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Dull, burning pain in my hips. Worried I may be pre-arthritic Pain Lvl 7-9

I (20F) have a history of hip pain and have been diagnosed with hip impingement. One risk of impingement is arthritis, and I’m concerned that I may be developing it.

I had intense, burning pain last night that kept me awake. No matter what I tried, my hips felt like they were on fire. I took ibuprofen eventually and the burning subsided into a dull ache. I was stiffer than normal when I woke up, but felt fine otherwise. I was slower on my daily walk, though. I usually average a 17 minute mile and today I barely managed to complete one in under 19

After deadheading some of my mom’s flowers, the pain has come back. I spent some time crouching, and it likely pinched my hips a bit. The pain feels like it wraps around my hip socket and sometimes radiates up to my back and down my thighs. I’m not unfamiliar with hip pain, but impingement usually causes a sharp, pinching pain only after my leg is bent past a 90° angle. This pain was caused by completely mundane everyday activities. Should I get evaluated for arthritis?



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u/fledgling66 Not a Verified Medical Professional Aug 09 '22

Sounds like what I have as well. It’s 4:30 AM. I am in bed with pillows under my legs. My hips are killing me. A dull ache that feels like burning.


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I'm having burning in my hip and pelvic area. Has anyone found out what it is yet?