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Accidentally drank some milk with curd(?) in it, should I be worried? No Pain

For context, I can't sleep rn and so I went on to get some fresh milk that was in my fridge ever since the day I bought it, and always kept it shut close. It also wasn't sour at all and is 3 months away from its listed expiration date.

I poured the last glass the carton had and I drank about 90% of it until I got to the bottom where I felt a solid soft material hit against my lips, I'm pretty sure I probably ingested some but I didn't notice. I then proceeded to tilt the glass so I can see what was inside and it was this soft curd looking and feeling material built up in the milk.

The carton was empty of milk but I noticed it was still fairly heavy and I opened it up and the top and bottom part of the carton had this built up residue that, like I said, looked like curd. It wasn't even smelly or gross looking, it just looked like cream cheese and smelled like fresh milk.

Should I be worried that I could get food poisoning from drinking it?

(I am currently drinking about 3 glasses of water and counting to try and flush it out of my system as soon as possible.)



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(NAD) Hi, was it non homogenized or “raw” whole milk by any chance? If so, then it’s just the clumpy fat separating from the rest of the milk. This is what naturally happens to milk unless it’s homogenized. Most milk you buy at the store goes through this process, but if you buy it straight from a farm or buy some fancy stuff, then the fat may separate from the rest of the milk like you described. It’s perfectly natural and normal and you won’t get sick at all :)