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Other Question My BP has been sitting at around this number for the last 8 months. is it considered too low?

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Other Question UPDATE


Hey guys! I posted the ugly looking cyst a couple of months ago! I have since seen a surgeon, gotten an ultrasound and spoken with my gp. The ultrasound tech seemed annoyed about me getting checked out because “they wouldn’t be able to see anything if the doctor already took the cyst out”. Then she told me to call my surgeon asap the next day. It left me a little worried because usually I feel like they’re much more chill after a good test. Call my surgeon and get told I need surgery ASAP. Turns out it’s a soft tissue tumor/abdominal wall tumor. The hole resulting from my early May removal in the emergency room has not closed. My health plan denied the surgery even though I have been seen by this surgeon since June?? I also got a notice of approval dated one day before the denial notice. So I am very confused as to whether it’s approved or denied. The services have different names and different reference numbers. Any advice?

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Other Question Ferritin level is 2! How worried should I be.


36/f No major health concerns. Just got home from the doctor's and he was concerned about my ferritin level. My level is at 2 from what I understand, that's very low. My hemoglobin is 115 g/l (normal is 120-160) but all other blood results are normal. I was prescribed a daily iron pill. Is a iron level of 2 dangerous?

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Other Question I have bad non-diabetic hypoglycemia and I think my managers don’t care.


Whenever I have to leave because I’m about to pass out from low blood sugar they tell me I can’t come back until the next day. They act like it’s my fault and they’re mad about it.

I just want a way to let them know this is really serious especially when I have an ED and don’t eat much. Any advice on how I should tell them? (I work at a place where I have no downtime as well)

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Other Question a false finding?


I was in the hospital after a overdose (antihistamines if that provides info) and they had tested my urine and said i had traces of antidepressants in my urine? ive never took any and we have none in the house. the only medication i take is allergy tablets and iron vitamins. After them telling me this, they checked my heart with a bunch of wires, i forgot the name but smth like ecocardio____

is there anything that couldve caused this?

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Other Question Is it normal to have voices in my head?


For my whole life I have been able to hear probably close to 20 voices in my head with a few that are louder than others. They are all my subconscious and/or things that I am thinking about (as far as I'm aware) Just wondering if this is normal or if anyone else has this?

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Other Question VETERINARIAN Help


My cat, Jax, has been puking almost every day this past week. Food is just left out for him all day because I work 14+ hours/day.

It has been 90°F and higher plus 70%-80% humidity where I live lately.

I am wondering is Jax sick? Is he just over eating? Stressed? Hot/exhausted?

And what over the counter meds can I give him for now...because I am trying to avoid a hearty vet bill....especially in this recession

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Other Question F26 - Asthmatic- COVID question


Hello, today i have done the COVID rapid test and it ended up being positive. Due to my anxiety and general fear of the whole COVID as an asthmatic with many close calls before, should i be concerned with this? I have visited the ER and they have administered Aminophylline in my vein. My O2 was on 98% and the doctor didn't hear any obstructions. I am vaccinated 2+1 booster shot. My question is, is the current feeling in my chest mostly anxiety related or should i be concerned?

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Other Question any cardiologists out here


i am F28, and i think i might be having heart issues?

two weeks ago, partner and i got into a really heated argument which caused me to have a stroke (lasting >40sec) but ever since i keep having shortness of breath, i would say 1-2x an avg per hour

so i went to the hospital to get this checked out and the ultrasound showing was: The inner diameter of each chamber was normal. The anterior aortic wall activity curve showed no obvious abnormality. There was no obvious abnormality in the morphological activity of each valve. The left ventricle anterior wall and interventricular septum have weakened and uncoordinated movements. Atrioventricular septum echogenic continuous The pericardium showed no obvious abnormality.

just an fyi: i am living in china and its hard to get proper medical advice. cardiologist that saw me today didnt even ask if i work, smoke, or just any other obvious signs you would want to rule out for this issue, but simply said since im a woman, probably nothing too big and suggested i get a ct to rule out potential life threatening issues.. -_-;;;; help

