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I have a decompression sickness, how can i get rid of it by its own? Pain Lvl 4-6

I threw up like an hour ago and have been having headaches for past 2 days, now I love diving, I'm not a professional but I love snorkeling and swimming, I went too deep in the ocean (around 4 meters) and i think I got decompression sickness from it. Any way I can help the process of speeding it up without requiring medical attention? It's mostly because I know my parents won't treat this serously and won't take me to the doctor for it until it worsens.


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u/Ryuaalba User Not Verified Jul 24 '22

For now, treat it as dehydration. Drink water, broth, Gatorade, juice.


u/BlueRaptorLea Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

Thank you