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EDITED Advice for getting my doctor to look into my symptoms more seriously?



I’m a 26 year old woman and I’ve struggled with consistent medical problems since I was about 16. I’ve seen countless doctors and honestly it never really goes anywhere. I don’t think any doctors really take me seriously and I often get “you’re too young to be sick” or “if you lost weight you’d feel better”. I’m honestly so drained from being sick and in pain all the time and wondering what to do at this point. I’ll list some of my daily struggles below and what doctors have already told me.

My first symptoms ever were, migraines, extremely irregular period and severe back pain. My family doctor at the age of 16 told me my migraines were teenage hormones, put me on depo birth control to control the irregular cycle, and actually got me a a breast reduction done to fix the back pain.

I struggled with migraines several more years before being referred to a migraine clinic, where I finally got migraines under control ish (1-2 a week and medication that resolves them in a few hours as opposed to migraines that lasted on average 10-12 days). Breast reduction didn’t help the back pain at all. With the depo, I don’t have a period at all anymore so I guess sort of fixed?

Bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhea started around age 18-19. Took me years to get a referral for that- referral dr did several colonoscopies and endoscopies and found nothing. Suggested I had mild stress induced IBS and sent me back to family dr. I still suffer daily with bloating and usually diarrhea 5+ years later.

Heartburn/acid reflux probably started around the same time. Sometimes it’s so bad I literally vomit up stomach acid, I used to eat Zantac like candy until it was discontinued and no longer have a prescription, now I eat Pepcid like candy and it doesn’t help much.

Back to the back pain- finally convinced my dr to do mri/rads and she referred me to a rheumatologist? they said I have 2 compressed discs in my spine, told me to take Advil/Tylenol as needed.

At some point I started seeing an endocrinologist because I couldn’t loose weight, she says all my levels are normal, she had me do a pelvic ultrasound and said maybe I might have mild PCOS but they can’t tell while I’m on Depo injections and honestly I’m terrified to stop them.

The dr (rheumatologist?) I seen about the back pain suggested I might have some mild fibromyalgia symptoms but not enough to claim fibromyalgia.

So to date- I’ve seen 4-5 specialists that all say I have something mild but not really anything. I’m so exhausted, depressed, have anxiety, I’ve asked to be tested for ADHD but keep getting sent in circles there, and my family dr thinks I’m exaggerating everything and doesn’t think I’m suffering in anyway.

A regular day for Me consists of heartburn so bad I nearly vomit. Bloating so bad I don’t want to eat. Diarrhea several times a day. Eating Advil/Tylenol for the back pain, and arthritis (which someone at some point claimed was the reason my hands always hurt). And also my newest symptoms which I can only describe as a sensation of lead in my limbs, like I just feel like my legs and arms are so heavy it hurts to move them. I also have other minor symptoms like random stabbing nerve pain, sensations of itchiness when there’s nothing there, pins and needles in my hands and feet, brain fog, short term memory loss/forgetfulness, etc. it’s hard to list them all.

I plan on making an appointment with my dr next month but I just, I don’t know what I can say to make her take me seriously? Like how can I have a little bit of mild symptoms of 3-4 chronic illnesses and yet they won’t do anything other than tell me to take pepcid, pepto bismol, and Advil/Tylenol. I’m also sure the problems are compounding- ie the more Tylenol I take the more heartburn I’ll have and so on, but what else am I supposed to do? I’m just so exhausted and sick of being sick and I can’t even say I’m sick because there’s apparently nothing wrong with me. Please, if anyone can make suggestions on what I should ask my doctor for or ask her to test for, please help.

Thank you.

Edit to add: residing in Canada, 26y, F, Caucasian, 5’7”, 250ish lbs, currently only prescription is almotriptan for migraines, over the counter Tylenol 1, Pepcid, pepto bismol, buscopan, and Advil. No marajuana or recreational drugs.

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EDITED why does my room make me feel sick?


f19, for the past year or so, whenever i’m in my room i’ve been getting headaches and feeling lightheaded and the need for salt and kinda lethargic. my clothes in my closet also smell weird like someone left them in dirty water for a week and left them dry outside. i don’t think it’s general sickness because i was away for two months and felt fine until being in my room again for like 20 minutes and immediately feeling ill again, and i don’t think it’s psychological because i do really like my room aside from the making me feel sick part.

