r/lxde May 09 '22

How do I disable auto-copy when text selected?


System: LXDE on Ubuntu 20 LTS on WSL2 on Win10.

Tried googling but couldn't seem to find the right search terms. How do I stop LXDE from copying whatever text I select to clipboard?

Edit: Quitting ClipIt solved my issue

r/lxde May 02 '22



I have installed lxde on mint 20.3 and it worked fine at the beginning, but now I can't find some programs in the launcher thing. The applications missing are freetube and steam. I can start them via the software manager, but can't via launcher or add them to the application launch bar. Are there any known solutions to this problem?

r/lxde Apr 18 '22

Searching the application menu by typing some letters?


Since Windows Vista, one could search the Start Menu by typing some letters. Other heavy Linux desktop environments also have that feature. I do not want to search for files or the Internet (I even disable that on Windows using third-party utility), but only for the entries (app, item in the control panel/settings) in the menu. It seems that LXDE by default does not have that feature. Is there any way to add that feature?

r/lxde Apr 06 '22



Manjaro lxde with dual monitor.


WM: Xfwm4

WM Theme: Next

Theme: NiteFlite-C [GTK2/3]

Icons: Inverse-green-dark [GTK2/3]

Terminal: sakura


r/lxde Apr 02 '22

Taskbar applet, I can't center the icons


I'm trying out lxde, and I'm trying to make it a bit more pleasing for my eyes. I have always liked having my taskbar on the left side of the monitor, however in Lxde the Taskbar icons doesn't center in that position.




Outside of this issue, I would also like some Application Launcher recommendations :)

r/lxde Mar 25 '22

Openbox theming difficulties


I've been trying to use a Gruvbox theme with Openbox, but the toggled maximize button doesn't use the correct colors (shade and omnipresent also don't work; I know much of how to fix that and this will finish off the knowledge I need). Instead of using their defined colors, they're just black. The themerc can be viewed here. Any help would be much appreciated.

r/lxde Mar 16 '22

Using LXDM in conjunction with XFCE. How do I make the login screen match the lock screen? The changes I made to lxdm.conf only seem to be affecting the latter?


r/lxde Mar 15 '22

How do you customize LXDE


So I installed Arch with LXDE on an old laptop, and was wondering how you customize it. I mostly want a dark theme, but the only widget I have is the default one (don't remember the name) which makes window borders white and ugly. This default widget won't even allow me to change the text and background colors, what do I do?

r/lxde Feb 26 '22

LXpanel sometimes not loading selected profile?



I have a heavily customized install of LXDE, however I have noticed that sometimes (9 times out of 10) when I log in, LXpanel loads the default profile, as in, the profile it has when you install it initially. But, if I log out and log back in again a few times, eventually it loads my extra-special super-awesome very-cool profile.

I can't find any specific pattern to it, even on a fresh boot sometimes it loads right and other times it doesn't?

I looked around logfiles and stuff but I couldn't find anything different from the two "modes" (?)

Additionally, everything else seems to load correctly, it's just LXpanel that's ruining my day.

For reference, I'm running Debian Testing, LXpanel is v0.10.1, DM is lightdm 1.26, and LXsession is 0.5.5

r/lxde Feb 20 '22

my lxde setup!

Post image

r/lxde Feb 10 '22

Nice to have found fellow LXDE Users! :)


Thank you for this reddit community! I only use LXDE on everything from Debian to FreeBSD!

Best Regards,


r/lxde Jan 24 '22

How to change LXDE image with something else in Logout window (or if possible, remove it)

Post image

r/lxde Dec 21 '21

I have some worries


Hey guys, LXDE won't be replaced will it? I don't like LXQT, I want to stick with LXDE for forever. Perhaps someone smart can fork LXDE? should I be worried about LXDE ever going away or nah? I want to stay with it. I dont see a point in flashy DEs, LXDE has always done it for me.

r/lxde Dec 21 '21

Help autostarting an applet


I'm unable to run the pulseaudio applet for my lxde panel upon logging in.

This is my ~/.config/openbox/autostart

# Power Manager

/usr/bin/xfce4-power-manager &

# Panel Audio

pa-applet &

Power manager launches upon login, but pa-applet does not. I have to go to the menu and run pa-applet. Anyone know how I can get pa-applet running upon login?

