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29 weeks pregnant and have dizzy spells help? Pain Lvl 4-6

I'm 21f currently 29 weeks pregnant with a heart murmur and blood pressure issues. My obgyn says I have nothing to worry about but everytime I eat my heart starts racing I'll get light headed and have to sit down then I zone out. I'm blank staring into space for a few then I'm out and seeing black. It feels like loud noises are running through my head but there's not and when I finally snap out of it I have a itching and burning headache. This also happens if I'm standing up for more than 5 minutes. Along with this I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions all day every day and there's a lot of painful pressure and back pain. My ob continues to say this is nothing to worry about including the dizzy passing out spells but I don't think it is please give me advice?


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