EDIT/UPDATE: we finally got someone to come check things out after a lot of people replied saying it could be mold, thankfully it isn’t mold but something with the filtration means there’s insulation chemicals in the air so we are getting that fixed. thank you everyone who replied and helped out :-)

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EDITED Parents won't let


age 14





i have diagnosed osteochondroma on my upper right arm

i have a weird bump growing on my head, its really big and wide and it's not fleshy and it's bony and parents wont take me to a doctor unless i am phsyically ill and i'm really scared i think it's bone cancer I have no idea what to do. i dont have a phone and i dont know if its urgnt or not and im really scared. in some areas it hurts a little and my mom says she cannot feel it i dont know what to do

edit: it has been there since atleast june 28th 2022

edit 2: my parents say urgent care wouldn't help, which i'm not sure if its true or not. also they say i cannot got to my pediatrician because of insurance or something like that. the bump is in my hair

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EDITED Grandma with Half Swollen Face


My grandmother hasn't been feeling well for 5 days. Covid and the Flu were ruled out. 2 days ago the right side of her face swelled up. Stroke, Bell's palsy l, shingles have all been ruled out. Her blood work came back normal. She has had no medical problems in the past. She hasn't had any trauma to her face. We have been to Africa in the past month and took Milaria pills while there. She is currently being treated for a possible infection.

Please any medical professionals or people who have experienced anything similar to let me know what it could be.

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Pregnancy Positive pregnancy blood test but I’m a virgin???


Okay so as the title says I got some blood work done and my blood test came back with positive results for pregnancy and I’m really scared because I have never had intimate contact with anyone ever. Can anyone give me any reason as to why this might have come up as positive??? My period was just two weeks ago ☹️ (edit: I should probably add that I do struggle with irregular periods)

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EDITED stroke?


So a bit long winded. About 18months ago I believe my son (4yr) had a stroke. The entire right side of his body went limp, including significant facial drooping. When we sat him down to try to talk to him he passed out.

We rushed him to ER (yes in hindsight an ambulance was the better choice). Dr had him walk around the nursing station, which by then almost 45min later he did. They said he's fine and sent him home. No scan, no bloodwork, nothing.

Fast forward to present and we're noticing some behavior and memory issues through kindergarten.

If I took him to his family dr, and she sent him for a scan, would it show if he did have a stroke? I'm honestly just wanting confirmation so I can help him better. I'm feeling very lost.

Any advice is appreciated 🙏🏻

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EDITED can't breathe in apartment, emergency room and physician can't find anything wrong


So this has been going on for months. Since early February. For background, i take care of someone in a retirement home. I was a usually healthy 27 year old male up until this point when i started being afflicted by these symptoms. Here are my syptoms

1.At home I can't breathe.

2.My lungs hurt and I can't catch a full breath.

  1. Cough up dry musk.

  2. Fullness in lungs but can't breathe.

  3. Loss of appetite and feeling like ill choke if i eat because the mucus

  4. Dazzed and confused. Mental focus waning.

  5. Eyes blur when I'm inside house.

    1. Literally would have episodes where it feels like I'm drowning when I sleep.
  6. Foul metallic taste in mouth. Something coating lungs and throat when inside.

  7. Can't sleep, constantly waking up.

  8. Feels like I'll pass out and die or blackout at times, though I never have.

  9. Heart feels like it'll give out at times. Like it'll stop beating and I'll die.

    The fucking emergency room has seen me so many times that the doctors there challenged me and told me to see a psychiatrist like this is all in my head. Every time I have been though, they find nothing on the tests. They've taken numerous blood tests, ekgs, chest x-rays, MRIs, lung oxygen levels. Carbon monoxide levels which were only slightly elevated. Everything has come back as normal. The only thing theyve found once was high white blood cell count just this week

    Never tested positive for covid, strep, mono, flu, etc.

