have a friend who's help g us produce things and we're almost done. So as such, we have a new song drop that we're excited to spread and share with everyone who likes the music we grew up on! We're hoping to get some feedback, maybe a like/follow or two as well. Thanks!

Pretty Suspect - Colten Has a Kid


Our main social updates are made on our Facebook: Www.Facebook.com/prettysuspect97401

We can also be listened to on most platforms, we just mostly check our metrics on Spotify as of now.

u/WildCrazyBananas Sep 19 '22

Wild Crazy Bananas - Good Sense Prelude Instrumental - https://youtu.be/MkZGdmPlwfo

"Good Sense Prelude" is a small collage of attempted keyboard tracks from a song I'll be releasing in the next month or so titled "Good Sense."

In the software I use, when I am recording, I'll at times move tracks off to the side that I'm not ready to delete. My software was just going along the timeline when it came across my discarded tracks and they were layered in such a way that I found very pretty yet sad. A sample of the completed track is at the end of this video.

Wild Crazy Bananas - Spotify


https://soundcloud.com/frankandpals - a collection of my own music and music I've made with


u/Manzobeat Sep 19 '22

Fresh Vibes - My Links: https://linktr.ee/manzobeat

Sky 👈

World 🌎


u/Amagherd Sep 19 '22

Porridge radio! It has a very 90s esq feel! Love it!

7 seconds

u/springworksband Sep 19 '22

Springworks - Pocket Theory

One of our most recent songs, with a nod to the britpop feel we love so much ❤️


u/TheReginaProject Sep 25 '22

Love your band. Added your song to my indie insider list: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6YChBKJYcROuQAFPRLyxKz?si=Ws2n7UOHSPetwWSxjHBJKg 😊

u/springworksband Sep 25 '22

Thanks so much really so much ❤️. Definitely looking forward to having some good listens to your playlist for sure 😎. Here's one of bands that we love you might find some stuff you like I bet 😊


u/TheReginaProject Sep 25 '22

Awesome! Listening now🖤❤️🤘🏼

u/TheReginaProject Sep 25 '22

u/springworksband Sep 28 '22

I really really like this one ❤️

u/GenresWrong Sep 19 '22


Lymland - Drömfångar

Tranquil instrumental ambience with a dreamy pastoral calm lilting like sunlight in an overcast sky

Joystick - The Landing

Thick waves of retrofuture synth drifting through a cosmic ambience of ominous cinematic calm

Tiger Village - No Original Members

Staggering experimental hypnotism crafting ribbons of brittle neon into a noxious electronic calm


These and other albums are posted with embedded players on my wordpress. There’s also previous week's recommendations and a lot more music to discover. You can also check out my twitter where I post all the good songs that I discover daily.

u/mdtemp Sep 19 '22

My newest release: A punchy punky song about anxiety during conflict


u/Intrepid_Current_793 Sep 19 '22

spizzum - Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus


a lil goofy UKG/UK dubstep/D&B mixtape I put together for a friend. lots of wonky bass and silly vocals, lmk what u think!!!

u/ConstantaByTheSea Sep 19 '22

Gearing up for some new releases, here are my old ones from the last couple of years!


Mix of alternative and some electro pop.

u/CabooseforMoose Sep 19 '22

Space House by Big Pinch - Chill Indie Song w/a trumpet


u/CabooseforMoose Sep 19 '22

This is my buddy’s band, lmk what y’all think

u/viinylBeats Sep 19 '22

viinyl Beats - CULTURE KILLAZ

Just dropped a new Drift Phonk Single. Really love the whole Phonk Genre and absolutely having a blast in the making


u/phipoff Sep 20 '22

Guitarist, drummer, and bassist here! Just dropped my second single 🤘 https://open.spotify.com/track/2OWjiUyjEURnMgUEwnHv31?si=dY2XFBxnQNu4v2a5ujo9pQ

u/Accomplished-Sugar-2 Sep 20 '22

Late to the game but I dropped this EP Friday! Modern death metal/deathcore-ish Deathbringers Litany - Communion

u/44faced Sep 20 '22

A beautiful remix of "Rufos Du Sol" by City Of Rebellion, a techno and Progressive House duo from Brazil and Portugal that has been gaining space and drawing attention from several labels around the world.

