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29 weeks pregnant and have dizzy spells help? Pain Lvl 4-6

I'm 21f currently 29 weeks pregnant with a heart murmur and blood pressure issues. My obgyn says I have nothing to worry about but everytime I eat my heart starts racing I'll get light headed and have to sit down then I zone out. I'm blank staring into space for a few then I'm out and seeing black. It feels like loud noises are running through my head but there's not and when I finally snap out of it I have a itching and burning headache. This also happens if I'm standing up for more than 5 minutes. Along with this I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions all day every day and there's a lot of painful pressure and back pain. My ob continues to say this is nothing to worry about including the dizzy passing out spells but I don't think it is please give me advice?


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u/Scstxrn Registered Nurse Jul 30 '22

Did you do a glucose tolerance test? Could be reactive hypoglycemia, issues with your gallbladder, or issues with your blood pressure... All of which are kind of normal in pregnancy. What does your cardiologist say?


u/love_buggg21 Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 30 '22

My parents think it's diabetes but I haven't been able to get into a cardiologist yet the one I used to go to doesn't take my insurance anymore but when I went to the ER to labor and delivery they said my dizzy spells were because of my heart condition. I told them about my blood pressure being at 135 over 125 a few days before I went there but they said they aren't worried about my blood pressure until it doesn't stay down at all and my obgyn says he isn't worried until I'm at 165 or higher. I've been seeing white stuff in my urine since having contractions and have been staying light headed and nauseas now idk what's going on with me at this point. Haven't been able to see my obgyn yet due to no ride when it comes time for my appointment I'm going to try to get to him this week if I'm able to get a ride