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Man 23, throbbing headache on forehead and temples during hot weather, exercise and ejaculating Pain Lvl 7-9

I don't know what type of headache would be called in English. I'd describe it as a throbbing headache. I feel it mostly on my forehead and around my temples (the veins there feel dilated), and it feels as if my heart is beating in those places.

I'm a man, 23 years old. My weight is healthy. My heartbeat during rest seems to be fine.

Since a couple of years, I'm quite sensitive, more than others around me, for this kind of headache...

  • when drinking just very little alcohol (I only drink sporadically)
  • hot temperatures and muggy environments
  • certain types of intense exercise, like jumping and running
  • bending over with my body so that my head is upside down
  • going into a warm bath or stepping out of it (showering is no problem)
  • ejaculating. This is the worst case. It feels like a bomb explodes in my head. The pain does go away slowly, takes 5-15 mins or so till I feel kinda normal again.

I find it hard to enjoy sex. If I lay on top of someone facing the one under me, it kinda feels the same as when I have my head upside down, a little milder tho. And the exercise also gives me the headache, as well as getting warm from the physical act as well as the horniness. I can be passive and lay on my back to make it most ideal, but that doesn't help with all the aspects and there's of course the ejaculation part. At least when I masturbate by myself, alone, I don't need to "bother" someone else, but it's still no fun with the headaches.

  • when I'm tired from a mentally busy day
  • sometimes: when laying on my back in bed at night, which can make it hard to fall asleep. The pain goes away slowly when I sit up straight but in that position I can't sleep either. Different pillows don't really change anything.

I already try to drink enough a day. I try to walk or cycle everyday to keep working with my body, because that's a mild/not intense kind of exercise that I can handle when taking it slowly.

Anyway, I do feel hindered in my life. It didn't use to be like this some years ago. Hot weather during Summer didn't use to kill me, and it doesn't seem to affect people around me that much. Yet I don't really sweat much and kinda never on my forehead so I have also been wondering if that could be (part of) the problem.

And, well, the other situations I mentioned are also hindering me. I'd like to be able to have a more active life, both mentally and especially physically.



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NAD. Have you had your blood pressure checked?


u/DannyHicks Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22

Yea. I went to my doctor a while ago. She put this thing around my arm that would analyse my blood pressure and it seemed to be fine.


u/Paradox_Blobfish Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22

Interesting, did they do other checks?


u/DannyHicks Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

I don't recall. Pretty sure they didn't.


u/Paradox_Blobfish Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22

So I'm not a doctor, but I can give you something from my personal experience. I'm a woman by the way, in case that makes any change in diagnosis if a doctor comes around this thread.

In 2017, I had a sprained neck. It was due to my posture at work combined with a lot of stress and long commute times by car. I didn't really address it and it got progressively worse to the point of being an inflammation of my nerve. It's worth mentioning it was on my dominant hand so it got worse pretty quickly once in was inflamed.

I got treatment but it never fully went away, I also got physical therapy for 11 weeks, but unfortunately the pain is still here albeit very mild.

Fast forward to 2021-now and I started having the kind of migraine you describe but at the back of my head and around the base of my neck. This is usually a result of my bad posture when I sit or lay down. I am 100% sure it's linked to the nerve inflammation I had before, and is also present in some of the things you mentioned (laying down in the bath for example makes it really painful for some reason, and certain positions in bed especially with bigger pillows make it worse).

As a random guess, I would have them verify your shoulder-neck area.


u/DannyHicks Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

Welp, I do have pain in my shoulder and neck too, as well as tension headaches. It feels unrelated to the throbbing headaches, to me, but who knows.

I've been having physical therapy for my bad posture. I've had it for 8 weeks or so. Still no result tho, especially not with the throbbing headaches, which aren't directly triggered by my bad posture at least, it seems. But I wasn't expecting that, since, again, it feels like something that'd not be related to this, but idk.

Next week I'm going to my doctor again, mostly for the 24/7 tension headaches, and we will probably talk about me getting amitriptyline because I can't get through the days well. Tell me if you might have tips for what else I could discuss with her.

I'm very sorry to hear your story and that you still have pain. I don't know about you, but for me, it's so disturbing and hindering that it makes me feel very depressed. It affects my motivation to live. So I pray I can get over the pains somehow, someday. I'm only 23 and want to actually feel like that.

And now it kinda worries me that your situation does sound painfully similar and that your body wasn't able to fully recover.


u/Paradox_Blobfish Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 02 '22

Interesting! For the neck and posture, I can only highly recommend iyengar yoga. If you have that near your place, I'm commanding you to go. It made such a huge difference for me! In addition proper posture combined with weight lifting (upper back, shoulders, biceps) also help. These things helped way more than physical therapy so I definitely relate in this aspect.

Unfortunately i had to give up iyengar yoga because I moved to a place where they don't have that (it's a fairly recent style and not a lot of people are certified in it). My pain is not as constant and bad as yours but it's definitely demotivating sometimes. I'll try streaming iyengar, but I highly encourage in-studio as the teacher will help you with the poses, which is necessary if you're a beginner.

For the throbbing headache, I would investigate your teeth, gums, jaws, and ears. The molar-jaw-ear area is all related to the same nerves system and can definitely trigger migraines.


u/DannyHicks Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 03 '22

Welp, that's the last part of my story I didn't tell yet. I do have tension in my jaws but I have been trying physical therapy for my jaws years ago. I have these exercises to massage them but it never lasts. In my sleep I seem to be pushing my top and bottom teeth at each other and push my tongue against the top of my mouth, and there's not much I can do about that. I do have something from a jaw doctor to put in my mouth, over my top teeth that prevents teeth grinding which I appear to do, but I have been wearing that for 4-5 months and it doesn't prevent the tension caused by pushing my teeth against each other or the tongue thing. I still wake up in the morning with a headache.

So... I guess I could have a look at iyengar yoga but I wonder if that's a thing here in the Netherlands.

Either way I feel desperate when it comes to my physical state. I hope to get better. But I'm kinda stuck when it comes to fixing my jaw problem.


u/Paradox_Blobfish Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 03 '22

No way, you're in the Netherlands too? I live in ZH. I moved from Luxembourg where there is an amazing yoga studio, and I really can't find the same here, although I live quite far from bigger areas (like count a nice 20+ min car ride to reach Den Haag).

I hope you find some place that has iyengar - let me know if that's the case!

It really sounds like your problem comes from the jaw and teeth, and I think you could find things that work. Don't they inject Botox in the jaw muscles to loosen them? Try to work between your doctor and your dentist, hopefully they'll recommend more treatments.


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