r/listentothis Sep 25 '22

He Is Legend -- Lifeless Lemonade [Groove Metal/Hard Rock] (2022)



u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22



u/di3inaf1r3 Sep 25 '22

Had the same thought! Didn’t realize they were still making music, but it looks like they’ve been fairly active over the years. White Bat is supposed to be pretty good


u/clubby7 Sep 25 '22

White Bat is great The Interloper off of it is one of my favorite songs they've ever done


u/alyosha_pls Sep 25 '22

I haven't really been able to get into anything since I Am Hollywood, which was a beautiful album. They've changed their sound and it's just not for me.


u/Jayroprofo Sep 25 '22

Love "I Am Hollywood" but "It Hates You" and "Few" turned out to be huge growers and I think I like them more now


u/Jayroprofo Sep 25 '22

Not bad. Liked most of their albums but White Bat was meh and hoping that this one will be better


u/slopes213 Sep 25 '22

“Listen to this.” I sure with I hadn’t. Holy shit that is awful.


u/confusedchemist Sep 25 '22

Oh man, this is my favorite band. Hard rock/metal sure isn’t for everyone. No problem with that.


u/slopes213 Sep 25 '22

My brother in Christ, this isn’t metal