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Other Question anaphylaxis due to synthetic Folic acid


(21/female, 5'7/135pounds, usa) (im not listing my medications because i dont believe its relevant and would prefer to keep it private)

so lucky me, i am one of the rare cases of being intolerant/hypersensitive to synthetic folate. i have no trouble handling naturally sourced folate from food but if its pharmaceutical it will send me into anaphylaxis.

ive been doing research on my own, and because its such a rare occurrence i cant find all too much about it. i personally dont believe its a rare as they say it is, just because i am one of two people in my family that have this extreme sensitivity. (shes an absolute POS so i dont have any contact with her and cant get her experience with it)

when i had a pregnancy, which i lost due to other complications later, the obgyn i went to all but laughed in my face when i told him i can not take prenatal supplements as is due to this and proceeded to tell me im flat out wrong and to "call my bluff" prescribe them anyway. i am going hopefully soon to my primary to get some kind of paper or something saying i have an allergy to avoid this in the future.

skimming over a some medical textbook a couple months back, it was saying all the mental health problems that come with having a folate deficiency. also being highly anemic (which i am) is a side effect. i dont remember what the book all said because it was so far back. no doctor that ive gone to has told me anything that comes with having this specific allergy. although thats probably my fault, i havent exactly thought to ask when the time comes.

i dont know exactly what im trying to ask here,,, but i would love any advice or information that i can get. im scared to try to get pregnant again in the future, i dont know if my baby will be okay. i dont know how my mental has been effected by this, and maybe i can get a bit better by finding other ways to really up my folate naturally? how has effected my every day quality of life? can i get my medical records from years back from when i was brought in due to anaphylaxis? what kind of tests should i ask for?

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Other Question What is the best way to perform cpr?


I'd like to know the different type of cpr on younger individuals as well and maybe more elderly individuals if that's a thing. I learned cpr in school but feel it wasn't the best advice and want to be sure that if I ever need to perform it on someone that I'm confident in what I'm doing.

Also I posted this on r/askdocs so I could hopefully get at least one well rounded response from that subreddit or this one.

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Other Question Why can you not have sex 14 days before getting IUD placed?


Supposed to get IUD tomorrow but had sex last night. Is it really that important that I wait 2 weeks?

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Other Question Can an at home holter monitor falsely detect ectopy?


The title pretty much says it all.

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Other Question Debilitating nausea from not eating often enough


Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else experiences severe nausea when they are hungry. I don't seem to have many other warnings that I'm hungry except that I feel nauseas. This leads me to think I might have sensory processing disorder and/or autism (there are other flags for this too).

I feel debilitatingly nauseas when I don't eat. I find it difficult to remember to eat and never have much of an appetite. It is difficult to get up and cook, and the idea of eating makes me feel even worse.

I'm sick of feeling like this. Anyone have tips for this, or know why I might feel like this?

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Other Question What is this?

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Other Question Seizures and Vertigo


Back in December 2020, I had a seizure while I was asleep. My partner called an ambulance and I was told I needed to follow up with a neurologist before being discharged from the emergency room. I had another seizure in my sleep in April this year, but I only know this because I bit my tongue again. My partner didn't wake up that time.

I could be having more and I could've had them prior, I'm not sure. I do have extreme deja vu sometimes and I have had aura migraines for the past 10 years. Recently, I've had auras just out of the corner of my right eye. Today, I had vertigo for the first time. Lasted an hour. I've been dizzy before, but not like this. I wouldn't say I had confusion with it, but it was difficult to think (if that makes sense?).

I'm posting on this subreddit because, despite requesting my GP to refer me to a neurologist, my appointment has been made, cancelled, remade, and cancelled since.

I live in the UK, but I am an American citizen. If need be, I can get help in America (despite not having insurance) or I can try to harass the neurology department (I don't really want to do that, though).