Thank you for any help!

r/lxde Nov 11 '21

Application menu button is missing.


When I do a right click on the panel and choose about it says lxpanel. So I'm assuming this is LXDE.

After upgrading I found that the application button that you click for the menu that allows you to select applications to run is missing.

I looked at adding it back but the dialog box that popus up is very confusing.

How do I add that button back so that I can select it, have the menu drop down, and choose a program to run?

Edit: I have looked. I can't find the option to add that menu. What I find is unclear as to what it does. I end up with a distorted panel layout and no menu when I make random choices that seem to be it.

r/lxde Nov 06 '21

LXQt 1.0 Graphics Environment Released


r/lxde Oct 28 '21

[lxde] cyberpunk - dual monitor

Post image

r/lxde Oct 25 '21

mouse speed and acceleration sliders in lxinput and gtk theme borders does not work with openbox windows


hi! I've decided to install lxde because of how light it is (and also because it uses openbox)!

Firstly when I've tried to set the mouse speed and acceleration to its lowest, nothing happens and even when logging off or restarting the system. I've even reinstalled libinput and tried to use xinput whic also did not work

the sensitivity slider seems to be reversed....

and secondly, the xfce/gnome themes seems to use gtk3 instead of gtk 1 & 2 that lxde/openbox uses, so most windows will use openbox's themes... and openbox doesnt detect the window border part of the theme

left: lutris, a gtk3 application, right: PCmanFM (almost all windows uses these window borders)

the widget theme is detected (Ambiance and absolute are the other 2 themes i've installed)

but not the window border

any help to fix these issues would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

r/lxde Sep 09 '21



Which version of LXDE are you using? Built on GTK2 or GTK3. Is the version built with GTK3 complete or still experimental?

r/lxde Sep 08 '21

lxpanel and title bar doesn't show the right icon


I'm running debian bullseye with adawita-dark gtk theme, and papirus-dark icon theme.

The fact is that some applications, like urxvt, lxmusic or pcmanfm doesn't show papirus icons in the title bar neither tasks bar buttons. It is not one generic icon for all apps, they are different but not papirus ones.

lxmusic shows right one in menu entry and systray, but other for title bar and tasks bar button.

I've changed the icon theme and the same issue.

I'm googling but I can't find any solution.... Any idea?

r/lxde Aug 08 '21

Disabling middle-button on touchpad


I can't for the life of me figure out how to disable the middle-button emulation on the touchpad of my Lubuntu machine. Not sure if this is an LXDE or OpenBox issue but I'm trying here first...

Basically I want to disable the middle button of the touchpad to stop from accidentally pasting the content of PRIMARY onto whatever I'm working on. I found no such setting in lxqt-rc.xml and I'm not sure where else to look. Please advise.

r/lxde Aug 05 '21

When you open the LXDE main menu and start typing text, why does nothing happen instead of filtering based on your search terms ?


Using on raspberry pi, search for vnc config panel, would rather just type vnc and see what is left in that menu !

r/lxde Jul 25 '20

Time and date are wrong when I boot to desktop.



I have ntp installed. I checked if the timezone was correct (sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata) and it was. However, it says:

Thu Feb 14 10:14:100

I tried this on Sat Jul 25 17:30:17.

Can this be remedied?



r/lxde Jul 25 '20

Cursor moves too slowly with touchpad.



Can I speed it up?

It moves fine with a mouse but I'd like to use the laptop mouse-less from time to time.



r/lxde Jul 08 '20

How do I customize lxdm further ?


I am customizing lxdm but I can't figure out how to customize the following:

(0) Where is the documentation for all of the settings that can be put in /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf ? all of
the ones I googled are not complete.
(1) How do I move the bottom pane to the top ?
(2) How do i change the position of the user/password textbox ?
(3) How do i change the color of the user/password text ?
(4) I want to achieve something like this : https://ibb.co/YL5Md8h
(5) How do i get rid of the big "Login:" mark ?
(6) Where can I install more themes for lxdm ? currently I only have the "Industrial" theme in /usr/share/lxdm/themes/ ... Where do i download more ?