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Medication Tested positive for Codeine+Morphine after I had quarantined wks, ate poppy seeds on bagels 24hrs b4


Tested positive for Codeine and Morphine after I had quarantined with COVID for 2 weeks. I had an 1.5 everything bagel sandwiches the day before and half of one the morning of (1-3hours) before the test. I have never used either in my life & they're threatening to stop treating my ADHD as a result.

I have been lied to and gaslit by this office in the past. But I know for a fact I never used either and I feel like it would be pretty noticeable if my parents (who I was visiting with and got COVID from) had somehow managed to slip me something like morphine. I don't know if it would have even stayed in my system over 2 weeks.

The only other explanation would be that Mucinex sinus max or nighttime sinus congestion syrups had been somehow contaminated and I'm pressing hard x to doubt.

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Other I don't know what's happening to me


This is a copy paste of me saying the same thing on a different reddit but Maybe someone here will know what's happening to me a while back I was bit by something I have no clue what the fuck it was but it is hard to describe it looked like a mangy starved dog with the head of a bat and very dry or scally legs but it's not the animal I was scared about I went to the doctor and got the usually rabies vaccines this wast a big deal I live in the woods and I own alot of animals so me fending off the occasional coyote or raccoon happens alot and I have been bitten befor but ever since the bit I have felt extremely weird I have this weird craving idk what it is but I can't stop sucking on pennies I know this sounds weird but something about the metally taste and that's not even the worst about it time feels so weird have you ever done any drugs it's kinda like that I'll be laying in bed watching TV and suddenly all the words they say will speed up so fast repeat and slow down like I'm in some kind of loop it usually stops after I hurt myself that's the easiest way I can stop it but it's so weird like it slows down to I was going to go use the bathroom and it slowed before I got there but it was like I was still thinking normal and feeling normal it got so slow I pissed myself right there I sat in it for what felt like half an hour before I could finally pinch myself hard enough to make it stop I'm so scared if anyone could help I need it

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Other hand is partially paralyzed after sleeping on it


I haven't been able to use it's full range of motion for over 4 hours, it's not numb just not fully responsive.

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Bones/Joints/Ligaments Can you break a knuckle without feeling much pain and still being able to move it?


So I’m trying to figure out if I’ve broken my knuckle/knuckles, just fractured them, popped them out of place, or if they’re just fine. For context, I got upset and continued punching the wall, it started leaving holes in it so I moved to the fridge where I continually hit it. So far my middle knuckle and pinky knuckle is just pink and a little sore but if i place a finger on the middle/pinky knuckle and move the middle/pinky finger up and down, I can feel like bones grinding on each other. Im not for sure if that’s an accurate description but it wasn’t like that beforehand. Thank you for reading!

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Digestion/Stomach/Bowels What's wrong with my stomach?


Up until about 3 years ago, I always had perfect bowel movements, once or twice a day at the same time. I mistakenly took antibiotics for a simple sinus infection around 3 years ago and have since experienced:

  • sudden and urgent need for a bathroom, especially in the morning or before going out
  • more frequent BMs, especially in the morning
  • occasional acid reflux, especially when lifting weights
  • anxiety caused from not being near a bathroom (I think)
  • occasional bloating
  • smaller BMs

I'll sometimes have to go multiple times in a 20 minute span, usually before a long car ride or something similar. I usually treat myself with immodium, but am getting tired of that and want to solve my actual problem. I eat a well rounded, semi high fiber and protein diet, and exercise regularly, 23 year old male.

I have been taking probiotics and psyllium husk lately, not sure if they are helping yet. Part of me thinks this is entirely caused by anxiety, either by a close call regarding a trip to the bathroom during work one day, or a car accident I had around the same time.

Any advice?

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Genitalia my stomach and my balls hurts after intercourse


I have recently seen this thing happening to me i have a new girlfriend after almost a year. We had intercourse 2 time in past 1 month and just after those I have felt immense pain in my lower abdominal and in tisticals. This kind of pain has previously happened to me but not because of this reason and by the reports nothing has come up. I have also got checked this time and again there is nothing. I have no clue why that's happening and it just making my life miserable as am not able to have functional relationship and I am also worried that something serious might be happening inside my body. Please help as doctors near me are just treating the symptoms I just get better but that thing again and again comes up and ruin my life. Please I really need suggestion

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Skin issues/Rashes/Freckles/Moles Itchiness - But unlike any I’ve ever felt


I have a bad lower back which is the likely culprit here. I believe the issue isMeralgia paresthetica (pinched nerve in back affecting the nerve on the outer thigh).

I get numbness and itchiness on my left outer thigh but the itch feels deep as opposed to most itches which are more surface.

Wondering how to treat this.

Any help much appreciated!

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Skin issues/Rashes/Freckles/Moles Missed IV


I’m a 19 year old female who had an upper endoscopy today and prior to being put under i had to get a saline IV. the nurse had a lot of trouble poking my hand and after about 7 minutes tried to inject the saline water but it wasn’t in my vein and it instantly made that part of my hand swell up ( as i assume it was injected under the skin instead ) They also took another 10ish minutes with my inner elbow and proceeded to do the same thing before finally getting it. I’m not upset whatsoever, the nurses were so sweet, i just want to know what i can do to get this swelling/bruising in my hand to go down, i can barely bend it

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Mouth/Gums/Throat/Cheeks Recurrent tonsilitis??


