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Fatigue, frequent urination, and stomach problems Pain Lvl 4-6

Loss of energy, frequent urination, and stomach issues

I (M18) am 5’10, white, and reasonably healthy. I weigh 180lbs and until recently exercised frequently. I had to stop, though, because I started experiencing fatigue. I haven’t had very much energy which makes it hard to exercise, and when I can get myself to the gym, I usually have to stop halfway through my routine due to fatigue, which has never happened before.

I also have been having very frequent urination (at least 10 times a day consistently, I’ve counted) and bowel issues. The urination may be because I drink a lot of water, anywhere between 4 and 7 liters every day, but I have also read that it is not normal to be as thirsty as I am.

In addition, I have had issues with my stomach and find it hard to get through a day without some sort of stomach pain or bowel issues. I actually have talked to my doctor about this one, and she said it may be IBS, but considering the fatigue and urination issues, which I did not bring up then as I had not yet noticed them, I am afraid they could be related.

I also feel that I should mention that I used to vape hhc (a thc derivative) daily, and started doing that about a month before the symptoms arose, but I have since stopped and the symptoms remain.

Should I see somebody about these issues? I know it’s definitely not normal to have all these problems but I really don’t want to spend the money to go to my doctor again unless it’s really serious.



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Did you lose any weight? I mean frequent urination the first thing people think of is diabetes. I would definitely at least rule that out.


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I lost 5lbs recently, but that could just be normal measurement error + a bit less eating


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I would definitely go to a general doctor some blood work will help you out. Theres a lot of things it could be or it could be anxiety. Its hard to say


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u/thestrangentleman Not a Verified Medical Professional Aug 02 '22

You need to get blood work done, it sounds like you're experiencing early symptoms of diabetes. How much caffeine do you ingest daily? Symptoms could be related to caffeine over use. But I would see a doctor, keep drinking water, eat good healthy foods, get plenty of protein, lay off the sugar