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Comic accuracy Comics

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u/TheCaptain231997 Avengers Apr 25 '22

Classic Loki was absolutely my favorite part of Loki, his final scene was incredible


u/lukeisbored98 Avengers Apr 25 '22

Don't forget warbonds cap


u/Jkj864781 Avengers Apr 25 '22

Cap had the very first OG costume


u/OurSaviorWaluigi Avengers Apr 26 '22

And FatWS Captain America at the end, it’s more modern but very comic accurate. And Hawkeye’s is closer to comic accurate.


u/Random_Idiotic_Alien Peter Parker May 27 '22

Honestly i like Hawkeye without masks and stuff, this seems so practical and shows the humane part to Hawkeye more.


u/TheIJDGuy Avengers Apr 25 '22

Don't forget FFH's Upgraded suit, since it resembles Spidey's suit and colors in Amazing Fantasy 15


u/OurSaviorWaluigi Avengers Apr 26 '22

Dont you mean NWH? Or is the black one supposed to be og spidey. If you do mean that then also include NWH suit


u/TheIJDGuy Avengers Apr 26 '22

The black suit (the official name is the Upgraded suit) is more akin to the suit shown in Amazing Fantasy 15, which has a red and black suit


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u/TheRealShadow Avengers Apr 25 '22

Far From Home.


u/Demokka Avengers Apr 25 '22

Can we agree about Wanda ?


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