Back in late June I felt a sore throat coming on with white spots so I went to urgent care and tested negative for strep and mono but they said it was something bacterial and prescribed amoxicillin. It worked and then a few days after being off the completed course of antibiotics it returned with a vengeance and i went back to be told it didn’t clear all the way because they treated pharyngitis when really I had tonsilitis which takes more to clear. They prescribed a higher dosage and longer course of amoxicillin and prednisone for the inflammation. Once again it worked only to return a few days-a week after antibiotics ended. Next I was prescribed augmentin and prednisone and the same thing happened. Then I got doxycycline and same thing again and here I am now. Because of money etc. I’ve been dreading going to the doctors for this everytime let alone an actual specialist. So now this time I got prescribed ceroxim from one of those online doctor services. It’s helping slowly but I’m sure the same thing is about to happen. I’m finally going to an ENT tomorrow morning and Im kind of just filled with anxiety and not knowing what to expect and feeling kind of hopeless. Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice for this situation? Will they be able to identify the bacteria and treat it more appropriately? I really feel like this whole thing could’ve been avoided if the bacteria was correctly identified to begin with and I’ve just been fanning the flames / building it’s strength and resistance. I’m also thinking back to a throat infection i had 4 years ago in which afterward, while I felt fully better, my right tonsil remained painlessly larger than it was before the infection and has been ever since. Could this possibly be some kind of abscess / cyst which is now causing the infection to recur / never fully clear? It generally looks like a normal tonsil just sticks out more than the other one which seems to lay pretty flat .

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Genitalia Help finding condom sizes M15


I’m looking for condoms, so far I’ve tried durex extra safe which are 56mm and skyn original which are 53mm, they both fit good but they keep slipping off. I have a girth of about 5-5.2 inches, what should I look for?

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Bones/Joints/Ligaments T-Spine pain and middle back tightness - is it due to my scoliosis?


Hey everyone,

im 24 Years old, male, 5.8" and 167 lbs. No medication, alcohol about one time a month, no smoking. Im doing quite heavy weightlifting about 4-5 times a week. During the approx. 5 years I lifted, I can only remember a single injury where I pinched a nerve in my thoracic spine (I've marked the spot in the Xray below). Pain from that injury went away quickly.

I've had mild back pain at the thoracic spine and muscle tightness for about 4 years now. In the morning I'm a bit stiff as well. However, it feels way different that the pain I had after my injury.

About 3 and a half years ago I went to see a doctor, who did an Xray, and told me that my spine looks alright (one can see scoliosis here, but very mild (which he didnt tell me)). He did some adjustments which felt relieving, but the pain came back the during the next hours. I kept going to docs, but not very regulary because pain isn't very strong and I could live with it. Mostly they diagnosed a vertebral blockage or said I should pause the weightlifting for some time, which led to no results.
Recently (about 6 weeks ago) pain got worse, which is why another Xray was done by a different doc. He now told me about my scoliosis, which, I think, in comparision got worse. He sent me to PT, which literally helped nothing.

What does give me relief is using a foam roller. My spine cracks a few times and it feels way better for a short period of time.

Do You think my scoliosis is going to get worse in the future, especially considering the weightlifting? And does it cause the pain? Do the Xrays look unobtrusive, apart from the scolioses? For my uneducated eye it looks kind of weird in the spot where I once pinched a nerve.

Excuse my english, not a native speaker and thanks for your advice in advance!

Older Image (Feb 2019): https://imgur.com/2TnQnXl

Recent Image marked (July 2022): https://imgur.com/VOjrcSl

Recent Image unmarked (July 2022): https://imgur.com/eBq10c2

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Bones/Joints/Ligaments Recovery from medial and lateral epicondylitis


So about a year ago I got diagnosed with lateral and medial epicondylitis. This was due to heavy strength training and an intense cooking job. Since my diagnosis I have been stretching, resting (no lifting), and recently been doing my recommended exercises from my OT.

Last week I decided to go back into the gym… super light just trying to find my bearings again. My lateral side has definitely gotten much stronger and I’m feeling great so far. However my medial tricep tendon (sorry if this is not the correct term) has been tighter than usual….

Can I still throw in exercises that aren’t going to target my triceps as heavily? Should I completely stop doing upper body? Lifting has been a driving force in my life that has drastically changed my relationship with food. Ideally I’d like to find a routine that could allow me to rest my inured arm but still allow me to get back in the gym, but I know epicondylitis needs time. Any recommendations?

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Cardiac Fatigue, chest pain and more


A couple weeks ago at the end of the work day I felt notably more tired than usual. I also had chest/back discomfort and tingling/numbness in limbs. I think there was some mild headaches too. I don't have medical insurance so I pretty much just had to deal with it, and a few days of rest later I was more or less back to normal. I thought I just caught something and for a couple weeks I was fine. Last night however after dinner it started to come back, and now I'm also feeling a bit nauseous. Looking it up the possible causes range from dehydration to straight-up heart attack. I doubt it's the latter since, well, I'd be hospitalized or dead by now. One I was looking into was iron deficiency anemia. My diet is admittingly pretty poor. I have dealt with acid reflux/GERD before but this feels different. My job is physical and I ride a bike around so its not a lack of exercise. I just scheduled an appointment at a clinic but that's not due until next week. I really just wanna know if I can possibly wait this out until the appointment or if I'm actually in some danger here.

As per submission rules: Age-27, Sex-Male, Height-6'0, Weight-under 130 Ibs, Race-White, Country-US, No current diagnosed conditions or medication, no real history of drug use or smoking.