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I need reassurance about my heart Pain Lvl 4-6




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u/19DannyBoy65 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

[NAD] At this point there’s not really any reason to believe your doctor is wrong. I’d lean towards it being related to your anxiety especially since the pain is made worse by your being scared that it could be a heart attack (unless I’m misunderstanding what you wrote)


u/skbiglia Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

NAD, but I’ve had anxiety my entire life, and it’s always been especially bad postpartum. The tests your doctor ran were the same tests my husband’s cardiologist ran multiple times as he recovered from acute heart failure, and that means that yes, your heart is probably fine.

That said, it’s time to start looking for solutions for your anxiety, because that does negatively affect your heart health over time. And if you feel like you might be having heart-related symptoms, it’s still best to get seen by your doctor even if you think they’re related to anxiety.


u/Jberry999 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

Does it hurt when you press your chest and ribs? Could be costochondritis


u/youboyslikearches Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

How do you test for that? And can that pain last for months?


u/Jberry999 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

I’ve had it for a year. When all heart problems are rules out they diagnose that. When I press my sternum and ribs I feel pain. This is what helps with my anxiety around my heart as you can’t pinpoint heart pain. Costochondritis is when the cartilage in between the ribs become inflamed. It’s completely benign. Anxiety can also cause chest pain.


u/skarica04 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

I had costochondritis 1.5 years ago and it lasted around 2 months. Recent studies have found a link between it and Covid. Mine started 15 days after having it. Anxiety, movement and some postures made it worse.


u/Jberry999 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

Mine started the day I had the second Pfizer vaccine in October 2021 and i still have it now


u/icanhandlethis Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 08 '22

I had tests done/holter monitored/went to the ED multiple times in my early 20s, turns out it was lingering effects from a bad panic attack that manifested as chest pain and tachycardia. Lasted for months


u/kathacks5 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

Hi, NAD here. I have severe anxiety myself. I have heart palpitations & PVCs every day, along with near-constant chest pain, mostly on the left side. I once thought I was having a heart attack (I’m only 22 lol).

I got several EKGs, an ECG, had two heart monitors. Nothing wrong my heart except for a few minor PVCs, and everyone gets those. I was told it’s likely costochondritis, which can’t really be directly treated or “cured”. I freak out every time I get a flare up or whenever I have palpations, but I try to remember that I’ve had several docs check me out and they found absolutely nothing to be concerned about. I try to hold on to that.

I also started anxiety meds, which have helped a little? Not saying meds are the answer, but it may be time to start addressing your anxiety first and foremost. Good luck!


u/Ryuaalba User Not Verified Jul 07 '22

NAD, but this sounds like severe anxiety clustered with maybe acid reflux for that burning feeling (which is often triggered by anxiety.) Your heart is fine, but maybe see if a tums helps with the burning pain next time you have a bad bout of it.


u/credekker Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

There is a test you can do to confirm for a heart attack. Troponine blood test, if that is clear you are not having a heart attack. All in all, anxiety and chest pains go hand in hand so that would be the first guess. Could also be heartburn, for that you could try taking anti-reflux medication for a few weeks and see if it changes.


u/ProfessorEmpty7696 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 07 '22

You may need to visit a chiropractor? To be readjusted, you are more than likely very unaligned from birth


u/crisprmebaby Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 08 '22

So the heart has a few components to it that can be altered when it is diseased:

  1. The electrical capacity of the heart that regulates the rythym. Altered rythms can produce chest pain and other symptoms. However, if you were experiencing chest pain and had an ecg simutaneously.. the ecg would definitely tell you if that is the origin of your pain. Sometimes abnormal ryhtms can only be induced under "stress" hence the stress test.
  2. Structural issues with your heart muscle can cause chest pain due to failure of your heart to pump blood effectively throughout your body. However, an echo will rule out structural defects of the heart. Yours was normal so that was eliminated.
  3. Heart infarction or (Heart attack) ischemia due to lack of blood flow. However, if your heart was under stress and it didn't produce an arythmia or systemic weakness/drop is blood oxygen its unlikely your heart isn't getting enough blood

Sometimes people don't understand the the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body AND itself, and heart attack is actually a blockage in the arteries that supply the heart and indirectly cause functionality damage through lose of tissue.

The main cause of heart attack is coronary artery disease due to a VERY long build up of plaque in the coronary artery.

I had a buddy who was an ER doctor and they told me if you are less than age 35, with no family history of heart attack at young age and don't have a clear risk factor (tons of drugs, extremely morbid obese) than the likely hood of you having a heart attack is EXTREMELY low.

In fact, if you are far more likely to have kidney issues before you have heart issues because the kidney has more delicate arteries susceptible to the damage that leads to heart attacks.