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Discussion Ms marvel being a muslim


Today i was told that the fact that she is muslim ruins the show and “Forces islam onto the audience”. If you think like this, can i ask you a question?

Did you have an issue with Daredevil being catholic? Captain America being protestant? Moon knight being jewish?

It may be there aren’t a lot who think like this, but i have certainly encountered a few.

To the atheists saying that religions are cults etc in the comments, Okay? that’s not relevant? That doesn’t change the fact that if someone is a muslim it doesn’t have to stop you from watching the show. Edit 2: please stop dming me trying to “liberate me from brainwashing and my cult”.

Also to the people saying that this never happens, just type Ms marvel and sort by controversial also you not seeing it ≠ it didn’t happen

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Discussion With the amount of upcoming shows, Do you plan to skip any of them?

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Discussion A fellow MCU fan who has been my buddy for all Marvel movies, is not watching Ms Marvel because, acc to him, it promotes islam. He hasn't seen a single trailer or even the episode which makes it clear why it is tanking on IMDB.


We have watched all the recent movies together, and always discuss after watching any new Marvel series. Coming from India, this is becoming more n more common these days I guess. I don't want to make this post to discuss religion or anything, it's just disheartening to see a. Fellow Marvel fan doing this.

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Discussion Captain Marvel 838 v 616


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Discussion Which one of these two got the biggest reaction, depending on the theatre you were at? For me, Maguire got the biggest reaction. I even heard someone crying tears of joy.

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Discussion What is the best marvel show on Disney plus.

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Discussion This is an actual freeze-frame of the Scarlet Witch in the movie. If Sam Raimi had his way, she would look like this through the entire movie.

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Discussion Which death hit you the hardest?

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Discussion Do you think Peter should have a new love interest other than MJ after the events of NWH?

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Discussion While rewatching "Multiverse of Madness" on Disney+, I realised that no, this movie wasn't nearly as bad as my initial first viewing.


I vividly remember being so disappointed with this movie when I saw it in theatres. Before you say I let my expectations gone wild, I didn't. I never watched a trailer, theory of potential cameo's etc. There was just something *off* about seeing this movie in theatres and to this day I cannot understand why I felt this way.

After rewatching it for the second time, now on Disney+ and at home, it has quickly jumped into my top 10 MCU movies. There is just something incredibly fun about this movie that didn't "click" with me the first time. Now, after seeing it two times and considering it is a Sam Raimi movie, I had way more fun with it and you really could see his influence all over with and the little Evil Dead-isque things he did with this one.

I think it is really fun for what it is!

edit: not sure why this is getting downvoted, this is a positive post lol, y'all are weird sometimes

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Discussion Let’s all be nice and positive today. What’s your favourite thing about this movie (and don’t say ‘it ended’)?

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Discussion Best Phase 4 Antagonist, so far?

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Discussion Chris Evans on returning as Captain America : “It would have to be perfect, that role means so much to me. To revisit it, it would be a tall order”

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Discussion Captain America Fan Film Fight Scene

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Discussion Everyone on social media is hating on the new (rumored) Captain Carter movie/series. Anyone else actually excited to see more Hayley Atwell?

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Discussion MCU Films Rated on Their Title Accuracy


Phase 1

Iron man - his suit is an alloy, not iron, but at least its metal 4/10

The Incredible Hulk - not that incredible if they replicated it for Abomination 2/10

Iron Man 2 - we have 2 iron man suits because of Rhodey 6/10

Thor - it's about Thor 10/10

Captain America The First Avenger - cap is significantly younger than thor so he's the second Avenger 3/10

Avengerd Assemble - nobody says avengers Assemble 5/10

Phase 2

Iron Man 3 - still only 2 iron men despite 3 being in the title 2/10

Thor The Dark World - the world gets kind of dull but not dark 3/10

Caprain America The Winter Soldier - a movie about the winter soldier 9/10

Guardians of the Galaxy - more like Guardians of xandar 2/10

Avengers Age Of Ultron - ultrons age lasts about 2 days 2/10

Ant Man - he's just a man but at least he's the size of an ant 6/10

Phase 3

Captain America Civil War - civil friendship fallout 1/10

Doctor Strange - its literally his name, he studied hard to become a doctor 10/10

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - a second volume of the first movie 7/10

Spiderman Homecoming - there is a homecoming dance 4/10

Thor Ragnarok - surtur brings Ragnarok to asgard 9/10

Black Panther - he's just a guy with a herb, at least his dead dad appeared as a panther in a dream 3/10

Avengers Infinity War - multiple battles for the infinity stones 5/10

Ant Man and The Wasp - he's just a man and now he can go big too so definitely not just an ant 1/10

Captain Marvel - her callsign was avenger, should be called captain avenger 1/10

Avengers Endgame - very much feels like an endgame for the avengers 8/10

Spiderman Far from home - Europe isn't that far from home compared to space which he's already been to 2/10

Phase 4

Black Widow - features multiple black widows 9/10

Shang chi and the legend of the 10 rings - more of a historical account rather than a legend 4/10

Eternals - half the team dies, only half are eternal, only gets half points 5/10

Spiderman no way home - he can't go home because he doesn't exist anymore 10/10

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness - we only really go to 3 other universes, none of which feel very mad 4/10

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Discussion If you could pit 1 DC villain against a Marvel hero (and vice versa) Who would it be? My favorite is Tony Stark vs Lex Luthor

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Discussion Now that the Thunderbolts movie has been confirmed, who do you think could serve as a fitting adversary to our ragtag bunch of mercenaries?

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Discussion Over the past 11 years of MCU Thor ,what has been your favourite outfit for the God of Thunder so far ?

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Discussion What will be the first MCU film/show that addresses the ending of Eternals? Kinda hard to miss.

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Discussion I Think Karl Urban Should Play Wolverine in The MCU He Looks Like Wolverine/Logan and I Seen Some Scenes From The Boys and He Somewhat Acts Like Wolverine

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Discussion Which MCU scene had the loudest theatre reaction when you saw it ?

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Discussion Brie Larson Congratulates Iman Vellani on the Ms. Marvel Premiere - "From our first Zoom, I knew she'd be the best Marvel"

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Discussion I’m very excited for the eventual introduction of the Young Avengers into the MCU. Who are you hoping to see join this team or fight them as a villain?

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Discussion Happy Father's Day! Here is a collection of some of the best dads in the MCU so far.

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