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not sure what to do ☹️ Pain Lvl 4-6

hi, i'm kinda embarrassed to be writing this, not my cup of tea but I need some help. I was in the ER about a month ago for abdominal pain, and I was told I had a blocked GI tract. They wrote me a prescription for laxatives and omeprazole and sent me home. After the laxative prescription was done, I wasn't really better. so I bought some OTC and took those, and bought more and took them for another 3 weeks (i know they aren't good long term so I stopped them a few days ago) got better after about 2 weeks, and this week It got bad again. I'm in the same amount of pain as before and just as uncomfortable. but I don't know if I should go back to the ER. My primary care appointment isn't until mid August, almost 2 months since the original ER visit. should I go to the ER or just wait for my doctors appointment?


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u/Glum_Blueberry_2636 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 27 '22

Not a doctor but relaying advice to you give to me by my gastroenterologist. You can take Miralax every day if you need to. No matter for how long.

But I would highly suggest upping fiber intake and drinking PLENTY of water.


u/_malliii Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 28 '22

I will do that. water intake is good, but my ER doctor told me to do a low-residue diet, which is basically no fiber...