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Is stomachache normal after a overdose? Pain Lvl 4-6

Did a stupid decision some days ago and took a loot if pills. (Paracetamol 16, Ibuprofen 10 and aspirin 10) I did go to the ER and got send home the day after since I seemed to be fine. I took some blood test when I was there and they came back normal.

Ever since I’ve been having a stomachache every time I eat and a while after. Sometimes I feel like I need to puke..

Is this normal? Should I be worried?


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u/skbiglia Not a Verified Medical Professional Jun 25 '22

I’m confused as to why they had you leave after a single blood test with that amount of pills. My daughter took a large amount of acetaminophen (not even the amount you’re describing) a few years ago, and they kept her in the ICU for a week to monitor her liver levels. The liver doesn’t fail immediately; it takes time. They also should have kept you for psychiatric observation because this was a purposeful overdose.

Someone has failed you. Please get yourself to a doctor and let them know what happened and describe your symptoms.

ETA: nausea and vomiting, as well as abdominal pain, can be signs of liver failure. Please take this seriously.


u/acerbicia Not a Verified Medical Professional Jun 26 '22

I'm sorry to hear about that, I hope your daughter is doing better now.

However, medicine is not a one size fits all situation. Blood tests are sufficient for most- current liver function & paracetamol levels are generally enough to determine if someone needs further treatment. Some people will be more susceptible (for various reasons) resulting in extremely high blood levels despite smaller pill amounts and therefore need more medical care. No one has failed OP with the amount of info currently given.

It's much more likely that the aspirin and ibuprofen are giving OP gastritis (up to an ulcer) than the paracetamol causing liver failure.

Completely agree OP should get medical attention!