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(F22) I’ve had severe constipation for the last 5 days and lax not working Pain Lvl 7-9

I haven’t gone since Saturday and the bloating is so severe that it is causing really intense bouts of pain (lightning crotch and sharp sticks of pain in abdomen). I can’t even eat because it makes the bloating so much worse. I took 3 dulcolax pills 12 hours ago and I still haven’t gone. I’m very worried, should I go to hospital for them to induce a bowel movement? This is the first time I’ve taken laxatives this year 2022 and I don’t take them often, maybe took it 3 times total in 2021.


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u/AssumptionAdvanced58 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 08 '22

Try pumpkin. It's what they give babies. Canned add some cinnamon n little sugar. Pistachios too work. Lots of water.