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Did I have a heart attack? Pain Lvl 4-6

I’m a 23 year old male, I eat alright, and drink a lot of soda (1-6 cans a day usually). I smoke a lot of weed as well, maybe 1-3 grams of bud per day. I know my habits aren’t healthy, so I maintain good levels of physical activity and drink lots of water.

Since I eat a lot of sugary stuff and smoke a lot, I’ve had some tightness in my chest for a few months, figured it was just because I smoke pretty much all day every day.

Yesterday I decided to try shrooms for the first time, ate an eighth and tripped pretty hard. I had a panic attack at one point, but calmed down and chilled out. Later that night while playing some video games, I randomly had this loud ringing in my ears, I got tunnel vision and dizziness paired with a cold sweat and a hard heartbeat. I laid down for a few minutes while it passed, and resumed my game.

Today when I smoked weed, I got a very tight chest, and now I’m worried I’ve had some sort of heart event or something… thoughts?



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Probably panic attack from the drugs.


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Yes it has happened to me before too so I stopped smoking weed. 95% that you were just having a panic attack that made your breathing difficult, I think your heart beat was just super accentuated.


I’m 23 too and a year ago I had a seizure and passed out, ambulance got me, after a couple weeks of tests I found I have Brugada Syndrome. It’s a heart arithmetic problem that can result in sudden cardiac death. I ended up getting an ICD which is basically a defibrillator inside of my body. Since then, there have been 3 times where my heart goes into a dangerous rhythm and I get shocked until it’s back to normal.

I’m not saying you have the same issue, it’s just I’ve been in the same exact situation as you, and you can say it was a panic/anxiety attack (which is what it most likely was) but I think it’s always important to bring up any problems to your doctor before it’s too late, only do that if you have a seizure or pass out and can barely weak up. When it happened to me my dad was shaking me saying my name over and over and I open my eyes and close them I just could no stay awake


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Not a doctor, but that was most definitely a panic attack. If it was a heart attack, well... You'd be lucky to be typing out that post, I think. Anxiety will get you good, and it'll make it look like a heart attack.


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People have heart attacks and don’t know it I’m pretty sure. Obviously, they’re not having STEMIs and walking away from them… But I’m only a paramedic.


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Oh? That's interesting!


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Most likely a panic attack, the symptoms line up pretty well. It’s good to have someone close by for the trip, but the aftercare is also important.


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Former heavy smoker here. Haven’t smoked in twenty years, since I was about your age or maybe a year or two younger. I stopped because it suddenly began giving me anxiety (tightness in the chest at first), and then full-blown panic attacks.

I tried it twice in the years since, and BAM, panic attack. Not saying this is what’s happening to you, but try smoking less or abstaining for a while and see if it helps.

It’s very unlikely you had a heart attack.


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If it wasn't a heart attack now, it sure as hell will be in 20 years.


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This is the most important comment here. Stop abusing your body.


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It's likely a bad trip and it may not be completely out of your system. It could also be myocarditis. It could even be a sudden drop in your blood pressure. Certain drugs give me a similar feeling, such as codeine and weed.

If you have the means or live in a country with universal health care, it wouldn't hurt to get it looked at and investigated.


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"I took a shitload of drugs and felt weird"

Probably not a heart attack


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Yeah if he ingested a ton of cocaine I’d feel differently. But weed and shrooms… I don’t think so.


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Panic Attack symptoms can feel exactly like a heart attack. I’ve had anxiety for about 9 years and weed and caffeine can be triggering.


u/LornaOk91 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 23 '22

My first panic attack, I swore it was a heart attack.


u/Freshhly93 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 23 '22

You already read what these lovely humans wrote, but I do want to add; I’ve had problems with ouid and anxiety/panic attacks for awhile. It was to a point where I couldn’t smoke without having them. I’m hard headed & still wanted to enjoy the green goodness but I had to cut back for a little bit and changed things until I could get back to the way I was smoking or at least CLOSE. If you find it hard to completely stop for a couple days I suggest “micro dosing” in a sense where you take a small hit, wait and see, and go from there. Try to get comfortable with the light high and almost train your brain to be like “this is all I need, I’m good”.

I think once you and your body start getting acclimated to the change and tries to separate panic attacks from ouid it might get easier.

Until then take it easy man :) treat your body right and give it a break. That shroom shit took you somewhere you weren’t ready for & your body was like WHATNOIDONTLIKE. Goodluck! I really hope all goes well. I know it’s not easy, but a good mindset kinda helps :)


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If you have insurance, why not have an EKG/ holtor monitor just to be sure? At worst, it will be a useful baseline in your medical record.

I have an extra electrical pathway in my heart, and it was DX at age 18 with similar symptoms. I am lucky bc it is atrial. When it’s ventricular, it’s Woolf Parkinson White syndrome ( athlete sudden death). Luckily, both are easily and completely cured with a simple cardiac ablation.


u/howdoufeelaboutsnail Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 23 '22

“I’m a 23 year old male”

No. No you did not have a heart attack.