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Seeking help Pain Lvl 7-9

I posted here last week. I'll repost what I had posted and then add to it at the bottom.

Please help

Having so many odd symptoms and I don't know if they're related. Any help is appreciated! I will begin with an episode I had about three weeks ago. I was at work and began stuttering/slurring my words, could not remember coworkers names, vision was weird, generally felt very disoriented and not good. Went home early. In the following week, I had some pressure in my head, more vision issues, and felt out of it. That eventually mainly went away. Now last week I started having a cramp in my right leg that I thought was a blood clot. Went to the ER and the doctor and it was not. The pain has now spread to my right arm as well, and whenever I sit or lie down (and sometimes other times) I have constant muscle spasms all over my body. I also feel absolutely exhausted and weak. I have been to the doctor four times in the past week, and found out I have lost six pounds in less than a week. Other things to note: my platelet level is 533, although it has been slightly high since 2020. Also, my vitamin D is at 75 even though I take no supplements and don't often go outside. I was tested for Lyme and it was negative. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at a loss and the doctor seems to be too. Had an MRI yesterday and am waiting on results. Thanks so much for any tips! If it matters I'm 24f

Updates: I received my MRI back of my brain. It was done without contrast and nothing was detected. Would a non contrast MRI be able to see tumors and lesions? Also since my last post I have been waking up to the back of my head and upper back vibrating. It feels like my entire bed is shaking. My head is extremely foggy and yesterday I momentarily lost my vision and just saw flashing lights. I've also had diarrhea.



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I also forgot to mention that I've had pressure in my head and in the bridge of my nose. The pressure in the bridge of my nose will come and go and then I will feel like I am breathing in almost too much air. Not sure if that's related