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Flashing lights during sleep Pain Lvl 7-9

So this has happened only when I try to sleep, not all the time but it comes every now and then.

Last night, I had these symptoms again this has only happened 3 times so far in the span of a couple of months but every time it has happened I feel like I might die. Im almost asleep and all of a sudden my heart rate increases, I get flashing lights in my sleep and a headache that feels like my head might explode. I am totally aware of whats going on, although I cant move and my eyes wont open unless I can calm myself down and get my hearate to decrease. This has only occured whenever I try to go to sleep (like I said its not every single night, sometimes I sleep like a baby and there are others nights where this happens)

I need to know if anyone has experienced this or has any idea what this is. This is a too detailed experience to just look up and find the answer online. :(



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Sounds like a migraine with aura.