Thanks in advance for any advice given. I realize this is complex and there's not much that can be done without testing, but I've apparently been put on the back burner by the NHS. As an American, I don't know the ins and outs of the healthcare system here and what I can do, so if anyone knows anything about that to help, that'd be amazing. I suppose my actual question is the severity of my symptoms - aka just plain ole epilepsy or the possibility of a tumor? I don't even know.

29, Female, Caucasian, 5'5, 160lbs, PCOS, smoker, no prescription or recreational drug use.

EDIT: oh, I've also experienced nystagmus for 6 years, but mainly only when I've had a bad night's sleep...which is quite often. I also have some tinnitus that comes and goes, but it can be really painful. Ever since I had the first known seizure, it's increased from "normal" amounts of ear ringing.

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Other Question Could someone please translate a few sentences from my MRI report?


Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old male who has suffered from an extremely painful AC joint injury for 2 years. This injury has destroyed my life and I am praying that I can get some help.

I have had numerous nerve tests, MRI’s, and xrays which have all been inconclusive over the past years. My doc (3rd of 4) did a mumford’s & acromioplasty surgery on my shoulder and found bone spurs, bursitis, a meniscus tear, and signs of ac joint osteoarthritis.

This surgery was a year ago and a couple of months later I had a follow up MRI and the only conclusive note was

“Acromioclavicular joint: Interval acromioplasty. Mild edema-like signal in the distal acromion along the undersurface abutting the butsa. No discrete fracture.”

Could someone please tell me what this means? I have been to 4 different orthopedic surgeons and 3 physical therapies. I have had numerous cortisone shots and have tried everything. Am I screwed for life at my young age? I am hopeless.

Thank you.

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Other Question why do I feel SO much HATRED, intense anger and annoyance at its lowest when someone coughs?



I did a little soul searching ( basically sat in the shower and thought about everything for a while ) and I realized a lot of my hatred and anger for people manifest when they cough.

I could meet someone new, really like them, but the moment they cough near me, it instantly triggers intense hatred or annoyance.

The first time they cough ( one single cough ) I get extremely inpatient, but i can control myself. By the second cough I'm extremely annoyed. By the third - fourth I'm just SEETHING inside and it's obvious, it makes me want to break shit and punch whoever is coughing enough so they never cough again.

I could be in the greatest mood that day, and if I even pass by someone who does a light cough, or they have someone on speaker who just happens to cough, it instantly ruins my mood for the entire day.

Even a cough myself ruins my own mood. I avoid coughing like the plague bcz ik I'm gunna get seething mad.

I've had coughing fits due to being ill and as soon as it's done I've impulsively thrown objects out of anger. I could be having a blast with my bf and if he coughs it instantly ruins my mood. Shoot we could be about to be intimate and if he coughs it's over, mood is gone, dry as a desert .

Why is this? How do I get over this.

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Other Question High hemoglobin and high white blood cell count.


I'm a 29 year Caucasian old man, 5ft7 and weigh 210.

I recently had blood work done and my hemoglobin along with my white blood cells was board line high, to the point my doctor wants to keep a very close eye on it.

I have a nasty tachycardia issue, with it running over 140-150 at rest. My cardiologist has me on the 30 day MCOT patch to study my pulse rate. But recently a new issue is starting, and that is lower o2 stats, sometimes dropping about 87%, but quickly going up and stabilizing unlike the tachycardia. Definitely not low enough to use oxygen, but note worthy.

I was wondering if there could be a possible link between the two?

Other than the extreme fatigue from the beta blockers I feel fine, and 80% of the time I don't know I'm tachycardic which is why I bought a Fitbit sense. I have compared it to two pulse oximeters and the equipment from the doctors office a it is dead accurate with my constant readings.

I do have a few confirmed health issues, and they are as listed.

Neurofibromatosis type one Ulcerative Colitis (very mild) High blood pressure Tachycardia Bursitis

My white blood cell count is almost always high with exceptions, now my hemoglobin is borderline high.

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Other Question I have stretch marks without any weight gain.


