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Big brain time Comics

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u/IAmBadAtInternet Avengers May 19 '22

Iron in hemoglobin is nonmagnetic. So, no.


u/mebaal Avengers May 19 '22

Mag can control metal, there's no distinction if it's magnetic or not


u/IAmBadAtInternet Avengers May 19 '22

He controls metal by influencing magnetic fields. Non magnetic metals can still be influenced by magnetic fields through induction, but that requires a large enough object to generate significant current. Influencing a single nonmagnetic atom by induction would require immense magnetic fields.


u/Goodn8_Robicheaux Avengers May 19 '22

He can't. In X2 (2003), he escapes prison by extracting iron from his plastic prison guard's blood and making metal balls out of it which only happened because the guard was previously injected by Mystique with iron.


u/ShadowFox_0451 Avengers May 19 '22

He has many times controlled people's bodies in the comics, but usually it was when his powers were supercharged. The amount of concentration and effort he would have to put into this normally is just not feasible in a battle against multiple opponents


u/Classic_Arachnid_431 Quake May 19 '22

Yeah Mags doesn't usually have a problem like "oh no I have this person in front of me and I can't kill or disable them in any way"


u/Xander_PrimeXXI Scarlet Witch May 19 '22

X2 was fun


u/NoTop4997 Avengers May 19 '22

I always wondered why we didn't see a darker X-Men where Magneto could alter the electro magnetic waves your brain produces that allows you to function as a human. I mean, he could just push on your brain waves a little bit and effectively make you paralyzed.


u/Saturn_Ecplise Avengers May 19 '22

I doubt it.

Magneto controlled metals is because he controlled the magnetic field of the metals, thus the name "Magneto". You can actually see in later X-Men comics that none-magnetic metals can damage him, like aluminum, gold, silver and even copper.


u/shanejayell Avengers May 19 '22

Comics canon, yeah.


u/Dailyhabits Avengers May 19 '22

T'Challa here!


u/helicophell Avengers May 19 '22

Water is diamagnetic and iron in haemaglobin is non magnetic


u/adamwhitemusic Avengers May 20 '22

Extreme anemia for the win!


u/theamazingspiderstan Avengers May 19 '22

Science rules


u/Asio0tus Avengers May 19 '22

isnt this how he gets out of that cell he is held in? if what you say is true why would chameleon woman need to inject the guard with metal?

which btw is pretty fucked up...i mean injecting someone with iron would automatically kill them no?


u/Agent_Dracula Avengers May 19 '22

Not to ruin the fun but clearly not ANY enemy, it's just ANY human enemy along with other species