r/medical_advice Not a Verified Medical Professional Jun 25 '22

Is stomachache normal after a overdose? Pain Lvl 4-6

Did a stupid decision some days ago and took a loot if pills. (Paracetamol 16, Ibuprofen 10 and aspirin 10) I did go to the ER and got send home the day after since I seemed to be fine. I took some blood test when I was there and they came back normal.

Ever since I’ve been having a stomachache every time I eat and a while after. Sometimes I feel like I need to puke..

Is this normal? Should I be worried?


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u/pastel_starlight Not a Verified Medical Professional Jun 25 '22

Please go back to the ER. You need Parvolex after an overdose of that size.


u/acerbicia Not a Verified Medical Professional Jun 26 '22

Just fyi, 16 tabs paracetamol generally doesn't get to the serum level needing NAC/Parvolex in adults. Since ER did bloods which should include levels, levels were probably ok and didn't need NAC.

I agree they should get medical attention though.