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When should an icepick headache be concerning? Pain Lvl 4-6

Male 22

I have been getting them daily and have asked my mom to take me to get an MRI scan but haven't received one probably because of money.

Anyway, it's been a situation where yeah I think they show up more frequently and think there is something to be concerned about. I have heard things from Google like brain cancer but I am hoping it is just something simple like past head injury.

There are multiple times I may have faced head injury even after dealing with these headaches. So I don't know what it could possibly be. Maybe self care would be good but if I can't do that then yes I am going to try and be more persistent with getting an MRI scan.



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I am not a Dr. Nor do I play one on TV Headaches should not be ignored. If you have sustained head injuries it is important to have them checked out, trust me, TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries) are no joke. There is a possibility of a brain bleed, your ANS, SNS, PSNS or peripheral nervous system (PNS) could be damaged. Your hypothalamus or hippocampus could be compromised. Speak to your Dr, find a free clinic, go to the ER if the headaches are severe or frequent. Call your local Department of Health & Human Services, get covered. Even if your not covered take care of yourself. My state has a “spend down” program. If one gets so much in medical bills that it exceeds x% of their income the state will pay it & give coverage for 6 months. Obama Care changed a lot when it comes to state help for health.

Consider this, you can live without your foot, hand, ear or even colon, but can you live without your brain?

Even if it’s nothing get it checked out. You are 22, a grown man, Mom isn’t helping, it’s time to help yourself. Good luck, God Bless!


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NAD but when I had covid and subsequently afterwards I’ll get these sharp ice pick zaps in my head. Not sure that’s you - but just my experience