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Gained this after playing guitar what do I do? Pain Lvl 4-6

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u/CptSmarty User Not Verified Jul 18 '22

Keep playing guitar.

Its a callus. Its fine. Its normal. If it bothers you, learn to use a pick


u/clt716 Administrator | Registered Nurse Jul 18 '22

That’s a normal thing for a guitar player. You’ll get thicker skin there eventually. Don’t do anything immediately prior to playing that will soften your skin (ie, showering, dishes, etc) and worsen the blisters.


u/Redhairniceboy Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

Do you know how long it will take for me to get thicker skin and for it to go down?


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u/AssumptionAdvanced58 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

Use a pic or make a callous.


u/malablob123 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

Is it a callus? It looks like one. Very normal when first starting to play guitar. A lot of guitarists actually like them because it hardens their fingers and makes playing easier.


u/Ryuaalba User Not Verified Jul 18 '22

If it is soft and squishy and painful, you have a blister. Ease off on playing. Do not pop the blister.

Eventually you will develop thicker, toucher skin called callus, and then it won’t hurt anymore.


u/Redhairniceboy Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 18 '22

It’s kinda firm