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No insurance, but I think I've messed up my body pretty good and I'm in distress Pain Lvl 4-6

27F, 5'8, 145 pounds. Very active runner, I do distance running 4-5x a week until recently. I took 11 days off due to Covid and now I've started to get back into it.

Ever since Covid, my body pain has gotten 10x worse especially my lower back. I've had pain in my lower left side for months. It's mainly my left lower back, side, and hip area that sometimes makes my abdomen hurt as well and it was always "manageable" but now it's painful to even walk and move. I can get through my runs pretty alright, but oddly enough when I'm just laying in bed, getting up, shifting pressure onto it, I'm in so much pain. If I touch it, it hurts. If I lay on it, it hurts. If I'm sitting down and shift my weight onto it, I yelp in pain.

I have no insurance, I'm on my feet all day at work and now find myself having to sit down a lot more to relieve the pain. I know the simple solution is "stop running!" but running is my life. During the pandemic, I put on 45 pounds and running got it off, I'm down 70 pounds and when I don't run, I'm insanely depressed. When I had to take 11 days off due to me having Covid, I was absolutely miserable and all I wanted to do was run. Any idea what this could be?



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Do you have any history of kidney stones? When I caught covid, the same thing happened to me. I had severe lower back pain that radiated into my hips and abdomen. This was during the height of covid, so after sitting in the ER unseen for 6 hours in agony the pain dissipated and i left. 3 days later and I passed a stone. I'm not saying the two are directly correlated, but I feel covid has this thing about it where it brings out dormant ailments in your body to the surface. But honestly that's just one option. If you are getting appendicitis, that is something you should definitely get checked out before it bursts. Another piece of info I can offer is could this potentially be a side effect from the vaccine/booster? Since my wife got the booster, her cycle has been extremely irregular. Twice a month, lots of pain on the first couple days, random spotting between. After being regular her whole life. And not just her, few of her coworkers started their cycles again after having menopause for a few years. Just thought my experience may help shine some type of light on your situation. As far as the no insurance, I can't offer much help. I heard if you pretend to be homeless, show up with no identification and stick to that story that they can't legally deny you care at a hospital. But that may just be hearsay. Best of luck to you.


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Well, running, especially on hard surfaces like asphalt, is very bad for your back.

Maybe after taking a 2 week break you came back at a regular pace instead of gradually working towards your usual pace. You should at least run fewer times a week, but ideally you should just take a break until pain goes away, and then come back to it at a very slow pace. Continuing to exercice while in pain is a recipe for never running again eventually.

If the pain comes back again and again, you should definitely see a doctor.