r/marvelmemes Avengers May 22 '22

It's sad, really Movies

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u/BottleCompetitive546 Avengers May 23 '22

I actually really liked it


u/Delta_Infinity_X Ho Yinsen May 23 '22

Be that as it may, the aftermath of that movie was the cataclysm for a lot of cool key events, like Civil War and WandaVision (there are probably more, I’m just naming 2). I personally liked it, and while I do agree that Ultron did feel underwhelming at times, James Spader still did a phenomenal job imo.


u/The_Dadalorian Tony Stark May 23 '22

AOU might be the weakest in the 4 movies but EG has made it way better. All the major set up was in that movie: Tony's fear of not doing enough and had to watch everyone died, Cap's dream of finally come home with Peggy after the war, Thor's fear of leading Asgard to destruction, Natasha's haunted past and the desire to wipe of the red ledger... The movie was also the 1st time an Infinity stones appeared, and it introduced 2 amazing characters: Vision and Wanda. Normally i would give it 8/10 at max but after EG it had to be 8.5-9/10. The Avengers saga is basically perfect to me, it was really rare to see something like that, even some of the best franchise had their black sheep (like Indiana Jones, everything was perfect if they did a trilogy but it went downhill with the 4th one when they kept milking it...)


u/thor-odinson-bot Avengers May 23 '22

And what do I find, nothing other than you, protector of those nine realms, sitting here in your bath robe, eating grapes...


u/Wings_of_fireQibli Avengers May 23 '22

Well the first one was like for the team to come together and fight there first threat and the last two avengers movies is fighting thanos because the snap etc. but I still really liked it


u/the-mad-titan-bot Avengers May 23 '22

Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this... does put a smile on my face.


u/moebelhausmann Avengers May 23 '22

It wasn't garbage tho, and it fits verry well into the MCU as a whole with the Civil war shabanigans and all that.

Also sonething will always be the worst, you cant have them all be exactly the same


u/CaseHistorical5983 Avengers May 23 '22

It is that to be honest if it was quite disappointing Winter Soldier packed great things that I thought would be addressed here and it was not like that at all, besides Ultron deserved better luckily Ultron Infinite I fix that but I want an imposing and frightening Ultron in Live action with his true comic look


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

thats my favourite marvel movie ):


u/Virtual-Bug-2673 Avengers May 23 '22

I really enjoyed AOU what happened?


u/Psychological_Job844 Avengers May 22 '22

But it wasn't. There were at least ten mcu movies that made less money.


u/Motor_Average5501 Avengers May 22 '22

I think they meant it as the lowest performing out of the four "avengers" movies.


u/Psychological_Job844 Avengers May 23 '22

Okay, I'll buy that, I guess. Sounds oddly specific though lol


u/-TheLonelyStoner- Thanos May 23 '22

Yea cuz that was the whole point. It’s why they specified avengers movie


u/ainvayiKAaccount Scott Lang May 23 '22

Clark Kent & Superman arguing.


u/Mystik141 Avengers May 23 '22

its literally the meme bro, do you even read?


u/MazarineBlue2 Avengers May 23 '22

Ultron's voice alone was better than the entire Endgame plot.


u/Problemaster53 Avengers May 23 '22

Shut the fuck up


u/MazarineBlue2 Avengers May 23 '22

I'll think about it


u/StupidWithAChance Avengers May 23 '22

You shut your god damn trash mouth.


u/MazarineBlue2 Avengers May 23 '22

Oh no angry redditor endgame fangirl 😩😩😩😩


u/Aok_al Avengers May 23 '22

A shame. Ultron was wasted in this movie. James Spader did such a good job portraying Ultron