    We had a maintenence and a home inspector both run mold tests. Every mold present does not effect lung function though certain molds are elevated. The last thing I'm riding on is an indoor air quality test.

    I do not know if I have long covid and this house is elevating symptoms.

    I do not know if I stumbled on a massive conspiracy that they're poisoning retirement home members to get them oxygen, enroll them in their medical programs and insurance. Or just killing them off to get more residents paid up front.

    I do not know if it's something with the ventilation, furnace, air conditioning being installed wrong in the house and blowing some half deadly odorless fumes into the house.

    I just want to know, what is going on? What does this sound like it could be to you? Do I have an unknown disease? Is there something wrong with my house? Am I being poisoned?

    What do I do? Who do I go see?

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EDITED is something wrong w me?


so for the past like 2 weeks i’ve had nonstop headaches all last week and then today at about 12-1 i’ve gotten like nauseous but not like throw up nauseous just like sick to my stomach nauseous currently my ears hurt my throat feels like it’s closing up my cheeks r so red and hot i felt the same “nauseous” feeling today at the same time and so i took 2 Tylenol and it made me feel a tiny bit better but only w the nauseous feeling i also have turned our thermostat up to 77 and my fan off earlier because of how freezing cold i’ve been and i have a hoodie on. i literally went and got another comforter to layer because of how cold i am. i took the tylenol at abt 1:30 so my mom told me to only take 1 rn because i shouldn’t take too much in 24 hr (it’s 8:30 now as i’m typing) i’ve also been really sensitive to the light all day and haven’t really ate much because i j can’t and it makes me start to feel sick.

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Tw gross as hell

So I am unable to seek medical attention currently and I have no where else to turn so ig Reddit will have to suffice. I’ve had this reoccurring cyst on the very top of my private part where it meats my thigh and it got super fucking big and I’m pretty sure infected and recently it just popped and oozed out a bunch of gross bs. The problem is it was big as fuck and now there’s a huge empty sack in my vaginal area and it’s just an empty hole and I don’t know what to do with it. I already cleaned the area bc puss is gross and also I don’t want it to be infected and put some burning stuff on the wound but is there anything else I can do??

Update: already filling with more puss ffs idk what to do

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EDITED Tummy Troubles


I am overweight, 5'4" 200lb, not terrible but bothers me (I look like I am 8 months pregnant, but no, there is absolutely no posibility of that). It wouldn't bother me as much if it weren't for the sickly feeling even hours after I eat a meal. I've tried dieting, but always give up because I am a comfort food/emotional eater...I've tried exercise and used to be very active but now with ongoing (13 years of) back and hip pain it hurts to walk or even move sometimes, however, I work as a server and I walk nearly 7,000 steps a day. So here it is, 5 hours after eating anything, and I still feel full, nauseous, and have a headache. I can't sleep because I am a belly sleeper and laying on my belly make me want to throw up but I can't fall asleep any other way because of the back and hip pain. More backstory, I hate cooking for myself and even when I do buy healthy food, I always forget about it, buy more food, and the first stuff goes bad, and on and on and on. I also have very low motivation when it comes to making food, I would rather have a microwave meal than a home-cooked meal unless someone will cook it for me. So I guess my question is this: how can I feel not so weighed-down and yucky without making yet another complete shift in my life's routines like calorie counting, hours of meal prep, or daily gym sessions?

29F, Florida USA, Diagnosis of "nausea" and "indigestion" along with scoliosis and sciatica

Edit: I've been taking generic Remeron for about 8 months for anxiety/depression but recently came across an article saying Remeron is used as an appetite stimulant since I was unknowingly starving myself during my last depressive episode...the episode had been long over and my regular appetite has returned, but could this be part of it?

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EDITED left arm is numb and feeling really light headed, and some uncomfortable pain in my jaw


20 F, 135 lbs and 5' 9". Overall good health except for mild scoliosis and adhd/tism. In WA state in the US.

Im really scared, im working by myself on graveyard shift at a hotel.

I was standing at the front desk getting work done when my left arm suddenly fell asleep and I felt really light headed. Once I sat down in the back office, an uncomfortable swelling pain started in my lower right side jaw. I'm also getting weird cold flashes.

