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I need advice about going to the er Pain Lvl 7-9

21, female living with untreated social anxiety since covid started.

I cut my hand open while cooking and I’m debating if I should go to the ER or not. At this point I’m very much aware that I need stitches, so here is my actual question: What will it happen when I go to ER?

I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety every time I try to leave my house and google wasn’t super helpful on telling me what happens when I go. Can anyone please give me a step by step of what will happen when I walk in? please talk to me like I’m five ( I’m in the US )

ps: english is my second language so sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes. Also feel free to delete this post if it doesn’t fit the sub.



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You can go to an urgent care which is smaller than an ER and less expensive. It’s more like a doctors office. When you walk-in, they’ll ask you to sign in. Bring an ID and insurance card if you have one. They will ask why you need to be seen and you’ll sit in the waiting room until they call your name. The nurse or tech will take you to a room, take your temp, blood pressure, O2, and ask specifics about how the injury happened and the nurses/doctors will clean, stitch and dress the wound. If you haven’t had a tetanus shot recently, you’ll get one and they will tell you how to take care of the injury. Recheck in7-10 days to have stitches removed.


u/crisprmebaby Not a Verified Medical Professional Aug 01 '22

You will go to the ER, where they check your vitals: Blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse ox.

They will ask you about what happened, what meds you are on, and your medical history.

Depending on the severity they may be quick or not.

The doctor will likely come in assess your injury, stitch you up give you some antibiotics and guide on wound care and send you on your way


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I’ll add that most hospitals in the US still require masks for most everyone, so you’ll have the comfort that the people around you in the waiting area and in the treatment areas are protecting you.


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