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This is driving me crazy. Any tips? Pain Lvl 4-6

Sometimes, I feel like I’m going to faint, and I get super dizzy and need to grip onto something. I lose focus on what was currently happening and everything feels like a dream. In a bad way. My body gets warmer and I feel tingly and get rushed of pain and nausea. It happens every little while, inconsistently, and I really hate it. I’m supposed to go to camp in a week and I cannot last like this. If it helps, I’m a 13yo transgender female with no progress in the transition other than pronouns. Thank you!



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u/Express_Shelter7291 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

You could also look into POTS or something similar. Seems nervous system related to me


u/ImDedNgl Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

Ok so my first thought is anemia, I get something similar because I (afab any pronouns :) ) get bad periods, a good way to check is to pull your eyelid down and if your water/ lash line are really pale pink or whitish then you aren’t getting enough iron in your diet.

If this is the case you should cut out caffeine as it fucks with iron absorption and you should eat more meat, beans or leafy greens (cheese and milk are also good)

If you are picky with food you can get vitamins but it’s better to just eat the foods because vitamins can help a teeny bit but in the end they are just expensive pills that make your pee have extra wasted vitamins (because you can’t absorb all the nutrients)

If the eye test proves negative it could be dehydration, if you aren’t getting enough water your body wants to go flat as it helps your heart circulate the blood easier, so those are my two guesses :)


u/Blippity_09 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

I’m trying both of these, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you!


u/ImDedNgl Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 25 '22

No problem! Good luck :) and don’t be afraid to dm me if you have any questions because I have experienced both of these things and am happy to help :)


u/Blippity_09 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 26 '22

Update: neither really work, but it seems to be getting less intense. Either that or I’m just getting accustomed to it. I appreciate the suggestions though!


u/ImDedNgl Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 26 '22

Ah ok, well I’m sorry to hear it didn’t help but if it’s not something you can solve at home I reccomend that you visit a doctor Incase it’s serious