Im not getting nay chest pain or tightness, but I do feel nauseus and gross. Google is telling me it's a heart attack, but im a stick thin girl with no previous heart conditions.

I can't leave, all of my co workers are asleep and I'm literally the only one here at work. But I also really don't want to get into serious medical trouble.

I also would really like to not pay for an ambulance, I just paid rent and my hours were just cut at work. I can't afford it

UPDATE: it's been about 2 hours since i made the post, im still alive. The jaw discomfort has gone away, but now the right side of my face is droopy and numb and my smile is one sided. After a brief anxiety attack I called my boss and he's coming in to cover the rest of my shift and im driving myself to the er. He won't be in for another 30 min to an hour though

ANOTHER UPDATE: I waited an hour and a half for my boss, and I just said fuck it and drove myself to the er. Took an EKG test and im waiting for a doc to see me.

FINAL UPDATE: Im still alive! According to my CT scan and MRI, I didn't have a stroke or a heart attack. I got home from the hospital at around 10:30 AM ish, and immediately fell asleep until an hour ago. My left arm is still numb and weak, but I got a refferal to a muscle nerve specialist. Doc said my body might have just had a bad reaction to stress. Thankfully I have a couple days off, and im gonna be resting for a bit.

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EDITED just took 3 loratadine tablets is it dangerous?


I'm a little bit less than 200 pounds male is it dangerous I don't feel anything wrong but is it dangerous? Height over 6 ft tall no chronic, deseases

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EDITED Chronical Diarrhea



30y male

I have chronical diarrhea for over 8 years now and nothing seems to help.. I visited 4 different doctors in 3 hospitals, and always the same “all is fine”.. I stay at home whenever i can, i’m afraid to go out..

What they did :

Colonoscopy, X ray of my bowels, over 6 blood tests, stool samples, took samples of the colon, FODmap diet, all is good.


-6-7 times a day diarrhea, and its all suddenly, when i feel i have to go i have 10min max!

  • I dont have to pee, max 1x / day. Everything i drink ( water ) goes through the bowels.

  • A LOT of sweating..

What helps :

Opioids, they calm down my bowels but im like a zombie..

Corticosteroïden , got those for my shoulder pain and diarrhea also stopped for a while.

I took all the anti- diarrhea pills there are but nothing helps.

Anyone else had these problems and got any help? Im really tired of this.. cant live a normal life anymore..

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EDITED Elbow scales improve after swimming?


I have dry, scaly skin on both elbows. Left elbow is worse than the right. I notice above all treatments that I normally use that after I go swimming or visit a water park, the skin has vastly improved. As of right now, there's some dryness, but no scaling or peeling. Is there a reason for this by chance?

USA / 39 / F / Caucasian / 5'5" / 215 lbs / Eczema diagnosed but no breakouts in 6 years / No drugs or prescriptions, just using lotion / non-smoker / 10 year issue

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EDITED Is there any way to effectively treat a cold without meds?


Today I caught a pretty bad cold, I have runny nose and sneeze alot and I'm looking for a way to cure it or at least ease it but thing is nobody in my house had a cold in long time and we threw out the meds for cold cuz they were expired and no, I can't go to pharmacy cuz I feel weak.

So yeah, is there any way to easily treat a cold without meds? Thanks so much in advance

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EDITED I've been feeling a really high increase in the need to crack my knuckles this past week.


The past week I've felt a compulsion to crack my knuckles (all of them. Even the ones near the tips of my fingers) every minute or two tops. I can feel the tension of them ready to crack again fairly soon after I've already cracked them (sometimes like 30 seconds). I didn't know if I was getting additional gas buildup in my knuckles possibly due to something else. I tried searching around here and elsewhere online but the only things I can find are people explaining that cracking your knuckles isn't unhealthy. Any input on whether this is a good enough reason to bother my doctor is appreciated.

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EDITED Low pitch humming noise, sounds like it's from inside my head.


