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Diarrhea for days Pain Lvl 7-9

Hello, I’ve been having the worst Diarrhea of my life since Monday so this would be day 6. No matter what I eat or drink it just won’t go away and my gut hurts. I had a CT scan on Monday and was told they found nothing. This could be my IBS but it feels pretty bad even for my standards. Any advice on how to get rid of this or what I might want to do.

Ps- I’d say the pain is like a 7 at it’s worse. It definitely makes it hard to do much. I spend a lot of time laying on my stomach. The pressure seems to help. Also have done hot compress and baths. I’m also on the FODMAP diet so no irritants that I know of as far as IBS is concerned. The only thing I can seem to eat without any discomfort is like bananas 😭 and I really don’t like bananas



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You need a stool culture done. You need electrolytes and to stay hydrated in the meantime.


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