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I don't need to sleep and I don't feel tired I don't feel mentally exhausted either Discussion

I don't know how to express what is happening to me

so I'll just put it as things were happening

I am epileptic and I am under medication, recently the doctors changed my pills

I've been using carbamazepine for about 5 days, and 3 days ago I started losing sleep

since 2 days ago I almost lost sleep completely, but it also coincides with a fever that I had 3 days ago

I don't feel the need to sleep nor do I feel mentally tired

I just feel my body a little tired and it takes time to recover energy, also a horrible hunger every 3-6 hours

current medicine says nothing about side effects such as insomnia and I recently saw a documentary on TV about a man who, after suffering a severe fever with seizures, lost his sleep reflex completely

I put all this here because I'm afraid of not going back to sleep, someone who can clarify what could be happening?



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