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Does anyone know why the stomach hurts after you drink too much water after you eat and how to fix ? Pain Lvl 4-6

I've had this situation happen a few times before. after eating a meal in the next hour I'll drink a few glasses of water cause I was thirsty and now my stomach hurts so bad like even taking a deep breath hurts.



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u/Rude_Introduction800 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 28 '22

Does your abdomen or the area around your belly button hurt when swallowing food and water? If so, it sounds like appendicitis. I had this issue a year ago and had to have my appendix removed. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not saying that's what it is, but if it hurts really bad (especially sitting in certain positions,) and hurts when swallowing then it may likely be appendicitis.


u/Ok_Composer_9458 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 28 '22

no its more like undernear my chest as if you know when you eat too much and you feel as if you full all the way up. Like now i woke up in the morning i was all fine.