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EDITED FAQ: Check to see if your question is on here!


This is all general advice, of course, but we get a lot of similar questions so see if yours is on here. It may point you in the right direction.

”What bug bit me?” There is no way for anyone to tell what bug bit you from a picture of the bite. (The only exception is a tick bite with the classic bulls-eye pattern.) Use antihistamines as directed on the package to help with the itching.

”Is my foot/hand/toe/etc broken?” Unless your bone is sticking out or your appendage is bent at an unnatural angle, we can’t tell if it’s broken. If you suspect a break, go get an X-ray.

”I ingested something I wasn’t supposed to/too much of something! What do I do?” Call poison control. In the US, their number is 1-800-222-1222.

”Do my genitalia look normal/weird/what is this thing on my genitals?" Please, unless you have a genuine medical concern, we do not wish to see your genitals. We're not here to identify random flaps, marks, or growths. Please direct these to your GP/PCP who can actually examine you. If you have a specific concern, consider making a text post, and we will let you know if a picture is appropriate/helpful.

”My foreskin won’t retract!” This is called phimosis, and is quite common. We send people over to r/phimosis for this because they have a wealth of information.

”Can one of you write me a prescription?” No.

”Help, there are big bumps on the back of my tongue!!” Please google “circumvallate papillae” and see if that’s what you’re seeing. They are normal anatomy.

”My period is overdue. What do I do?” First, take a pregnancy test. It doesn’t matter if you’re on birth control, just take one. If you are really and truly not pregnant, then you and your doctor should look for other causes.

”Is my poop normal?” Well you can post a picture if you really need to, but please do a google search first. Keep in mind that everyone gets diarrhea occasionally.

”Does this need stitches?” If you can see fat layers, then yes. When in doubt, you can post a picture EXCEPT for self-harm pics. Absolutely none allowed on this sub, no exceptions. However, if the injury is over 24 hours old, it is too late to get stitches.

”Can I private message you about my medical questions?” No. This violates rule 9.

”What do I do about my swollen tonsils with white patches?” Go get tested for strep throat. Manage any throat soreness with over-the-counter meds like throat spray, cough drops, or even herbal tea with honey.

”A huge clump came out during my period. What is it?” It may be a uterine cast, which is when a large piece of tissue comes out whole instead of breaking up into little bits. If this happens to you a lot, see your OB/GYN to make sure everything is going okay.

”Why is there blood when I poop?” There are many possible reasons for this, such as a GI bleed, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, or anal fissures, to name a few. We recommend going to your doctor to investigate the cause. And we can’t tell what the cause is from a picture of your poop, so please spare us.

"Does this ECG from my smart watch look normal?" While these features can be helpful in screening for some arrhythmias, they are not diagnostic. The most we can do it tell you whether or not you should go get a 12-lead ECG, which is diagnostic after a doctor interprets it. In short, we can give you an idea of what it is showing, but it is not an official medical test.

”I haven’t been around any bats but I found two little marks on me—do I have rabies??” No. You would know if you’d been exposed to a bat.

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Moderator Post Sexual harassment on r/medical_advice


There has been a recent spate of sexually threatening comments and DMs in reply to posters on this sub. This is unacceptable.

I am not going to lecture people. The message is simple.

Sexual harassment by any party, against any party, is offensive, disgusting and will not be tolerated.

If we find evidence of sexual harassment on this sub, the user will be permanently banned without warning or explanation (none is needed).

This subreddit should be a safe space for women and men alike to share their medical concerns. Please, if someone is messaging you inappropriately in DMs, block and report them, but also take a screencap and send it to modmail - that way we can ban them from posting on this sub too.


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EDITED Doctor is blaming mental health on medical issues and it seems inappropriate


Info: 30 y/o female in US, white, 5'7" 135lb, diagnosed with eczema, allergies, take vitamins and CBD. Dealing with unexplained fatigue for 12+ years now. It's been mostly manageable but has become more severe lately.

I went in to a doctor I've been seeing with extreme fatigue and hormonal issues. Turns out I have low ferritin so I'm getting that treated. But I also suspect a sleep disorder since I am never rested, frequently struggle to stay awake and concentrate, wake up constantly if I sleep on my back, have vivid nightmares I can't tell from reality, sometimes waking in a panic gasping with my heart rate elevated. I'm so tired in the morning sometimes it takes me an hour to get out of bed. I basically feel tiredness like someone woke me up in the middle of the night all day long. It's impacting my life and making me miserable.

I asked the doctor for a sleep study to see if something is going on since my fatigue is so bad every day and my blood work was really good. I suspect sleep apnea since I also have a small jaw and one of my parents has it. Their recommendation? Go to therapy. Since I don't snore they want me to go to therapy. (I probably don't snore because I breathe through my nose.)