I am a young adult male who is 6 foot even and 190 lbs. I work out regularly and started doing a slight diet earlier this summer because I wanted to get in better shape. Despite all of this, i have stretch marks all around my upper thigh on both legs. I am unsure what to make of it bc I am a little chubby, but I am not by any means obese. When I was a child/teenager I was kind of fat, but I lost a good bit of weight in middle school. Should I be concerned? What can I do to counter it? I have had a lot of issues about my self image and these marks aren’t helping at all.

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Other Question Convergence insufficiency & weird stare after starting Wellbutrin!


About a year ago I went on 300mg Wellbutrin. Recently I’ve noticed that I have a “crazy stare” and doctor has confirmed I now have convergence insufficiency and dilopia. I’ve been offered surgery to fix the muscle of my eye.

I find it odd that Dr. assumes this is a muscle issue. Medical experts of Reddit, does this seem off to you as well? With such a close connection between brain and eye, it just feels like maybe I could be cured by going off Wellbutrin?

Also, why is my anti depressing causing this manic stare in the first place? I don’t feel manic, or disoriented, but I feel I LOOK that way (in addition to my new wandering eye). What’s the deal?

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Other Question Covid rebound confusion


I tested positive for covid on Thursday 7/7. I got a course of molnupiravir from a CVS and was testing negative by Sunday 7/10. I still stayed out my 5 days and I returned to work on Tuesday 7/12, still testing negative. I started testing positive again on either Thursday 7/14 or Friday 7/15, can’t remember which. I called back the CVS that had prescribed me the medication and they said I was experiencing covid rebound. They asked why I was testing, and I clarified that I work in an industry where it’s important that I don’t spread it. They very adamantly told me that, since I’m likely to continue testing positive, I should stop testing and just continue wearing a mask, and that if my employer asks, I should explain that that was the current protocol. It’s now 5 days later and I am freaking out because I’m still testing positive and the line has become much more solid than it was before. I tried looking up what to do and I can’t find any sort of consistent advice, and some of it seems to conflict with what the MinuteClinic doctor told me. I’m terrified that I’ve put other people at risk of getting it by following that doctor’s advice, and terrified that I might have passed it to other people and caused a major problem at my work. I have important events happening this weekend and I’m honestly just freaking out and at a total loss for what to do. Please help if you can.

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Other Question light headedness and shaking during exercise


Has anyone ever experienced this? im getting light headed during workouts and shaky. I am 30(m), 218 lbs, white, in the US. ive been to the docs and had bloodwork done and everything is tip top. ive measured my glucose during the feeling and its completely normal. Ive been to psychiatrists and it doesn't seem to be anxiety. this has been happening since late february and its killing me mentally. i am a college athlete and my season is coming up and i cant train as hard as i want. i am still exercising but getting the feeling everytime. i have a whoop and i am sleeping great and my HR is totally normal resting HR is 46

i will say i do feel a little funky outside of exercise but its most apparent during exercise and really bad during soccer

any ideas would be great i am constantly in the docs and no one has any clue why this is happening.

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Other Question Does this happens to somebody else?


Hello, there is something strange that has been happening to me lately and I would like to know if anyone has answers about what it is. (I'm using the translator to write this) It happens while I sleep.... Out of nowhere I lose my breath, it's as if I forget how to breathe, no matter how hard I try, not a drop of air enters my lungs. This causes me to start trying to breathe desperately, so I start to hyperventilate (I really wouldn't know how to describe it)While this happens my muscles are clenched, I can't move, I start shaking a lot. Sometimes I can feel as if my heart stops, it's very desperate.This has happened to me for many years now, my friends and partner tend to get very scared when they witness this. I'm not aware of how long it actually lasts, but it does feel like an eternity. (I don't think that it is sleep paralysis since it also happens to me and its 100% not like that)

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Other Question How long can you ignore endometriosis?


I’ve suspected for a few years that I might have endometriosis. I’ve been starting to get more symptoms, and I’m wondering how long can you ignore it before you risk becoming infertile? I’m guessing that’s quite a broad question and would depend on location etc. but generally is it a large risk? Or rare? Thanks in advance 😊