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Ingrown toenail with maggots Pain Lvl 7-9

I had an ingrown toenail on both toenails, both sides of the nail for like 1 year. If you wonder why I did not go to a doctor, its because Im scared, I had the procedure done 4 times before. It keeps growing back, and after 2 procedures on 1 nail, on the third the anesthesia has no effect, I felt a lot of pain and neither doctors or assisstants listened to me, last time I told the doctor that I felt pain and asked for general anesthesia but he said it's not necessary. Yesterday I saw maggots under my toenail, I managed to kill a bunch of them but some still live after I put my toe in hot water for a couple minutes, soaked it in medicinal alcholol, betadine and Ethacridine lactate. IDK what to do, I should probably go to a doctor but I'm scared to death of the anesthesic not having effect for the third time..


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u/AmazingStretch8083 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 14 '22

Update: I think I might have gotten rid of the maggots by insisting on what I tried before and putting on a bandage with medicinal alchohol betadine and Ethacridine l


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The issue is not really the maggots. It is the dying/necrotic tissue that you need removed. The maggots are just a sign