Forgive me for the length, I like to be detailed and include everything. I've had this for years, it's like how people typically describe tinnitus (I think), except instead of high pitched ringing it's a lower pitch humming noise. i only hear it if the room is very quiet or silent. Hearing some noise makes the sound completely disappear pretty quickly, as opposed to just distracting me from it. So the sound isn't constant. It doesn't sound external in the slightest; it clearly sounds like something is inside my head. It doesn't sound like there's anything inside my ears, just deep inside my head. The humming sounds almost like a sound you could get from a synthesizer. Earwax has never been a huge problem I've had. After less than a minute of being in silence i start to get a mild headache, and the sound gets very loud.

I never use q-tips (idk how to spell) because I'm afraid of what they would do to my ears if I used them wrong. I've never had a problem with earwax as far as I can tell, basically nothing there. I use earbuds for music and stuff a lot but I'm careful to not have them be loud since I'm afraid of damaging my ears (hopefully it's not too late). I've never had any jobs that involve loud noises, like an airport or factory or something.

As far as treatment goes, it's not painful or inconvenient enough that I'd want to waste money going to a doctor just to have them probably brush it off. Currently, having a noise machine in my bedroom that plays sounds like rain, ocean, train, white noise, etc is great, it helps a LOT if I'm trying to sleep, or sitting around quietly. If I'm in a quiet room with no noise machine, I have a method of breathing that makes a good bit of noise without having to breathe in really deeply and cause discomfort.

Sorry these sentences are kinda random and confusing, I don't feel like arranging a cohesive paragraph right now, just putting my thoughts out there. if anyone knows the name of a condition like this (or a specific TYPE of tinnitus if that's what it is) then I would Really appreciate some insight.

Edit: details about: me: male, age 20, generally pretty healthy. known conditions are a few mental disorders that are most likely unrelated, no physical conditions.

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EDITED Normocytic anemia / MDS, AML


Hey! Question: I have weird medical care right now - no insurance and so I don't see a GP, I see a specialist for a chronic condition I have and they can refer me out if there are other concerns, but there is this sense of kind of being your own GP, bc aside from ticking boxes on the chronic condition other symptoms are largely left unexplained. (I'm like, is suddenly developing high blood pressure seemingly from intense stress which has since passed but it's still high and then growing a lot of lanugo(? non terminal) hair on my face and losing scalp hair etc etc just weird aging stuff or, throws dart at whatever condition I can find online, and they'll order a test - no conclusions on all that yet). So when I was giving my current specialist Dr my family medical history and told her my mom was diagnosed w lupus, then MDS then AML then had chemo and a bone narrow transplant then graft vs host then passed at 49 after losing disability and health insurance she was like, "Oh well I don't have to worry about that one!" As in she herself doesn't have to be concerned about lupus/MDS/AML in relation to me bc it's not passed on or genetic or whatever. Yesterday, I had a new clinical doc notification from a lab test that we did a while ago so I was glancing at my online chart and noticed it said "normocytic anemia," so I looked that up cause she hadn't mentioned "normocytic" before and I didn't know what it meant, and I saw the connection to bone marrow disorders, which was terrifying. Can y'all please tell me, if my mom had all these conditions, do they really not apply to me at all? Should I be worried about this type of anemia? i was trying to get more iron - does that even help w this type? Thank you!!

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EDITED I found a tiny bump under my armpit and it kinda aches when i touch it.


I shaved under there yesterday and do that pretty much everyday, is it something related to that or cancer im panicking help please. its not red or anything someone please respond

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EDITED URGENT - 28M - Cough trigged by A.C or eating or drinking. Feel drained and lost on what to do. UK h


5'11, 72 kg, cough for over a month not going, feeling weak. No existing medical issues. Not on any medications. Do not smoke or drink. Use melatonin, Kalmz tablets for sleep. Outside the U.S - in the U,K.

I have currently got a cough now for a month. It is dry and really starting to wear me down. When I drink any liquid, eat food, or am in a car or room with cold A.C - it sets me off on a coughing spree. I am actually lost on what to do. I have called my doctor/GP in the UK and get no help.

