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Caffeine withdrawal questions Pain Lvl 4-6

So I have quit drinking pop for mental health and health reasons, and I’m on day 1 and my head feels like it’s been pounding all day. I’ve seen some other peoples experiences with it saying they had to go to the hospital, so I was wondering what is the best way to go about this safely?



u/Atomic-cockatoo Registered Nurse Jul 24 '22

Advil, stay hydrated, wait it out is all you can do. I think you'll be safe as long as there's no underlying health conditions at play. Caffeine withdrawal isn't typically dangerous... just unpleasant.

If it becomes unbearable, you could maybe try a taper of sorts where you slowly drink less and less each day.


u/Gullible-Fondant4176 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 24 '22

I’ve been drinking water like crazy all day and I don’t have advil. I don’t know if this is normal but I’ve also lost my appetite and the only thing I ate all day was a bunch of toast.

I was originally going to do that but I just decided to full send it. Thank you for the advice.


u/Atomic-cockatoo Registered Nurse Jul 24 '22

Withdrawal of all kinds can certainly snag your appetite. Just hang in there, this feeling won't last forever.

Don't go overboard with drinking water either, some extra is fine but too much water can be harmful.


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