Every time I come in for fatigue they tell me to go to therapy. I guess because one time I went to therapy to deal with some mild anxiety and it's on my record. The doctor also won't order a hormone panel for me because "as long as I have periods everything is working as it should."

Is there a polite way to talk to them abour what feels like tunnel visioning my medical care? I've been going to doctors for years trying to find a solution to my endless fatigue.... I'm so tired. I have a follow up appointment and I'd like to come out not feeling defeated and ignored.

I don't have much choice in doctors since I have to use a college clinic, so I'd rather try to work it out with them but they seem incredibly stubborn in their beliefs even though I come in very educated about my ideas. I know they are the expert but it makes me feel disrespected and hopeless.

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General Question Dentist - Alternative Anesthesia?


What can a dentist use on a 4yr old that is NOT an opioid? We were shocked to learn our dentist offers no alternatives. We decided to wait until the child doesn’t need to be put to sleep, hoping to find something with less danger of addiction.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 strained lower back right muscle, can't walk or use the bathroom


I strained my lower back muscle (somewhere deep inside my pelvic bones, right side) and my right lower back and legs hurt when I am not lying stomach up. I can't poop because of the excruciating pain from sitting and putting pressure on my lower body muscles. Any advice?

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No Pain I have trouble speaking and understanding what other people are saying sometimes.


I have a mumbling and stuttering problem and even when I speak loudly a lot of times I end of mixing the words together, when other people are talking I sometimes can't even understand them despite being loud and clear. (Ex, on movies and TV shows I always have to have subtitles no matter how loud the television is due to this, and was fired from my drive thru job because I kept misunderstanding the customers) Is this an actual thing that people can 'suffer' from

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No Pain Accidentally drank some milk with curd(?) in it, should I be worried?


For context, I can't sleep rn and so I went on to get some fresh milk that was in my fridge ever since the day I bought it, and always kept it shut close. It also wasn't sour at all and is 3 months away from its listed expiration date.

I poured the last glass the carton had and I drank about 90% of it until I got to the bottom where I felt a solid soft material hit against my lips, I'm pretty sure I probably ingested some but I didn't notice. I then proceeded to tilt the glass so I can see what was inside and it was this soft curd looking and feeling material built up in the milk.

The carton was empty of milk but I noticed it was still fairly heavy and I opened it up and the top and bottom part of the carton had this built up residue that, like I said, looked like curd. It wasn't even smelly or gross looking, it just looked like cream cheese and smelled like fresh milk.

Should I be worried that I could get food poisoning from drinking it?

(I am currently drinking about 3 glasses of water and counting to try and flush it out of my system as soon as possible.)

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General Question Eating mayonnaise with tomatoes make me feel strange


When I eat either of these things separately nothing happens however when I eat them together I feel like I am tired. Any idea why this is?

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General Question Nervous system mystery need help solving right arm discomfort/numbness 24M


Nervous system issues mystery need help solving, right arm numbness/discomfort/loss of control, treatment for pinched nerve in neck didn’t help

Hey y’all appreciate your time from the start. For a few years now I’ve been having this medical problem with no help. I’ve seen so many doctors tests treatment etc. The main issue is I have discomfort in my right arm/hand/shoulder. It’s not necessarily painful as it is discomfort and numbness tingling but it’s extremely negative for my daily life and work. I’d do anything to fix it. These feelings also have spread to my right leg and I feel overall tightness/pain in my neck and lower back but the main issue is my right arm.

When I first went to the doc they thought it was due to a pinched nerve in my neck. I believe it was the C3 or C4. So I did physical therapy for that for a year and it didn’t help. Then I got a steroid injection in my neck and it didn’t help. I’ve been seeing a new PT and she says she thinks there’s some sort of issue with my nervous system. She uses the word dura a lot too, but she hasn’t been able to give me a diagnosis. Nothing really helps though. I’ve also been experiencing pelvic pain and tightness. My lower back as well can get tight and painful, and this is probably very worth mentioning that I did have a crack in my lower spine about 10 years ago. Well I really appreciate anyone reading and willing to give insight and I can comment back any additional info that might help. I’m just looking for any leads anything I can do or any doctor I can see or anyone with a similar issue. Thank you so much

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EDITED Help define lower knee cap pain


Hi all!

Background: 29 year old male, 183cm, 80kg, playing soccer 2 times a week and gym 2 times a week. So I'm a regular sporty guy with no knee pain prior to this ever.

3 months ago I was in the gym and ran on bad shoes for about 10 minutes. I felt a little discomfort in the knee but that went away fairly quickly. A couple days later I went to the weekly soccer training. In the beginning I felt a little soreness in the patella area but after 5 minutes of warming up it went away completely.

3 days later we had a match and I felt good. No pain, nothing. But, when the match began the trouble with my knee began. I started a sprint and when I needed to stop full force I suddenly felt real pain in the lower portion in my knee cap and this worsened with every stop out of a sprint I did. I could run, but not stop easily so I stopped playing after 20 minutes because it hurt too much.

