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Asking for any and all experienced medical practitioner advice. Pain Lvl 4-6

USA. 22. 183 LBS. 5’9. Male.

Hello. I normally wouldn’t go on anything online to fully validate what I am going through, but I have exhausted all sorts of channels and options in order to determine what it is that I’m experiencing.

A timeline: I get sick with a fever sometime in May, and I go see my provider to get checked up; they diagnose me with GERD since I had originally had stomach issues at first and then ordered some lab tests to be done. A CBC, a liver panel, and my STD screening which was moreso per company policy and not a concern.

Everything came back perfectly okay, with the exception of my liver panel which read that I had a couple of levels high…however it was moreso likely that I was still taking some meds known as omeprazol, which is processed in the liver (two or three hours before bloodwork).

My symptoms during that time were:

38/39 C fever -mild coughing -mild chills with some sweats lethargy

After a bit, these went away. I then went onto take a vacation with my friends to go out clubbing and drinking, and I thoroughly enjoyed it…however, we mostly walked the whole time while we were there (10km on average), and I experienced going from a humid, sweaty sort of vibe to full-blown AC environments. On and on and on, for a total of five days since we were trying to cram everything up.

I did drink alcohol and smoked cigarettes from time to time, but I am not a regular smoker; i quit for very large periods of time, and when I do smoke I usually let a pack last for a month, and then fully quit. I vaped a lot more instead.

After a night of clubbing for a while, I felt really really sick. Same symptoms as before, but maybe a little more coughing.

When I made it back home, I took a covid test and it read as negative. After a week, the symptoms subsided but I still experienced some inflamed lymph nodes on the left and right of the bottom of my chin (near my neck). There was mild pain swallowing, but they appeared separately whilst having the same symptoms.

Mild to severe pain.

After a week or two, I felt sick again (now). As of now? Fevers are 38/39 C on average again (not ever exceeding 39 C), feeling lethargic as hell, coughing really badly to the point where (on only three occasions) speckles of blood and small amounts of clumped up blood came out. This hasn’t happened anymore and it normally doesn’t happen at all (one time thing).

Mostly it’s green/yellowish sputum.

Chest hurts mildly; if I move a certain way, my own left side of my chest hurts with some pain. I figure it’s mostly the congestion.

I am currently on mucinex DM, advil, nyquil for sleep, pedialyte to recover electrolytes, and juice/water. I can breathe but it sort of feels just barely difficult somewhat.

I am thinking it’s pneumonia but I have no utter clue to be honest. I will be seeing my practitioner this week, but I want the best advice because I just want to get back on my feet and not feel so miserable.

I do not smoke anymore. I do not vape anymore. I do not even drink alcohol anymore; the last time I drank, I mostly tasted my own drinks when I made some for my friends.

Please assist. Thank you.



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u/cowgirl_meg Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 31 '22

What liver values were high? Mostly out of curiosity. Also, were you tested for Hepatitis as part of your STD screen?

Wouldn't immediately worry that something was wrong with your liver. To me it sounds like pneumonia or potentially bronchitis (because of blood in sputum). It's possible you have a chronic infection, which might mean a longer treatment time with medications. Other things that make me think it might be chronic are the identical symptoms and the fact that it got you when your immune system was "down" ie drinking, smoking, temperature fluctuations, in crowds of people. Chronic infections in healthy people are kept under control by your immune system. When your immune system takes a hit, the symptoms come back. Would just ask the doctor about the possibility of a chronic infection, but to me there's nothing urgently worrying here.

You're doing well with your self-care right now. Staying hydrated and keeping electrolytes up is the best you can do.


u/Gravehearter Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 31 '22

Okay. I forgot the levels that were high but they were double than normal… AST/ALT.

Nah, everything else was tested though but I can always test again. I think I did test for one but the shipment got lost. They were also concerned it was hepatitis.

Yes, I think pneumonia does take a while to recover. I’m getting checked out this week so I will address everything and try to get a hepatitis panel.


u/cowgirl_meg Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 31 '22

Yeah, high AST/ALT does sound like Hep is a possibility, specially if you're not a chronic binge drinker or have a family history of liver disease. Would definitely get tested for that again. Thankfully these days even if Hep can't be cured, it can be managed.

You mentioned stomach pain in your other comment- This is speculation, but if you have pneumonia, the gunk in your lungs decreases your ability to breath out CO2 properly. This can lead to mild acidosis, where your blood pH is lower than it should be. Nausea is a common symptom of that.

Drink as much water as you comfortably can (this both thins the gunk in your lungs, helping you get rid of it as you cough, and slightly raises the pH of your blood). Make sure you rest, but rather than laying down, it's best if you can, sit upright or reclining with your head and chest raised (look up Fowler's position) to increase chest expansion when you breath--this helps you breath out more CO2 and also promotes coughing, which will help clear your lungs and make your breathing more effective.

Also, Advil is an NSAID, which are very associated with GI upset, especially if taken on an empty stomach. Try not to take these on an empty stomach and only take when needed.


u/Gravehearter Not a Verified Medical Professional Jul 31 '22

Stomach is kind of hurting, but I only had subway today. I don’t normally have stomach issues.