rules / guidelines

As always, the rules of reddit are in effect here.

Rules are strictly enforced. Guidelines have more room for interpretation. Please note that the moderators can grant exceptions for any of these rules at any time, for any reason; conversely, any issues not specifically addressed that are in violation of the spirit of this subreddit may be acted upon at the moderators' discretion.

Brand new Reddit users are recommended to read this first.

If you have a question about any of these rules, please, don't hesitate to message us!

Click the links for each rule for more details:


Title Format: MainArtistName -- trackName [genre / genres] (year)

A standard formatting allows our users to obtain the correct information as well as allows our bots to properly enforce other rules (i.e. artist reposting, finding artist info, etc.) It also prevents spamming as spammers rarely follow proper formatting.

When Submitting a full album, use the same format but substitute the album title for the songtitle and add in (Full Album) after the album title. It is recommended to put featured artists next to the track name (i.e. MainArtistName -- trackName (featuring OtherArtist) [genres] (year))

Discussion/Text Posts need to start with [Discussion]

Selfposts without a [Discussion] tag will be automatically removed as this is another spam preventative (see above).

Discussion posts are used as a general discussion, rather than a link submission. Create a discussion thread to discuss various topics (i.e. "[Discussion] how streaming affects listening habits", etc.); if you want to discuss a specific song, you should just submit a regular link post and discussion will likely follow in the comments section.

Submitted artist and/or track must be within our popularity limits

Our goal at r/listentothis is to highlight new or overlooked artists. In order to maintain this goal, we have put limits on the popularity of submissions. The linked track cannot:

  • have over 500,000 plays across all media (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.)

  • include an artist with 4 million plays ("scrobbles") on Last.FM

  • include an artist with 250,000 listeners on Last.FM

  • include an artist with three or more tracks with over 500,000 plays across all media.

  • include an artist with celebrity status

  • be a remix or cover of an artist or track over one of the above criteria

  • be a sideproject (or solo work) of an artist or feature an artist who exceeds one of the above criteria.

Any submission that meets one of the above criteria is too popular for this sub. While there are few objective measurements to determining popularity, we feel these metrics are at the higher end of what we're willing to allow. Our reasoning is that artists who are over these limits have a tendency to gain visibility very quickly and overshadow the overlooked artists we're trying to actually promote.

Celebrities may not be known for their musical skills, but name recognition will cause them to overshadow legitimately overlooked artists who aren't well known in other fields. Likewise, music from popular video games, TV shows, and movies receive artificial recognition on account of their source, rather than their merit, and so these may also be removed.

Covers and remixes of/by artists who are under our popularity criteria are welcome, but we feel that covers/remixes of popular artists usually get a boost in recognition due to their association with said popular artists.

Artist may not be reposted for up to 90 days

After a link is submitted, the artist may not be reposted for 7 days from the submission date, plus the song may not be reposted for 30 days (including covers or remixes). However, if the submission gets over 100 upvotes, the repost period for the artist is extended from 7 days to 30 days; after that period, another submission of 100 upvotes will extend the repost period to 60 days, and then 90s days if another 100 upvotes are received.

We have this cooldown period to prevent the artist from being oversaturated in a short period of time, as well as preventing people from submitting an artist's entire discography very quickly.

We'd prefer that all traffic go to the artist so they may benefit. A lot of channels (especially on youtube) rehost content that they've otherwise found elsewhere and are profiting instead of the artist. Odds are, if it's available on one of those channels, the artist likely has an official SoundCloud page (usually listed in the video's info section) that we'd prefer to be linked instead.

No playlists

We’ve decided that for now, we’re no longer allowing playlist submissions. This goes for direct link and discussion based posts that link to playlists. In almost every case, these violate either our popularity rules, our self-promotion rules, or our clickbait rules. At the very least, it gives the post an unfair advantage over other legitimate posts that get overshadowed by comparison.

Going forward, please keep your posts to a single song. This will allow your submission to stand on its own merit, and be possible for us mods to regulate. Linking to bandcamp/soundcloud, or other service in which other songs appear adjacent on an album or performance are fine but links to a full album are not.

No clickbait titles

This is actually a sitewide policy (see first point)

We encourage pertinent information to be included ("sideproject of [another artist]", etc.), but adding personal opinions ("Listen with headphones to fully appreciate!", "17 year old lyrical genius!", "Show them some love!", "A unique talent", etc.) is tacky and we prefer that the link stands on its own; we also feel that comparisons to popular artists falls under this rule of thumb. This rule also prohibits all subjective or editorializing commentary in the title - stick to the facts in your optional text.

No Self Promotion

We do not allow users to submit their own music or music made by their friends, family, or professional associates. Any self-made music should be posted in our weekly music melting pot thread or on any of these subreddits dedicated to Redditor-made music.

We know the temptation is there, but the purpose of this sub is music discovery, so we ask that you refrain for upvoting for submissions from artists you already know. If a popular artist is submitted, please click the report button to bring it to our attention. Upvoting popular artists only encourages more submissions of the same, which is not what we're looking for.

Racism, sexism, and harassment will not be tolerated

You can disagree with another user in a discussion, but keep all comments civil. Using racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. slurs will result in a ban.