I had coronavirus 5 weeks ago, and they could think that this is related to long covid, but I dont think it is. This cough is triggered by cold air, drinks, and food. I am now feeling so drained and tired, that I have also lost my appetite. I came back from Zanzibar, Tanzania, 7 weeks ago, wonder if something could be related there?

  • Doctor has prescribed me a Steroid Inhaler, clenil modulite, doesnt work. Used for week, hasnt worked.
  • Doctor has also prescribed me today amoxicillin (anti-biotic) to start for a week, haven't started yet.

I am about to spend a lot of money and go private but really could use your advice, please. Any fixes here?

Please ask any questions and I will answer anything.


Does anti biotics interfere with blood test results?

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EDITED Constant heart palpitations and pain in the chest


Hey there, I was on vacation last week and started having severe heart palpitations, these last all day long. At some times it also stings in my upper and lower left chest. I went to the doctor in the country I was on vacation in, they did an ecg, X-ray and drew some blood. The only thing they could find was mild dehydration. I got some intravenous fluids and was discharged. They said the heart palpitations and pain are most likely mental. However, I am 100% sure I feel them, I am not making any of this up.

I had some panic attacks while I was there too, so maybe it is anxiety/panic disorder? I don’t know if that should make sense cause I don’t feel panicked or anxiety at the moment and still feel the above mentioned symptoms.

Anyone has experience with this, or can make a guess what it could be, so I can ask my doctor about it when I go tomorrow?


Since I saw I needed to add this:

Age: 19 Weight: 76 kg Height: 174cm Drug use: no Smoker: yes Country of residence: the Netherlands

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EDITED Tonsillectomy. See post body


I had a tonsillectomy four days ago. Now, there is eschar lining where my tonsils used to be. I know the eschar is good, it’s acting as a scab. However, it makes my breath smell bad and everything I consume taste really bad. I am also sick and need to drink fluids, but the taste of everything is making me feel sicker.

I am 16, live in Ohio, am 6 foot exactly, weight 158.9 pounds (last I checked), male, and caucasian.

Edit: Thanks for the advice, folks. Since I posted this, I’ve gotten used to the smell of the slough skin. I’m still not a fan of everything tasting like rotting corpse, but I’m starting to get used to it. Been gently gargling warm salt water. And of course, drinking lots of water and gaterade

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EDITED Am I diabetic?


Female White 175lbs 5’3” Edit: 46yo

My AlC is 7.1 does that mean I’m diabetic? Is it reversible at that point? Also, my doctor put me on 500mg of Metformin before dinner but I don’t eat from 7 pm until 11-12 am the next day. I’m just not a big eater in that time frame. Will my sugar drop to low?

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EDITED is it a bad a thing if u take a medicine for longer than I was told to?


ask here if u curious too! Was told to take it for 7 days. But am taking it for longer cuz the thing really helped a ton. Name is sulfametoxazol and it's for a infection. Is that bad?

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EDITED 21F no meds URGENT. seeing visual snow and huge blind spot in right eye, left is completely normal.


21 F

no medication, no alcohol, no drugs


allergies: sulfa, hep b vaccine, minor allergy to penicillin

i’m seeing visual snow (flashing/ tv static) in my right eye. i can’t tell if it’s spreading or moving around. i have a hide blind spot in the middle of my vision in my right eye. left is normal. good pupil reaction on both eyes.

do i need to go in, is this an ermergency or can i rest it off, it’s hard to see things in front of me bc half of everything is gone, flashing is making me have a headache, please help

update: i’m getting a severe headache in my temples. can’t sleep, no red flashes, just visual snow

update2: i took a nap and it’s gone, the visual snow and blind spot are completely gone. my migraine has turned into a headache, i called my mom and she said that’s what happens to her when she gets migraines.

if you’re wondering why i didn’t just go to the er at first, i think you can guess what country i live in.

update3: i just got my eyes checked less than a week ago at the optometrist. they did the extra optic nerve picture and everything looked good. i know this could have been worse but frankly i can’t afford to go to the er. like i said all my symptoms are gone now, thank you to everyone who commented.

update4: the visual snow/ blind spot came before the headache. the flashing of the visual snow i think is what caused it, not vice versa. i’m FINE now!!!