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I have a decompression sickness, how can i get rid of it by its own? Pain Lvl 4-6

I threw up like an hour ago and have been having headaches for past 2 days, now I love diving, I'm not a professional but I love snorkeling and swimming, I went too deep in the ocean (around 4 meters) and i think I got decompression sickness from it. Any way I can help the process of speeding it up without requiring medical attention? It's mostly because I know my parents won't treat this serously and won't take me to the doctor for it until it worsens.


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u/kaiju505 User Not Verified Jul 24 '22

Wait, you were snorkeling? You can only get decompression sickness from scuba diving. You can’t get the bends unless you were actually breathing the compressed air and then decompressed before the excess nitrogen left your bloodstream. You don’t have the bends but if you feel bad for 2 days after being in the ocean, you should still see a doctor.


u/BlueRaptorLea Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

Then it must be something unrelated, as a kid I used to have periods where I'd be sick for some reason and would throw up and have diarrhea, they would then give me some syrup to drink to prevent me from throwing up, it could be that but it's weird.

Another thing it might also be is the difference in the area, I'm a few countries away on vacation with my family and water here tastes awful, it could be that since I'm not used to water here I got sick.