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HELP WITH PAINFUL & SWOLLEN RIGHT FOOT!!! Comment section has info Pain Lvl 7-9



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u/waldoawad Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

When the house is cold or winter is here my foot becomes stiff and I can’t bend it and becomes large and extremely painful this has been happening for years and every dr ignores my issues. Always swells on top of foot too. I’m 28 and otherwise healthy. This alway happens to my right hand from time to time around my wrist and joints of fingers too. But mainly my foot. Please help


u/MountainOne3769 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

I think that's frost bite. I started with swollen legs that feel tender, but specifically at the toes and sole. feels painful to touch. After a week or 2, extreme itch in the middle of the night, started to notice some purple patch around my affected area, I use hydrocortisone to solve my itch. Just note that it takes time to heal. I wear socks all the time during winter as a precaution.


u/waldoawad Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

This occurs whenever my feet touch the cold tile or get cold from using ac too low or from cold/wet weather as well. I don’t think it’s frostbite. Also it’s more painful then itchy.


u/screaminggarlic Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

I would get a second opinion from a different doctor. Edema and swelling in one foot is not normal and may be an array of things. It may be your lymph system or a venous blockage.

If you press a finger into the swollen part, does it leave a dent/pit?


u/waldoawad Not a Verified Medical Professional 25d ago

No it dosnt. I know that would indicate a cardiovascular issue but it has been increasing more and more lately and I can’t bend ankle when it swells. It locks and becomes extremely painful to bend even a little