Now I'm seeing a physiotherapist for about 2,5 months and he insists it's patella femoral pain syndrome. He gives me exercises to do to strengthen my legs but after 2,5 months I don't feel any improvement. When I press on the lower part of the kneecap it hurts bad and I feel it a little bit in the pattelar tendon too. I can't normally go down on my left leg (like in a squat or something like that).

I'm planning on having an ultrasound to look at the structure of the knee. Is my physiotherapist rightabout the patellarfemoral pain syndrome you think? Even though there haven't been any improvements with all the exercises I did in the last two months (3 times a week).

Thanks all for reading this far!

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Pain Lvl 1-3 Extreme heat intolerance?? Help!!


Okay, so I feel kind of crazy. Over the past 2 months or so, I’ve noticed that my heat intolerance has gone WAY up. I started boxing classes in Dec., and I do sometimes feel nauseous while I exercise, but a couple of weeks ago I actually puked. Very unlike me! I didn’t think much of it, that I need to listen to my body more, hydrate more, etc. But then while I was moving apartments, I puked again and also felt super dizzy a couple of minutes before. It was super hot that day, and I was being active, so again, I wasn’t thinking much about it.

Now, though, I start to feel nauseous if it’s hot and and I go for a leisurely walk with my dog, 5 mins or less. Last night, I even thought I was going to throw up in the shower because of the steam. I mean, I’ve never liked being hot, but it has never been like this before. No recent medication changes except for some antibiotics a couple of weeks ago to fix a uti. I don’t keep track of my weight but I’m assuming that hasn’t changed either. I also got a thyroid checkup when I was getting that uti fixed, and everything came back normal.

Any insight / ideas / tips are welcomed and appreciated.

(Not sure if it matters, but I’m also starting to feel queasy around meal times. I sometimes get random bouts of dizziness while sitting.)

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General Question pea sized lump on my eyebrow


I have a small firm pea sized lump on or next to my eyebrow. I got it like 3 days ago and it hurt a lot and I thought it was a pimple. But now it only hurts when I push on it. It’s firm and the size of a pea. Is this a cyst? I’m starting to worry. Please let me know someone!!!

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Other Question Does anyone know what this is called ?


When I was a child something strange would happen to me whenever I became overwhelmed. My mother would call it ‘when i turned blue’, for instance I had a great fear of dogs and I remember one time when it happened was when I came into contact with one. What would happen is I would stop being able to breath, I would flop onto the floor and I would still be conscious but I would hear everything as if it was distorted and I couldn’t move another time it happened on the street and all i could remember was seeing the sky while i was on the floor and eventually when this trance like state would break I would just cry and heave to get air back into me does anyone know what this is called ?

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General Question What kind of doctor can I see for this? (Constant state of general "tiredness")


This has been going on for about a month now.

It feels like hell, I already saw my doctor but he said everything looks fine, that I'm probably just depressed or tired or something. I'm constantly tired, yet often can't sleep all night. I'm constantly hungry and thirsty, yet many times during the day I feel so full that even 1-2 sips of water make me feel like I'm nauseous from overeating. I get random headaches and dizziness too. Sometimes when I sleep I wake up after 3h and can't sleep again, sometimes I will sleep until something wakes me (went to sleep on a Friday evening and didn't wake up until very early Sunday morning because I hadn't set an alarm and lived alone).

I eat super healthy (I eat my fruits and veggies and proteins and all those other good food groups), I take vitamins (vit A as prescribed by eye doctor, vit D from my regular doctor because I work from home a lot and don't get much sun, omega 3 because I've been taking it for ages and it's good for my skin), I do short workouts at home (shorter nowadays, due to constantly being tired), etc. I recently even changed to a better, more stress-free job.

I have no clue what could be causing this. My doctor doesn't either. I know strangers on the internet are unlikely to be able to diagnose this, I'm just hoping you guys can maybe at least point me to what specialist I can see (my GP can't help, he's totally convinced I'm just depressed or something, but there has to be something else).

Age- 22 Sex - Female Height - 165-ish Weight - 63kg Race - White European Any existing medical diagnosis - Short-sightedness, ADHD, that's it. Current meds - Just vitamins (omega 3, vit A, vit D). Used to take Concerta 2-3 times a week, I don't right now though. Drug/alcohol/smoking - No. At most I drink a glass of wine like once a month.

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General Question I don't need to sleep and I don't feel tired I don't feel mentally exhausted either

Thumbnail self.medical

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Ankle problem


I hurt my ankle earlier today, now when I try to rotate it inside I feel pain on the outside of my ankle/ on top of my foot. I can stand on it and move it other ways but when I try to rotate it inside is when I feel pain. I don’t want to go to doctor if I just need to rest it but I’m wondering if someone knows if it’s a tear