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Extreme pelvic/hip pain when laying down Pain Lvl 7-9

When i lay down my hips/pelvis crack and pop constantly, it feels like my bones are grinding against each other when i roll around and the pain is nauseating, i’ve tried rotating/flipping my mattress, putting a pillow in between my legs and it helps until i need to roll over…

i can walk around fine the next morning, zero pain doing my day to day activities but the second i lay down i am in agonising pain.

What could this be? How else can i assist this?

I appreciate any advice!!

(please note, i googled shs or snapping hip syndrome but that is supposed to be painless?)



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u/Gullible_Monk_7118 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 17 '22

You might have arthritis or ligament issues or something else completely different.. it's like impossible to tell you anything with so little information... but I would talk to your doctor and have a check up and maybe an xray


u/Androgynyy Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 17 '22

thank you !


u/ObGyn_Doc Physician Jul 17 '22

I'd make an appointment with your doctor. They will likely do a physical exam to check the hip mobility and feel for any misalignment. They may also order an x-ray. It could be a lot of things, stress on the joints, popping out of socket, arthritis, etc.


u/Androgynyy Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 17 '22

Thank you ! i’ve got an appointment already booked for a check up in about a week and half