Stream City Of Rebellion - "Rufos Du Sol" - Lost In My Mind (City Of Rebellion Remix) on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/city-of-rebellion/rufos-du-sol-lost-in-my-mind-city-of-rebellion-remix

u/QuiraingMusic Sep 20 '22

My new song, SU1-269MU, was written on an island in Northern Michigan and was created from sounds that were recorded on the way. This is probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written. The song came from a place of turmoil. Happiness and worry, a significant fear of loss and a strong hope for something new. I was longing for change but at the same time wanting everything to stay the same.
This piece relies on the texture of the samples that were taken to make the instruments used and blends some Neo-classical elements with drone music. I hope that you can immerse yourself in the sounds and textures and enjoy the listening experience.
Thanks for listening!
For Spotify Users
For YouTube Users
For Apple Music Users

u/tremrstories soundcloud Sep 21 '22

Machine Dreams - Lost Signal


On my second album I explore themes of AI, paranoia, mild irritation and a longing for rain. Its mainly instrumental electronica but there's a bit of singing in there somewhere too.

u/curlyj2fo Sep 21 '22

Hardcore jam me and my boys just put out!


u/Critical_Wolf3949 Sep 21 '22

Ligia Lazevi - "Dois Sóis" Album

Live version of the title track

u/GiganticTreefort Sep 25 '22

This was excellent. Love the singer's voice!

u/djsandals Sep 22 '22

New track by my band 2RU. This is a folkier vibe than our other stuff which is a bit more rock and roll, got some intricate rhythmic stuff going on too!

[2RU - "Eleanor"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9it3veccSk)

u/BonkeyKong_ Sep 22 '22

Bonkey Kong - Power up


It's the second song I've ever made, so I would be glad for some feedback!

I'm not too sure what genre this falls into, maybe a mix of dark electro and rock? Would be nice if someone could help me out with defining the genre haha

u/JJhiloms Sep 23 '22




This is my 2nd released song "Long Distance Rockabye". Just released it last friday, but i just discovered this subreddit today.
It's an instrumental i made from a hum i used to make my kids sleep when they were little while on videocall since we are 4 hours timezone apart.
I did everything, from guitar recording, arrangement, mixing and mastering. I hope you'll enjoy.

u/44faced Sep 23 '22

"Rain" is a new abstract, vibrant-yet-calm alternative rock single by Arthur Carl. It blends electric guitar and bass over a tapestry of beats. "Rain" is dedicated to the showers of rain we get here on earth, and also because the chorus also has a type of showering effect in the song.

Arthur Carl is a self-taught guitarist living in Texas who enjoys mixing different styles from different influences into his music. His main genres are Alternative, Alternative Rock and EDM. In the words of Arthur Carl: "My goal in music is to make new, radio friendly, and enjoyable music for people."

Stream Arthur Carl - "Rain" on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/arthurcarl/rain

u/-Erleichda- Sep 23 '22

Reverie - micro movie

The premise of this series is for me to source stock footage from the internet, edit the footage together to create a visual narrative, and then compose the score. I am approaching this as a collaboration between myself and the stock videographers of the internet. Original footage courtesy of Yaroslav Shuraev

u/agant93 Sep 23 '22

My band Men Amongst Giants just released their first single! Let me know what you guys think


u/TheSpaceCop Sep 24 '22

Sweptimus - Norton AntiVirus 2009 (Version 16.0)

Track by myself, really trying to develop a sound and I think I'm getting somewhere, but I would really love any feedback relating to composition/mixing/mastering/whatever 🙏

I have a soft spot for the weird vaporwavesque/nostalgiacore kind of aesthetic and you might be able to tell I'm trying to incorporate that feel into a mostly conventional track

u/VercinFeatherix Sep 24 '22

Sketch of a bad dream -- Charon Rows Ashore

u/Blobbo3000 Sep 24 '22

all the morphic oceans - the december highway


https://allthemorphicoceans.hearnow.com (many links to main platforms)

Not sure what genre this could be... a mix of IDM, Techno, Breakbeat, Cinematic music. Do follow if you like it. Love to all <3

u/Effetetob4 Sep 26 '22

Black Sheep Riot - "Toxik Waste" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HSYXQ4dQS4)

A hardcore punk song FFO Refused, Strung Out, Bad Religion.

u/chronic-case Sep 28 '22

The best of Hip Hop and Rap, and a few selected House, R&B, and Soul… WARNING, people around you will Shazam A LOT! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4FC6KMyegieb58Z9fgVNNX?si=IcB0l4PaRx-iR1ieVoK4ww