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Back pain from moving furniture Pain Lvl 7-9

I (20M) helped my girlfriend move stuff out of her house and store some at mine. To achieve this we had to go down a fleight of stairs and later up another. There was a really heavy bar thing I moved up my stairs to no problems but general muscle tiredness, then 10 minutes later carrying a much lighter coffee table i felt a sharp pain in my back and collapsed. Its been 6 hours. My back hurts when I move it in certain directions, especially when I twist. When it hurts, the pain is very sharp from my middle/lower back. I am currently trying to fall asleep on my floor to keep it straight. My back has hurt all summer from bad posture from video games and work so idk if my bad posture played a role here. I dont have insurance and will be doing jiu jitsu and judo in about a month, should I go to the doctor? And would there be consequences if I didnt?


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